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KingKudzu117 t1_is4ft5i wrote

Privatizing NHS should be even better than Brexit


Chippopotanuse t1_is52vk5 wrote

Many folks in America avoid medical care because ambulance rides are over $1k the moment you step inside. Even if the ride is 100 feet. And insurance doesn’t cover it. Even though EMT’s are paid barely above minimum wage.

You get what you vote for when it comes to health care.


DiceStrike t1_is4swz1 wrote

What did Borris say abit the EU money going to the NHS … oh aye lies


CyberGrandma69 t1_is7qct1 wrote

And yet hilariously the province I live in ia obsessed with the concept of "Wexit"

If we don't bust up these conservative media monopolies we will lose the rights our forebears fought so hard for and will slip even faster into the weird corporate boring cyberpunk dystopia we are headed towards