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Substantial_City4618 t1_is7rw9k wrote

It all exists on a spectrum.

Car dominated infrastructure means we are saddled with sprawl, spiraling debt obligations, traffic, and worse city services because cars are inherently inefficient compared to other forms of transportation.

Well designed cities encourage walking and mass transit. They can be used by everybody. It’s inexpensive, efficient and profitable.

Cars are expensive, and only a certain portion of society can really afford them. There is no alternative in many areas in the country. It creates pockets of poor who can’t afford a vehicle, or working poor who scrape by with no savings or safety net. The barrier to entry of a vehicle is thousands, but a bus or train ticket is a couple dollars.


mohandasan t1_is80tks wrote

I agree with everything you have said. I just like to be careful phrasing the way we address issues. I feel it helps bring everyone on board more smoothly if you get my idea.


Substantial_City4618 t1_is86cci wrote

Obviously my original comment is dramatic, it has to be because most people have a small attention span and complex issues have to be compressed until they lose all nuance.

Working within the system doesn’t change the system when there are so many monied interests in the status quo, IMO.


mehwars t1_isbnxnm wrote

The most organized, efficient, sustainable living environments are open floor box buildings, with an office to the side for the person running it. Why we continue on the reckless path of private domiciles propagates further division and is doomed to end in failure.