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GrannyTurtle t1_iswmprc wrote

This is so sad. Sikhs are generally peaceful people but they get mistaken for Muslim Arabs because people can’t tell the difference between their headgear. It’s like mistaking a fedora for a cowboy hat.


Hostillian t1_isx40bg wrote

Mistaken, until you've been to one of their parties. Stacks of cases of booze that reached 6ft off the floor.

(Been to a Sikh stag do)


Number6isNo1 t1_isxpaeh wrote

There are sometimes giant Sikh weddings and events in the building where I work. They are a lot of guys that get hammered and there is always at least one fight. The fights are always the same, lol, two dudes start fighting, two huge groups form and get the two original guys apart, then there is a little yelling and everyone goes back to partying and throwing dollar bills.


MrsPickerelGoes2Mars t1_isxqrea wrote

I guess we have different Sikhs up here, although we have tens of thousands of them I have never seen behaviour like this.


Kagomefog t1_isxp7zo wrote

I read that after 9/11, after Sikhs were often the victims of hate crimes targeted at Muslims, they decided as a group to stand in solidarity with Muslims and not correct people if they were mistaken as them because that meant it was okay to attack Muslims but not Sikhs.


kungpowchick_9 t1_isxvt8l wrote

That’s a brave and compassionate response. Thank you for sharing.


GrannyTurtle t1_it16xzj wrote

Exactly! Sikhs see their duty as protecting others, so they would “turn the other cheek” when misidentified.


MrsPickerelGoes2Mars t1_isxqjik wrote

We have zillions of them in Toronto. They're really good people. They all have to do community service on a regular basis, often by working in these kitchens that they have in their temples, where anyone can just walk in off the street and eat. Gosh they make our society so much better we are so happy to have them


OssiansFolly t1_isxp5hf wrote

A large basis of their beliefs is actually on defending others. Much of what makes a Sikh standout (Five Ks and other garb) are reminders of this. I grew up with a Sikh temple on the corner of my street and in highschool my theology class assigned us to go out to a different religious ceremony and experience their traditions, worship, and speak with the community, so I spent some time at that temple. They were very welcoming, incredibly nice, and when I did my presentation to the class one of them came to school that day to show the class the articles of clothing and talk to the class about their faith. Since then I've always loved speaking to and meeting new Sikhs in my community.


Sporkfoot t1_isz9f3h wrote

Good job idiot, you killed one of the few good ones


MrRumfoord t1_iszp2y6 wrote

I think you replied to the wrong comment...


Sporkfoot t1_isztpud wrote

Nope just commenting that this guy was probably actually a good cop based on what you said.


MrRumfoord t1_it01xba wrote

Ah, I see. I assumed you meant to reply to the comment that said "In this case it seems like the dude just wanted to kill a cop."


Furt_III t1_isxkyb7 wrote

In this case it seems like the dude just wanted to kill a cop.


[deleted] t1_isyyxcr wrote

Doesn't seem that way to me. Even if so, it is a doubly bad look if you happen to kill the first and only cop of a particular ethnic/religious group. To me it reads of Islamophobia, as the guy could've killed any cop on any opportunity


Furt_III t1_isz4iho wrote

Did you open the article?


[deleted] t1_isz4m1x wrote

Yes I read the article. What in specific did you want to point out?


Furt_III t1_iszb1k4 wrote

"I ain't going back to jail"

Was something he said before shooting him.


[deleted] t1_iszdwto wrote

Sure but if that is the case it would make it seem as though the murderer wasn't just out to kill a cop either. But regardless I do not really trust what the snitch nor he has to say about the motive


Furt_III t1_iszepw4 wrote

He also pointed at every cop in the room (literally and individually) and said he didn't like them.


B01SSIN t1_isxrjl5 wrote

I love me some Sikhs, good people, generous in their help. Definitely a sad moment


RationalLibraryCoins t1_isyp1pc wrote

It's almost as if people who are prejudice are also irrational and lack simple critical thinking abilities


[deleted] t1_isx28yc wrote



lmnjello t1_isxd2zg wrote

He didn’t say that at all. He means if there is someone out there that wants to do harm to Muslims Sikhs can often end up targets because the perpetrator doesn’t know the difference.

That doesn’t mean he condones violence against Muslims or makes any judgment about Muslims as a group.

Edit: I didn’t take it as a jab at Muslims but after reading it again I could see how it could be interpreted that way.


MrRumfoord t1_iszrrk7 wrote

I can kind of see where /u/Vakulum is coming from. You could say, "This is sad because Sikhs are generally peaceful" and you can say, "This is sad/stupid because people who commit hate crimes against Sikhs are often actually targeting Muslim Arabs" and there's no ambiguity. But if you say, "Sikhs are generally peaceful people but they get mistaken for Muslim Arabs" it sounds a little like there's an unstated assertion that Muslims aren't generally peaceful.


lmnjello t1_iszsezc wrote

I could see that. After reading it again it could be taken as “Sikhs are peaceful, unlike Arab Muslims”. I didn’t see it that way but I can see how it could come off that way, especially to Muslims.


[deleted] t1_isxghmo wrote



SpoppyIII t1_isxs5ng wrote

Living your life hunting for reasons to be upset, even if you feel righteous and even if you are correct in your position, is bad for you.

You don't need to assume a person is mean-spirited, ignorant, inconsiderate, stupid, or any combination of those traits just because it's technically possible to read and interpret something they wrote in a way that is unkind toward some entity or group.

Please stop stressing yourself out like this.


FlyBird200 t1_isyagdg wrote

You are correct. This website is full of this same dog whistle whenever reddit talks about the Sikhs. People always comment that to imply Muslims may deserve the hate crimes but Sikhs do not.


HorseshoeCrabForAHat t1_isx2xnp wrote

Sikhs are a peaceful people. Kick rocks


turd_vinegar t1_isx4y9a wrote

It's true and ironic given the Sikh emblem is a throwing blade, on top of a sword, encompassed by two swords.

I know it's all symbolism, but it's objectively funny. At some point some fairly peaceful folks got together and wondered, "What's the best way to symbolize the sovereignty and strength of our people?" And some dude was like, "A sword!"

Everyone agreed this was good, but how do we represent the duality and intertwined aspects of our spirituality, faith, and resolve?

And some dude was like, "A sword facing the opposite direction!"


newindianclassic t1_isxitko wrote

The level of sheer ignorance here is astounding. Read up on Sikh history instead of googling it and regurgitating the first page of results before you go off spouting nonsense.


GrannyTurtle t1_it1626s wrote

Don’t put words in my mouth. It is the bigoted louts who make this mistake because THEY think Arabs are bad guys.

I have worked with Muslims from two continents and have nothing but respect and affection for them. (Not to mention the heavenly baklava he would bring back after his annual visit to his parents’ country!)

I also have known Sikhs and many people from other religions in my 6+ decades. I find them all fascinating. It saddens me that many people are so ignorant that they mistake vastly different cultures for each other.


Chumy_Cho t1_iswavyp wrote

My heart goes out to the family of the deceased


regular6drunk7 t1_isxf50j wrote

I never want anyone to look at me the way that every single cop in that room is looking at him.


SunnyMacabre t1_isxiwjs wrote

Mans about to catch flame just from the scorching look of the lady alone. Does anyone know why the older cop with the equal fury has a pink badge?


KindlyBees t1_isxoh6s wrote

Likely because October is breast cancer awareness month


SunnyMacabre t1_isybpn1 wrote

Good point. Thanks!


duck_of_d34th t1_isyp34h wrote

Since we're doing awareness, remember that men can also get breast cancer.

Dudes and dudettes, check your bumps and humps for lumps.


[deleted] t1_isyykos wrote

Oh yeah. Being a cop killer and a racist is not going to sit well with that police department.


dwilkes827 t1_isyei6e wrote

It looks like that gang bang meme with the blonde white girl surrounded by all the black dudes (y'all know which one i mean lol)


Re-AnImAt0r t1_isyexmk wrote

The one with Piper Perri? No sir, not familiar with it at all.....


Stensi24 t1_isyw4yc wrote

The actress from Sharing with Stepmom 7? Never seen it or heard of her either.


Otterevolver t1_isz4zw5 wrote

Ok i have no idea what you guys are talking about but i like to be informed is there a link u can provide?


WhyDoIHaveAnAccount9 t1_iswal3b wrote

Solis apparently hates all cops regardless of cultural or religious background

murder is still uncool. good riddance


[deleted] t1_isyz5wy wrote

Not sure why we would believe that. Sounds like he is trying to save face b4 going to prison (no one likes a racist in prison)


c0224v2609 t1_it2gf7i wrote

>(no one likes a racist in prison)

I would think that the Aryan Brotherhood does, at the very least.


Wounded_Hand t1_it2di7g wrote

His words spoken during the murder were about going back to jail. His words and actions in court were about hating law enforcement.

Why don’t you give us the evidence on why you think this was racially motivated? Or are you one of those who believes everything is racially motivated?


[deleted] t1_it2mvrv wrote

How can we believe anything he says then. Also sure , my evidence for hsg it is racially motivated is the fact he didn't kill a white cop the last time he was pulled over


elijuicyjones t1_isycaey wrote

Americans love Sikhs

They make America so much better with their peaceful and guardian ways. Also NGL, the head scarves are extremely dashing🧣


Silent_Cash t1_isxgm93 wrote

They have a memorial highway named after him here in Houston


HerpToxic t1_isxgvjl wrote

Hes getting the death penalty


MrsPickerelGoes2Mars t1_isxqcwa wrote

What a terrible article. Why do we have to hear 4000 times about the latest idiotic thought of Marjorie Taylor Green, and in contrast only get a few words of an explanation that this guy shot while walking back to his patrol car after traffic stop.


conitation t1_isxm819 wrote

Holy crap... yeah shot him in the back 4 times while heading to his vehicle


Jim3001 t1_isyi43b wrote

This man doing everything in his power to get state sponsored suicide.


ArkyBeagle t1_isyshx2 wrote

It's Texas. Kill somebody, they kill you back.


Jim3001 t1_it2lxfl wrote

Am Texan, can confirm.


videogames5life t1_itnf4eq wrote

I killed myself and I came back to finish the job because thats how we get things done around here


shmokeybear69 t1_isz3fo7 wrote

I hope they tried to put as many non white officers in the court room that day just to make this racist uncomfortable af


Axes4Axes t1_it0w833 wrote

Why do you think he’s racist?


shmokeybear69 t1_it27pyu wrote

Why do you not? Thats the real question


Axes4Axes t1_it2k05n wrote

Because there’s no information in this article that suggests race was a factor at all


appleflaxen t1_it0bu0r wrote

Raise your hand if you're surprised the "I wouldn't lie to the jury" defense failed.

The guy doesn't have very good judgment.


darkesthour613 t1_isxh8vb wrote

Look at them cops In the back just eye fucking him. And honestly it's pretty unprofessional to have a gang of law enforcement intimidating an accused like that, but not in heard of.


M_Mich t1_isxmr2c wrote

looks like they aren’t always there in the video. maybe it was something going on in the room that they needed additional officers there.


kmmontandon t1_isz4tlv wrote

> And honestly it's pretty unprofessional to have a gang of law enforcement intimidating an accused like that

This was after he was convicted of cold-bloodedly murdering another police officer, and after a profane outburst aimed at the jury. He was a violent criminal, you bet those bailiffs are keeping a close eye on him.