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stinking_badgers t1_isyxynj wrote

I wanted Moderna bivalent but it wasn’t available so I had to go with Pfizer. Hope I go peacefully.


Frankie6Strings t1_iszb1ut wrote

You might get super powers. Just saying.


bigbura t1_iszzq2s wrote

I'm 2 and 2 of each manufacturer, does that mean I'll get 4 eyes soon?


Most-Resident t1_it0119u wrote

Yes. But you need 8 eyes to be a spider so you need 4 more shots. Not really. There are some species with fewer eyes. Is your spidey sense tingling?


bigbura t1_it01uxx wrote

Why yes it is, thanks for asking! ;)

What about that dude in Germany that got like 60 something covid shots? Must be the leader of all spiders!


onarainyafternoon t1_it2o02a wrote

This almost happened to me, I had signed up for an appointment online and they only had the Pfizer shot. But on the day I went to my appointment, they got the Moderna version in. Literally that same morning. I lucked-out.

I always get any vaccine I can whenever it's available because it makes me feel like I'm leveling-up my body. Like an RPG. I know that's probably a bad way to think about it, but I can't help it.


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drewret t1_it0j2cc wrote

trying to understand this comment hurt my brain


Shpad01nkle t1_it12wve wrote

It’s pretty clear what they are saying. Do you mean you disagree or you can’t follow?


ked_man t1_isydk71 wrote

And antivaxers still won’t take it.


mces97 t1_iszgmwf wrote

I don't care at this point. I mean, I feel bad for the immunocompromised, but the antivaxxers? I did everything right, still probably caught omicron in January, and I'm fucked up. Micro tremors, facial never damage. Twitching if I wink my eye closed. Post viral illnesses are no joke. But if that's what they want, some people just gotta learn the hard way.


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StanDaMan1 t1_it08h30 wrote

Reads your source.

That’s not what that’s saying. That is saying that being vaccinated with the first three boosters confers less protection to Omicron compared to getting the fourth booster (which is precisely for the Omicron variant).


mces97 t1_it09den wrote

Where in this study did it say that? It said the vaccine loses effectiveness over time and that certain variants didn't get neutralized/prevent infection with the original vaccine.

This is why I don't listen to people who say, "You need to do more research", unless they have a white lab coat on.


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explodingtuna t1_isyp11g wrote

I've lost my sympathy for then, but it would be better if their decisions didn't affect the rest of us.


diefreetimedie t1_isypjw6 wrote

Problem is the companies would rather protect their patents than share them with other countries so poorer nations can develop their own mRNA vaccines and get their people vaccinated. If we have whole countries without the use of mRNA vaccines then the variants will just keep coming. Keeping those same companies wealthy and keeping the world sick. Capitalism kills again.


Gb_packers973 t1_it0si73 wrote

I always wonder with waning immunity - how long till after your initial vaccine do you become anti vax if you dont get the latest booster.

Lets be honest if you got jnj last year and was never boosted. Youre basically unvaxed.


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ked_man t1_isys6fc wrote

Yeah, it’s almost like diseases affect some people differently lol And it’s almost like these vaccines prevent against severe cases requiring advanced medical procedures and l lengthy stays in the hospital.

And it’s almost like people that are higher risk for death were vaccinated first and have had more boosters to make sure they have the best chance of survival.

Lmao, it’s like the doctors and researchers know what they are talking about.

My dad is recovering from Cancer. He also has severe asthma and COPDHe’s had 4 vaccines and has caught Covid 3 times due to his diminished immune system. But he’s not been to the hospital and not needed more than OTC medications to manage symptoms. The vaccines work.

So yes, it could be much worse without taking the vaccinations.


in-game_sext t1_iszfu92 wrote

To be fair, most people aren't taking it, thanks to the moron-in-chief who said the pandemic is over. Only about 4% of eligible adults have gotten it so far, so...

EDIT: Wow, I guess people are really salty over me sharing widely available figures and news regarding bivalent vaccine uptake rates...


ked_man t1_iszk2nx wrote

I knew there was an updated vaccine, but didn’t know it was freely available. Maybe they should do a better job letting people know that.


samus12345 t1_isznmml wrote

Yeah, I only knew about it because I've been closely following it. It hasn't been advertised well at all.


ked_man t1_iszveq4 wrote

Yeah, I thought it was only for at risk people.

And my best friend is the director of environmental public health for our city. But he’s so Covid burnt out that he doesn’t talk about it and I don’t bring it up.


JennJayBee t1_iszsby6 wrote

We haven't gotten it yet due to Pfizer being the only one available near me for a while now. I figured we could stand to wait a bit longer for Moderna.

Thanks to this posting reminding me about it, I just looked again and found some places near me that had it. I have an appointment for Saturday for all three of us.


kciuq1 t1_iszlvx8 wrote

> EDIT: Wow, I guess people are really salty over me sharing widely available figures and news regarding bivalent vaccine uptake rates...

The number has doubled since that article was printed, and that is as of the 12th.


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lumentec t1_isz70fk wrote

Can the media please stop using the word jab? It's actively harmful to public perception and it sounds dumb in a formal setting.


Responsible_Tell1589 t1_iszc901 wrote

It’s a British word/term innet?


kwangqengelele t1_iszfn9o wrote

It is, it became commonly seen in antivax conservative circles in America because a lot of the sources of their antivax political nonsense learned English in Europe.


samus12345 t1_iszn1wq wrote

Yeah, I know it just means "shot" in British English, but because of its connection with anti-vaxxers I'm not too keen on it becoming a thing here.


Iam4c t1_it1zkpy wrote

words like science, vaccine, immune system? Lets not pander


katsukare t1_it0dhhx wrote

You think shot sounds better? Also check the source.


lumentec t1_it4n1ff wrote

Didn't say shot. How about vaccine? Like the real word for it, not slang. :P


katsukare t1_it5cdzh wrote

Vaccine or jab are both real words. It’s a normal thing to say in the UK and other countries.


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katsukare t1_it5jzb4 wrote

No reputable publication is going to cater to Americans getting upset over a word. Sorry.


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katsukare t1_it5mr7c wrote

I’m not sure why this is so important to you lol but I think The Guardian will be just fine no matter what the guy on Reddit thinks.


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katsukare t1_it6bgqg wrote

I’ve never seen someone get so upset over the use of a word and somehow think they are correct and The Guardian doesn’t matter lol


cedarapple t1_iszgtip wrote

Particularly since the needle used for the vaccine is tiny and I barely have even felt the shots. My arm was a bit sore several hours later but the shot itself is nothing.


logos1020 t1_it16aun wrote

Jab sounds more benign to me than shot. They can both be used to describe attacks so I don't see too big a difference.


couchmaster518 t1_iszoc61 wrote

Can UK news also drop “boffin” (or rather, “BOFFIN”)?


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lumentec t1_it0299x wrote

They very much do drastically slow the spread of disease chief, including COVID - in addition to reducing the severity of disease when it still occurs.


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lumentec t1_it057vk wrote

That's incorrect. It's not like in Plague Inc. Lower severity in this context refers to the chance of death from someone who contracts it, which was high early on with COVID, as everyone is aware.

For those who aren't at high risk of death, lower severity means they have a lower viral load, and consequently they are less infectious to others. In fact, since COVID has historically been potentially infectious to others for a few days before significant symptoms are developed, your analogy is even less relevant.


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Shpad01nkle t1_it139td wrote

I try to tell people this all the time and most people outside of reddit can understand.

If someone doesn’t feel sick, they are more likely to be less cautious and go outside. Esp if they feel so well they have no idea they are contagious.


zoinkability t1_iszmjhn wrote

Good but not surprising news, as the bivalent boosters are designed expressly to give better protection than the original versions of the vaccines against Omicron. Otherwise there would be no purpose in making them.

Note that this article is not comparing Moderna and Pfizer. One expects both of them to be better than the previous rounds of vaccine against Omicron, which is what this research shows.


peeshivers243 t1_isyvncj wrote

It's not every day you see someone say something positive and also use the word "jab" in the same sentence.


Daggerfont t1_iszuml9 wrote

True, that did strike me as unusual


giddyup523 t1_it0ojdo wrote

It's a much more common phrase for vaccines/shots in the UK than in the US. I think it's akin to people in the US saying a poke for a shot. This is an article from a British organization.


MUPIL090310 t1_isyjcoe wrote

I got vaxxed with the latest moderna booster in early September. I had a bunch of big in person events coming up and travel and figured better to be safe than sorry. My doctor recommended it in any event. Hope everyone just does what is medically right for their own body. Stay safe out there!!!


ilikemrrogers t1_iszjxpk wrote

I got mine and ran a 5k the next day. My arm was a little achy, but not bad.

I also went a second time and got my flu shot.

I maybe can't stop the world's problems, but whatever problems come my way, they end with me. The way I see it, the government has given me great power – for free! – to volunteer to help change the world. Why not?


deadbeat95 t1_it0i9d0 wrote

Nothing is free, mind you, Pfizer has made 81.3 billion in revenue last year. We are paying for it one way or another.


PoignantOpinionsOnly t1_it1ivkz wrote

Describe Pfizer. Even with a quick search. Don't be vague it doesn't help pinpoint the problem.


328944 t1_iszl0ax wrote

Yep, same here. Just a little arm soreness for like half a day.


twistedweenis t1_iszrc3s wrote

>I maybe can't stop the world's problems, but whatever problems come my way, they end with me.

I like this.


FindingMoi t1_it0orl8 wrote

The one thing I do not recommend to anyone is doing covid booster and flu shot same day, I got my ass absolutely kicked by side effects for like 2 days.

Whereas I had minor side effects when I got them individually in the past. Seems like the combo is a bit too intense.

Obviously anecdotal but really it just seems smarter to split it up a bit and my doc agreed it probably wasn’t the smartest move to do both together.


HungryGiantMan t1_it1xz1e wrote

Same, I had to take a day off work. I was fucked up and threw up a bit.


Quiet_Remote_5898 t1_iszn4i2 wrote

Yup, I see it the same way. Whatever Covid strain that comes my way ends right here.


Range-Shoddy t1_iszog4m wrote

Just stop. Some people react more to vaccines than others. Benefit? My antibodies are sky high for 12 months. Downside? I’m non functioning for 3 days. That’s why not.


ilikemrrogers t1_iszpkql wrote

I’ll stop talking for your benefit.


You can just keep scrolling without commenting.


NoidZ t1_iszq18f wrote

12 months? They're out of your system after 6 max


Range-Shoddy t1_iszsmow wrote

Weird my blood test says otherwise. In a trial and everything. Why would they disappear after 6 months? Still had 400 left at 13 months. Yes I have documentation.


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NoidZ t1_it020h9 wrote

Yes. And I barely had any.. Just like 99% of other people, so that's why I didn't see the reason to get one. The thing is, I got it in late 2020, way before the vaccine. So I didn't see why I had to get the vaccine.


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NoidZ t1_it03x37 wrote

I pretty much don't know anyone with long term effects. Except for one friend who got pretty screwed up with heart issues after getting the vaccine and getting COVID within a month after. She had issues for a good couple of months.

However, I'm living in a technically lawless country as we speak and even during lockdowns you could at least still walk outside and do hikes and stuff to get some movement. Not like most western countries were doing were a lot of people did 50 steps per day on a good day.

Don't you think that had a massive effect when it comes down to cardiovascular health?

At the same time we nice have athletes dropping down everywhere after being vaccinated with heart problems.


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codeverity t1_it03mmr wrote

How did you even come to that conclusion? You said yourself that the vaccinated spread less. On top of that, they also keep themselves out of the medical system, meaning there's more and better care for others. It's not a selfish choice at all.


zephyy t1_isywh53 wrote

god damnit i'm still running patch v1


IceColdTear t1_isz772y wrote

The shot is updated to protect against omnicron so yeah, it was expected to give better protection against omnicron variants vs the original vaccine that did not include omnicron specific protection.


Trafficsigntruther t1_it01uer wrote

This is about the UK ba.1 booster, not the US moderna booster targeting ba.4/ba.5


Thedracus t1_isz7fe0 wrote

Just bag covid 2 months ago so I'm waiting for the 90 days to get the new Jab.


CritaCorn t1_iszrjjo wrote

I don’t mind the vax, but I fking hate needles!!!!!


viper_in_the_grass t1_iszxnui wrote

Well, you'd certainly expect that from an update, wouldn't you?


Guilty_Chemistry9337 t1_it15bka wrote

Can we go ahead and raise taxes on antivaccers? If they want to be a burden on society, the should pay for it.


Canadian_Pacer t1_it31c6z wrote

The microchips Bill Gates put inside me tickle when they move around


[deleted] t1_it57e7v wrote

They wouldn’t let me get it because I just got my flu shot the week before… loving the logic. One is mrna and the other is a live attenuated virus.


TirayShell t1_iszn684 wrote

What makes me laugh are the people who actually use the word "jab."


karo_scene t1_it0aav4 wrote

Good! I had this updated Moderna booster 2 days ago. Had a sore arm for about a day. NO other side effects at all. Went great. It's been out in Australia for about 2 weeks.


coarsing_batch t1_it0syny wrote

Just got my new updated shot yesterday. Some slight side effects, but nothing like having actual Covid.


breadexpert69 t1_isydmp6 wrote

Tin foil hatters dont like this news


bythebys t1_iszxk3f wrote

They simply don't need to worry, they don't have to take it.


SD-777 t1_iszcb2w wrote

Nice, I knew the Moderna one would be better, even if just based on the higher amount of vaccine and the studies on the original vaccine showing a slight edge over Pfizer. It was actually harder to find a CVS offering Moderna versus Pfizer for some reason. Hopefully it protects against BQ.1 and BQ.1.1 as BA5 variants.


JennJayBee t1_iszsofx wrote

Seems like Moderna had some shipping issues early on, and it only recently got approved for younger ages, so lots of places only had the Pfizer one.

We were running into a similar issue.


RSquared t1_it09lt7 wrote

It should be noted that this is NOT a Moderna v. Pfizer study.


SD-777 t1_it2nltm wrote

Nope, the studies I was referring to (as I mentioned right in my post) were for the original vaccine.


jschubart t1_iszdoub wrote

If you have not scheduled yours already, do it now. The holidays are coming up and it takes a couple weeks to be most effective.


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Paintingmyfreedom t1_isytnfl wrote

If you’re this concerned, I suggest you consult a doctor about the vaccine. I don’t see your logic making much sense about holding off to get it if you’re gonna get it


T-Bills t1_isz094m wrote

I think the concern is how the immunogenicity from a booster dose would pan out over time. It deteriorates over time and this study was done to confirm that there is still a sufficient level of immunogenicity 3 months out. I wish they have more data at different time points, perhaps within a 12 month time span.

I think it's a legitimate concern whether one should "time" the booster shot to coincide with peak flu season. I believe study on the primary doses conclude that full immunogenicity is reached in about 2 weeks? You're also correct that one should consult your doctor for advice more relevant in your local area.

Edit: here's a CDC report

> During the period of Omicron predominance, VE against COVID-19–associated hospitalizations was lower overall and waned with time since vaccination: VE after a second dose declined from 71% within 2 months of vaccination to 54% among those vaccinated ≥5 months earlier (p = 0.01). Among recipients of 3 doses, VE against COVID-19–associated hospitalizations declined from 91% among those vaccinated within the past 2 months to 78% among those vaccinated ≥4 months earlier (p<0.001).


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Radiant-Dress1423 t1_isypume wrote

I took my boosters and I was less anxious during peak delta wave. But should I keep taking jabs every 6 months forvee ? Or just leave it for the immunocompromised?


akira410 t1_isyszg1 wrote

Just get it yearly with your flu shot, that's my plan.


PPQue6 t1_isyu25w wrote

That's what I did, I got it over a weekend because I know that I usually have side effects from the covid shot. It sucked for a few days but after that, I felt great.


EarnestWilde t1_isz3cmx wrote

Just got my bivalent booster last Friday and was laid up all weekend with strong fever and aches, same as the last two jabs. Still far better than struggling to breathe with the full covid experience, so I'll willingly get a booster each year even knowing the effects.


PPQue6 t1_iszb9yh wrote

Absolutely! Plus to be quite honest I'm too damn busy and I can't afford to be sick for an extended period of time.😅


Slapbox t1_isyrbj1 wrote

I'd get the booster; especially if you haven't had an Omicron-variant yet.


mces97 t1_iszh1pq wrote

If protection wanes, do you want long covid even if you have a mild illness?