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AggregatedAggrevate OP t1_is4ihn1 wrote

“As women burn headscarves and cut off their hair in nationwide protests, an Iranian official on Tuesday said that school students participating in street protests are being detained and taken to mental health institutions.”

Doesn’t get more sadistic than this - physical and psychological torture. Absolutely disgusting.


SockPuppet-57 t1_is4mzx3 wrote

Such Irony...

The people who believe in an invisible man who created the universe and is apparently very concerned about what we humans do with our lives think they're crazy for not believing.


AggregatedAggrevate OP t1_is4o4ap wrote

It really goes deeper than that, this isn’t really about religion or even Islam. But what the regime is doing is claiming that the women who want basic human rights/women’s right’s and are standing up for themselves, their country, and other women are insane; solely for wanting those rights. In other words, they’re trying to kill the movement by claiming these women clinically ill, and even more grotesque is how they’re treated in these mental institutions.

To me, this is as evil as the Russian’s mass rape campaign in Ukraine in what it’s trying to achieve; and correlates historically to women being given hysterectomies because of the belief that they were “hysterical”. I doubt men would be dealt with the same treatment which is further demeaning, because of how targeted of an approach this is.

It’s also important to note persian culture predates Islam and has a rich heritage and history of dominant women playing prominent societal roles - as a precursor to modern women’s equal rights.


pegothejerk t1_is58ztl wrote

Reminds me of the push online and in conservative circles in the US to call all lgbtq and especially trans people mentally ill.


Then_Campaign7264 t1_is5dd42 wrote

Medicalizing difference and dissent is a profoundly dangerous violation of human rights. It is particularly egregious because they are attempting to control and denigrate what they don’t understand or experience at a huge cost to the lgbtq community.


Painting_Agency t1_is5mgo8 wrote

And the USSR's use of psychiatry against dissidents, on the premise that opposing a worker's paradise obviously meant you were nuts.

Just more evidence of "horseshoe theory", or "authoritarianism doesn't care what it believes".


amateredanna t1_is5xz1n wrote

And drapetomania - the 1800s idea that slaves that tried to escape had to be mentally ill, because a sane slave would understand how good they had it.

When it comes to oppression, there really is nothing new under the sun.


oddiseeus t1_is690lo wrote

Insanity goes a long way to explaining things when those in power want to dismiss and deflect blame away from the system they created.


Memory_Less t1_is5aijs wrote

The horror of the thought of young people being taken to psychiatric hospitals is breathtaking!


Then_Campaign7264 t1_is576b8 wrote

There is a very long and dark history of medicalizing behavior that some group in power wants to control. It has occurred in most all cultures historically and continues in some to this day, as is the case in Iran.

This is a medical crime against humanity committed solely for the purpose of controlling not healing the “patients ”/ hostages.


mabhatter t1_is4orxo wrote

So their brains just need a good washing and then the girls will be alright again?


[deleted] t1_is4k79l wrote

And then they became atheists


myaltaccount_3464 t1_is5nb7d wrote

Obviously women must be crazy for not wanting to be murdered by roving gangs of violent men for not making the right fashion choices.


Outrageous_Garlic306 t1_is5gkp4 wrote

Just like the USSR used to do to their dissidents. No wonder they’re supplying weaponry to the Russians. Birds of a feather.


Painting_Agency t1_is5mr4e wrote

Putin et al. aren't communists, by a long shot. Iran obviously subscribe to the "two assholes" doctrine, ie. that they benefit from a world where there isn't just one unchallenged hegemonic power.


JengaPlayer t1_is57u1c wrote

This is straight up disgusting. The trauma they are causing. Such an evil regime. They'll likely cause permanent psychological damage trying to misuse psychiatric drugs for their own purposes.


kolkitten t1_is507qo wrote

So re-education camps? Hmmmm that doesn't sound like a religious death camp at all.


AsunasPersonalAsst t1_is4mmsx wrote

Crazy. If only we can Thanos snap the Iranian govt, or give a taste of their own medicine at least...


vexpopped t1_is4mydg wrote

Why limit it like that? Just make it all who oppresse women's rights.


Headless_Human t1_is5lynw wrote

Why limit it like that? Just make it all who oppresse human rights.


sarazorz27 t1_is50r14 wrote

There aren't enough facilities to hold them all. So what are they actually doing with them...


Xolltaur t1_is67cx2 wrote

You mean reprogramming centers


bearsheperd t1_is5lkx3 wrote

Read: “re-education camps”


jezra t1_is61k1w wrote

"if you don't believe that magic sky daddy wants me to be in charge, you are insane and need to be tortured." -- Iran, Kim Jong-un, Donald Trump, every other dictator


lionhart280 t1_is7zifj wrote

This is a classic play from the united states playbook not too long ago.

It was common practice for feminists to suddenly be declared having come down with a terrible case of "hysteria" back in the day, and get shipped off to wards to be lobotimized.

Same goes for basically anyone who dared come out publicly regarding being LGBT (Im leaving Q off in the case since, at the time, the "Q" part was uh... not so much as reclaimed at that point and just a straight up slur)

Doctors discovered that folks who didnt "fit in" with society perfectly could be simply lobotomized and silenced... so they just did it.


Training_Purpose6640 t1_is5d4gr wrote

Welp, it seems they arent reaching at nothing.

Lets hope another tianamen doesnt happen at best.


Taureg01 t1_is6hebr wrote

Reports are Iranians have used white room torture in the past, holding people in these rooms for years. Disgusting regime.


sonoma4life t1_is6rlj4 wrote

that's the MAGA dream with all thier "liberalism is a mental disease" talk.


janjinx t1_is6v54u wrote

In Iran they are called "brain washing" institutions.


markmevans t1_is7ar9u wrote

Religion poisons everything.


leftyscaevola t1_is8hj8i wrote

“The Ministry of Love was the really frightening one. There were no windows in it at all. Winston had never been inside the Ministry of Love, nor within half a kilometer of it. It was a place impossible to enter except on official business, and then only by penetrating through a maze of barbed-wire entanglements, steel doors, and hidden machine-guns nests. Even the streets leading up to its outer barriers were roamed by gorilla-faced guards in black uniforms, armed with jointed truncheons.”


MalcolmLinair t1_is9634o wrote

There's no way they're not lobotomizing people, is there?


Expensive-Bet3493 t1_is5mrs0 wrote

They do this in the US too. I am a targeted individual along with possibly 100s of thousands of others being illegally and unethically profiled, terrorized and silenced for being an activist or just revealing the truths they want covered up. They call us crazy, delusional and seek to get us locked up in jail or a mental institution.