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Outrageous_Garlic306 t1_iubdsmp wrote

Not happening. They’re not backing down this time. Woman, Life, Freedom!


davidmlewisjr t1_iubesyi wrote

I have hopes. For the future of Iranians and people everywhere!


Isthisworking2000 t1_iub5l6l wrote

You’d think they would know better than to oppress Iranian students.


Codeboy3423 t1_iuc1gty wrote

Protests WILL continue!

The issue is that now to my understanding, is that they are authorized to use lethal force in plain sight, unlike detaining them taking them away and then killing them.


Bwembo t1_iud1hbm wrote

Maybe the protesters need to start shooting back. Not sure what the gun laws are like there though. Maybe use some of those drones instead.