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Spdrjay t1_iu2zt5v wrote


Russia needs to get some insect spray.

They have a huge case of flees.


jayhawk618 t1_iu36mod wrote


Mist_Rising t1_iu3cmyq wrote

Why do people use Twitter like a blog like this?


iamtomorrowman t1_iu3fymo wrote

it's a very simple way to get information out into the public. you can write a 1000 word article in tweets and more people will have a chance to see it if it's something they are interested in


tetoffens t1_iu3mp2n wrote

Easiest way to get people to engage with your content. Actual publications will often cite tweets like this which then helps build your reputation.


fakerjohn t1_iu3zx1e wrote

It is imperative we feed the content hole.


EverRich t1_iu34gxh wrote

Unfortunately for her, they have windows in Lithuania as well.


tu_Vy t1_iu3l11u wrote

They do but Lithuania absolutely resents the putin regime so if anything his daughter should avoid going there.


mrmitchs t1_iu5bqv2 wrote

Would you like a spritz of polonium in your tea, Ma'am?


Evilence t1_iu3ez3r wrote

Yeah so you know these sanctions from Lithuania where they do not let Russians enter? That's just for poor people, Putin's elite is welcome. Nice.


haysu-christo t1_iu3fa82 wrote

She used her Israeli passport to enter.


Evilence t1_iu3hisl wrote

That is exactly my point. The poor people are sanctioned, the elite all have 2nd passports and can travel freely, the same elite that is behind killing ukranian civilians.


haysu-christo t1_iu3iiu7 wrote

I don’t think you have to be rich to have dual citizenships.


Basas t1_iu3kd8t wrote

Money certainly help


dontneedaknow t1_iu3kpc2 wrote

I dunno why the rich vs poor argument is even brought up in a discussion about the Russian empires oligarchy..

Like no shit there are incredibly rich people in Russia with the power to buy their way out and through most barriers in life that us plebs have to navigate carefully. That's the whole meaning of an Oligarchy. and the very same system is whats killing off the Russian peoples 18-30 year olds to the point where the Russians are committing demographic suicide right now.

Yah... Of course there is a rich/poor gap in Russia. They basically throw it in the worlds faces everywhere they go..


madbirdribdam t1_iu47tlz wrote

To get Israel passport, you need to fly there.

Cheapest ticket from Ekaterinburg (middle russia) to Tel-Aviv costs from 17000₽ to 40000₽ depending on the date. Let’s take an average — 30000₽ ($500) You need two — it’s 60000₽ ($1000).

You earn 15000₽ a month ($250). After all neccessary spendings you have 3000₽ remaining ($50).

Go and get your passport, you don’t need to be rich to get it! Do you!?

Ah, yes, you need a hotel too… and nobody will let you in when everything already happened (you are not Putin’s relative to know you will need the passport before it’s too late).


haysu-christo t1_iu4l1n3 wrote

That’s cool. Now do the calculations for all other countries that a qualified Russian can have a passport for before this war started.


AnarchyinGroland t1_iuhq39e wrote

>her Israeli passport

Pretty sure sanction can apply too for Oligarchs with dual citizenship. Wtf is she doing in EU ? Why dont she go to Israel ?


vervglotunken t1_iu5b36n wrote

She is supposed to represent “moderate” pro-war Russians, as oppose to “degenerate” pro-war Russians.

There are rumors she may be going to be sanctioned soon, so this theatre of her running away from Russia and arrest order issued on her in Russia is required so she is not sanctioned and remains a face of “reasonable” Russians.

Same as that woman that ran with “stop war” banner in tv, this is a planned operation by FSB.


Ghuntboy t1_iu3sypc wrote

Hope she stays away from stairwells and windows. Honestly stay on the ground floor but nowhere near where something could fall


musical_shares t1_iu3xvru wrote

Watch your drawers too, whenever the Underwear Poisoner’s minions roam.


Gone213 t1_iu515ci wrote

I thought Lithuania was not accepting any Russian Visas for now


fennelliott t1_iu532ah wrote

Good, another defector of Putins madness


civil-liberty t1_iu78nd4 wrote

She better stay away from tea, windows, and hospitals.