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Chippopotanuse t1_is59js5 wrote

From another article:

> Two Bristol police officers were killed and one was seriously injured after responding to a domestic violence call late Wednesday night, officials said.

Domestic abuse is one of the best predictors of future gun violence.

And about half of all mass-shootings start with a DV incident (usually with the shooter killing a family member).

It’s why we have a long-standing federal law against domestic abusers owning or possessing firearms. And it is not enforced nearly enough…way too many folks with DV records still have guns.

We need to take domestic abuse and violence FAR more seriously than we do.


fight_your_friends t1_is5a87w wrote

>We need to take domestic abuse and violence FAR more seriously than we do.

If we did that, 40% of cops wouldn't be able to carry weapons.


walkandtalkk t1_is7kr0m wrote

I'm pretty impressed that you managed to get in a smug dig at police in a story about two police officers getting murdered trying to stop a domestic violence incident.


NotRoryWilliams t1_is5hjow wrote

Leaving aside the interesting notion that all cops carrying guns is a uniquely American practice, I’m not sure that having 40% fewer armed cops would be a problem. Replace them with social workers.


edeolivita t1_is5ns5p wrote

>Leaving aside the interesting notion that all cops carrying guns is a uniquely American practice

The US isn't the only country where all cops carry guns, do you know that? America isn't an exception.


yodamiles t1_is6w4uq wrote

This is Reddit. Significant chunk of users here have yet to leave their basement even before Covid. To them, anything that seems bad is an American only phenomenon.

I grew up in thailand and every police officer carries firearms.


Yonand331 t1_is5byed wrote

LMAO, sad it's true though


No___ImRight t1_is5j3yz wrote

It's actually not...a sociology professor went hunting for the old 40% myth and found out it's actually 28% (which is still really really bad)


Yonand331 t1_is5u9l9 wrote

It's still not a total myth, that's damn near 30.


Palsable_Celery t1_is5mlh0 wrote

Regulation without enforcement is just a recommendation.


whubbard t1_is6wj60 wrote

Wonder why all gun owners say to take a stab at enforcing current laws, before adding more that only the law abiding follow...

Look into how many people illegal try to buy a gun, lying on federal forms, and the government does nada.


Clifford996 t1_is9if99 wrote

While I agree, it said the domestic disturbance was an altercation with the shooters brother after being kicked out of a bar. I’m all for taking guns away from convicted domestic abusers, but a drunk scuffle with your brother isn’t the standard I want set.


Chippopotanuse t1_is9u1uh wrote

Yeah, I missed those details when I first made that comment. Someone else pointed out that the 911 call may have been a ploy to lure cops.

So I agree - this isn’t the usual DV scenario we think of, and these shooters are/were just horrible people at least one of whom is now dead. Such a senseless tragedy.

A night at a bar turns into a bunch of people dead…


mostlyfecalmatter t1_is5apgt wrote

And good husbands should get coupons for range time.


rivereverafter t1_is5ci3b wrote

I’d take it a step or twelve further and say nobody should have to pay for range time. Bullets are already too expensive.


tryingtodefendhim t1_is5n4g9 wrote

Welcome to USA. You won’t be able to afford to see a doctor, but enjoy a complimentary gun range right over here please.


rivereverafter t1_is5nr2c wrote

I mean if we stop committing crimes against humanity in the Middle East we could afford to do both


tryingtodefendhim t1_is5nv2v wrote

Well we stopped… nothing has changed yet tho


rivereverafter t1_is5oi7p wrote

Afghanistan is not the only middle eastern country we were committing crimes against humanity in. We haven’t stopped we’re just not officially at war anymore


tryingtodefendhim t1_is5piq3 wrote

Who are we booming in the Middle East right now?


rivereverafter t1_is5yogc wrote

Mainly Iraq and Syria but also Yemen and occasionally Afghanistan. According to this article Biden is implementing stricter rules on the drone strike program (at least outside of Iraq and Syria) which is good, but civilian casualties are still inevitable