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fight_your_friends t1_is5a2qr wrote

It's a genuine observation. Wild that three cops get shot and the reaction is to stage all the cops outside a hospital.


Pickle_Slinger t1_is6940a wrote

If 3 of your friends/coworkers had just been shot and two were dead, you wouldn’t go to the hospital? Not sure why that’s so hard to understand


andrewjm222 OP t1_is5e7dq wrote

I get what your saying but I can’t imagine what’s going through their heads. I know that the surrounding towns took over patrols and dispatch for the night and into today so I’m sure they wanted to be their for the families


NotRoryWilliams t1_is5i37s wrote

Okay, but think about this rationally instead of emotionally. What is the basis for this perceived need for heightened security? This wasn’t a comic book villain hunting down cops out of some weird vendetta, it was an armed suspect with nothing to lose trying to escape justice. Why would that indicate a broad threat to the hospitalized cops in particular, or cops in general? This seems like a bunch of armed individuals being “on edge” and reacting disproportionately, increasing, not decreasing, the odds that someone else is hurt or killed. Not to mention this triggers my own pet issue, cops working extra overtime and therefore being armed and driving cars while sleep deprived.


[deleted] t1_is5jdzr wrote



NotRoryWilliams t1_is5jjun wrote

That doesn’t make it any less a gathering of sleep-deprived armed men in an emotionally compromised state.