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Trugdigity t1_is27zz5 wrote

This is a breakdown in the UK’s National Health Service, which is a government ran system.

Also if you had read the article you would know that Paramedic pay is not the issue. The hospital is using ambulances as rooms because they don’t have enough beds. No reason for the lack of beds is given.


First-Can3099 t1_is2b70r wrote

It’s a social care problem primarily because hospitals can’t discharge their medically fit geriatric patients out the back door -who need onward care packages. It causes a log jam in the system and ambulances can’t offload acute patients at the front door of hospitals, which takes them out of action, thus causing longer waits for people who need an ambulance. It’s been made much worse by a staffing crisis that the Govt has ignored and Covid lockdowns stored up health problems and has led to massive demand. It’s a perfect storm but the idea behind the NHS remains sound. Just needs a competent Govt to maintain it -and we don’t have that.


Weak-Rip-8650 t1_is2eigs wrote

Bold of you to assume that the government could ever prioritize healthcare over the interests of individual MPs.


First-Can3099 t1_is2fsv6 wrote

I have to meet with politicians in my NHS role from time to time. I visited the office of a local Tory MP (and cabinet minister for Johnson) once when plans for a brand new hospital were being discussed. He was very relaxed and supportive of it. A couple of years later, come the election the scheming populist tosser was campaigning on “saving” the knackered crumbling old hospital that was due to be replaced which was holding medical recruitment and infrastructure development back.


didsomebodysaymyname t1_is3gms8 wrote

>Just needs a competent Govt to maintain it -and we don’t have that.

But they said after Brexit there would be 350M pounds to build a new hospital every week?


3pbc t1_is4451f wrote

>read the article

You expect people on reddit to read the article? It's so much easier to parrot the latest talking point.


anonyoudidnt t1_is2vurv wrote

You mean the antiwork crowd doesn't have it all figured out with just raise everyone's pay methodology?? /s