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JamaisVu714 t1_is2a6hb wrote

You talking about the crazy lady recently elected?


h0p3ofAMBE t1_is2a8sc wrote

“Elected” my ass


Mist_Rising t1_is2axi5 wrote

She was elected in the same manner as any other prime minister.


geraigerai t1_is2c3w4 wrote

What are you on about mate

She was elected by Tory party members, a group that makes up only 0.2% of the entire UK electorate, and she won with 81k votes to Sunak's 60k votes.


Mist_Rising t1_is2dbuw wrote

Each general election the voters of each district (650 total) vote for their Parliament members (MP) who then essentially determine the prime minister. The method selecting a prime minister in the UK is an internal affair (think American primary but more inclusive), which is then defacto decided by members of Parliament who with a simple majority can remove him/her (vote of no confidence).

This is how prime ministers have been selected since at a minimum, the 1900s but I do think even the 1800s as well, albiet with voter in parenthesis at times since districts were... Not equal.


KizzieMage t1_is2gur1 wrote

Yes but in a general election the electorate are given the opportunity to vote on a parties policies and manifestos.

The issue here is that Liz's plan, her ideas and goals have not been voted on by the general populace, but by only 0.2% of our electorate.

I guess maybe the question is not how many voted to elect her prime minister, but how many voted to choose who would be elected by tory MP's.

Easy answer is the same as every other PM since this system started (the party voters), but for the second time in 6 years we're receiving a new PM as well as cabinet reshuffle through vote in no confidence shenanigans, essentially a new government who so far have only made tax cuts to the wealthy and borrowed 100's of billions to pay energy companies.


nrrp t1_is2xkzf wrote

> She was elected in the same manner as any other prime minister.

That's not true. Normal process in the UK is for the public to elect MPs and then those MPs elect a prime minister; what happened with Liz Truss was that the Conservative party members (~200,000 people total) and very specifically not the MPs elected the prime minister directly. Truss actually got minority of support of Conservative MPs in parliament (IIRC only a quarter of MPs actually supported her).