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FactCheckingThings t1_is2jqg9 wrote

It needed to be done to get those squatting morons out of the city.

We have numerous protests here all the time. Blocking roads for days, honking horns into the night, and harassing locals isnt protesting.

Police werent doing their job. They were calling these people "peaceful" yet saying they couldnt enforce anything because worries theyd react/attack, like which is it?

Adding in the millions of dollars of foreign money being likely illegally funneled to these people to all that and there was no other choice than the Feds taking action.


EvangelineOfSky t1_is39f6h wrote

>We have numerous protests here all the time. Blocking roads for days, honking horns into the night, and harassing locals isnt protesting.

its worth noting.. one of the last things the Harper government did (and lil PP now head of the CPC voted in favour of) was defining terrorism in the anti-terrorism act of 2015..

whats the criteria for terrorism..?

blocking infrastructure to try and influence politicians..

so, under the words of the politician they worship.. their actions were terrorism..


asdaaaaaaaa t1_is4rqde wrote

> They were calling these people "peaceful" yet saying they couldnt enforce anything because worries theyd react/attack, like which is it?

Whatever excuse allows police to cooperate with them. Unfortunately police tend to hold a lot of extremist right wing views in many countries.


anon902503 t1_is2rntw wrote

Careful Canada. Your right wing is almost getting as stupid as the American right wing.


Cuchullion t1_is31inj wrote

They've been there for a while.

There's a woman issuing edicts as the "queen of Canada"


EvangelineOfSky t1_is393p8 wrote

>There's a woman issuing edicts as the "queen of Canada"

Theres actually two of them now and each are calling each other pretenders....


xil3h t1_is4z79d wrote

Many propagandists are Canadian. Gavin McInnes, Lauren Southern, etc. They're all Canadian. Many of my friends growing up are now into conspiracy theories and are the types to not bring their children to school, therefore, I don't even bother with them anymore.


HelluvaKnight t1_is3jhat wrote

What? They have been following every single right wing play from the USA for the last 20 years that I've paid attention to.

They see it works down there so they always try it here.

Issue is, it wasn't working so they had to make a coalition of every right wing political party and form a massive gaping hole that flaps around. They can't even agree on what they should represent for their platform they just want to win based on fear and hatred for the left.

If the coalition ever breaks you will never even have to worry about a right wing political win ever again in the history of Canada.

It's honestly what we are waiting for with poliviere. We are hoping he breaks them up by being too far right. Then the NDP will probably win every election after that with Liberals close behind.


EvangelineOfSky t1_is391kp wrote

they published a public list of demands prior to the ottawa occupation that included, *replacing the recently elected house of commons with our trucker council so they can ensure laws that "heal our nation"*..

its worth noting, the Canadian Right-wing has always been notorious on wanting Canada to become a US state.. the current itteration of the Canadian Conservative Party, began as the *western reform party*.. which was a party that wanted everything west on ontario to leave canada and become US states...


strtjstice t1_isbuab5 wrote

Thanks to our newly voted UCP leader here in Alberta I now call this place "Florida north"...


breadexpert69 t1_is2m6ol wrote

They are a bunch of lazy idiots with nothing else to do.

Look at how much money truckers make. These people aint poor nor “suffering” in the slightest.


Guilty_Chemistry9337 t1_is3wf5j wrote

Oh they were never real truckers. Real truckers were out there trucking.

These were just poseurs who happened to own trucks, for some dumb reason or another, and wanted to role play as truckers.


[deleted] t1_is2dn3q wrote



haixin t1_is2ix7t wrote

From what I saw on the face of it all, it was the failures of the Premiers to act.....nay, it was the refusal of the provincial Premiers to act and inciting this act that the Emergency Act had to be invoked.

They should also be questioning why the Premiers did nothing for weeks.


Mirria_ t1_is2yhof wrote

The Ontario Premier is a conservative. The Canadian Premier is a liberal.

The protests were mainly happening around the federal Parliament.

The rules they were trying to get repealed were largely provincial jurisdiction.


haixin t1_is3jzjc wrote

Canada has a prime minister not a premier, but you were right on Ontario. Though the protest was in Ottawa, it is still a city in Ontario which falls under Ontario Jurisdiction. While the convoy blockaded the Capital, Ford and Co sympathized with the convoy instead of actually doing anything. Furthermore, the emergency acts would have had to been approved by the province, or so is my understanding. So my question is where was Ford and why didn't he do anything? He basically wanted Trudeau to do something so he can find more blame to put on him then do his actual ficking job that taxes pay fir.


Mirria_ t1_is3kpyi wrote

>Canada has a prime minister not a premier

I've heard it used both ways. I wasn't sure which was the correct usage in English.

But yeah the protest was largely just a "Fuck Trudeau" more than anything related to mandates. The various moving goalposts showed that they didn't really care if the outcome wasn't Trudeau looking bad. Nevermind that there was an election only months prior, so if the people didn't like how the Libs handled the pandemic they would have voted them out, but that's not what happened...


PKanuck t1_is34umd wrote

The mandates were largely federal, not provincial.

The vaccine mandates to cross the border were still in affect until the end of September.

When the covidiots blocked the Ambassador bridge in Windsor that was the beginning of the end.


veerKg_CSS_Geologist t1_is3ky11 wrote

No, most mandates were provincial.


PKanuck t1_is3m0u9 wrote

The covidiots were protesting the federal mandates.

Transportation is federally regulated thus the ^trucker convoy" Most of the provincial mandates were coming to an end.


bluehealer8 t1_is2mjb7 wrote

Here's an idea. Pass an act that declares any person seeking to overthrow the lawful government of a country to be exempted from the legal protections afforded citizens of that same country, and allow local residents to commit any and all acts upon those same person without fear of legal recourse. They say the law doesn't apply to them. So let's make their wish come true.


[deleted] t1_is2ok69 wrote



bluehealer8 t1_is2pqow wrote

Okay, well its really more of a thought experiment to show the hypocrisy of people who claim the law doesn't apply to them but still want its protections, but nicely done.