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Orlando1701 t1_is3xu4v wrote

Know why China has 34,000 miles of high speed rail and the US has none? China didn’t spend 20-years and $5 trillion fucking around in Iraq and Afghanistan. The US made its choices and it was to spend tax dollars blowing stuff up overseas rather than fixing things at home.

That and China doesn’t have Elon Musk.


angrybirdseller t1_is49npl wrote

Rather be in USA anyday of the week before China. China is judge dred state there is no personal freedoms.


Downtown_Skill t1_is4v97m wrote

I agree with you one hundred percent on picking USA over china, but as someone who has recently met a lot of Americans who lived in china to teach English it was both surprising and not surprising to hear about how little government overreach affected the day to day lives before covid. Obviously china's current system works better than what they had before with Mao and before that was the century of humiliation so their system wasn't great then either. Can't really fault the Chinese for loving the government that at least brought them to the status of second most powerful country in the world and one with some of the highest living standards outside the US and western Europe. But again ideologically I would pick freedom and Liberty over safety and security any day and it seems china has sacrificed a lot of freedoms and liberties for that safety and security. Plus racism and marginalized communities still exist in china and that safety and security part doesn't apply to them.


AnselmFox t1_is4b6oo wrote

China’s rail system is a $3 trillion dollar time bomb that is about to cripple their economy… I’m all for high speed rail in the us and massive federal scale mass transit, but China is literally the worst example you could have provided for a model here..