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MitsyEyedMourning t1_is6r2mm wrote

Police prove that people in general cannot be trusted with immunity powers. They abuse everything they are trusted with; guns, tasers, clubs, intelligence gathering, children. If any of us did this we'd be looped into powerlines faster than a whistle, but that immunity clause breeds shitty behavior.


EmbarrassedHelp t1_is8kugw wrote

This is also one of the reasons why police cannot be trusted with encryption backdoors either.


TUGrad t1_is810gu wrote

A fair amount of the blame also belongs to the unions, in that they almost always provide cover for bad behavior.


ninjagrill98 t1_is8sdyv wrote

Don’t ever trust a cop. Even if they seem like a “good apple.” They will act one way in front of you and one way around their lil friends. They are all evil psychopaths.