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HedonisticFrog t1_isvxe5c wrote

>Walker was convicted in April of three counts of forcible rape, one count of assault to commit oral copulation, two counts of statutory rape and two counts of rape by intoxication, according to the Los Angeles County District Attorney's Office.

I was wondering why the sentencing was so long for sexual assault, then I realized it was nine separate counts of sexual assault. Just throw away the key at that point.


Monkey_tr33 t1_isvwngo wrote

Finally a rapist getting actual time.


tidbitsz t1_isw2ema wrote

Well duh, coz he aint a white rapist...

Edit: ok fine, coz he aint a rich white rapist


CodeRoyal t1_isw468d wrote

I still remember that guy who got 3 months


nobreadcrumbshere t1_isxqwvf wrote

Do you mean Brock Allen Turner, the rapist? The rapist Brock Allen Turner who’s now going by Allen Turner to try and hide that he, Brock Allen Tuner, is a rapist?


Chemistryguy1990 t1_isym7n9 wrote

You mean to tell us that Brock Allen Turner, The Rapist, is now going by Allen Turner, who is still Brock Allen Turner, the rapist? Trying to hide the fact that he is the rapist, who's name is Brock Allen Turner? So now he will be known as Allen Turner, The Rapist formerly known as Brock Allen Turner, The Rapist?


JOSimpson t1_isxjp6e wrote

Or maybe because he had like 8 or 9 felony charges he was found guilty of


Chadskii t1_itqwa29 wrote

Point still stands, You gotta be Charles Manson fucked up to get some actual time.


Deedledroxx t1_isw0krj wrote

Convicted of three counts of forcible rape, one count of assault to commit oral copulation, two counts of statutory rape, and two counts of rape by intoxication.

9 people this guy raped.

~5 1/2 years per rape seems like a sensible sentence.


TheRobinators t1_iswo5et wrote

Nine "counts" doesn't mean nine victims. That article doesn't state the number of victims.


noteveryagain t1_iswjqsw wrote

No it doesn’t. These victims are altered for the rest of their lives. They may have long term ptsd and intimacy issues. Rapists deserve far worse.


Deedledroxx t1_isx6ofw wrote

The defense is saying this is a "Draconian" sentencing, and will be harshly appealing to make sure this travesty of unfair justice does not go unturned.

My statement was more pointed at those people who think this sentence is too heavy and a travesty of justice.


noteveryagain t1_isxc5ta wrote

Well, I guess 50 years for one rape seems too light to me. All violent crimes should get the maximum, if they are conclusively proven to be rightfully convicted, because they leave victims scarred for life.

Edit: ITT people who think rape isn’t a big deal.


Key_Environment8179 t1_isxjwex wrote

Putting people in prison just for the sake of getting revenge does absolutely no good for society whatsoever.


UncleYimbo t1_isxm3k3 wrote

Maybe not but leaving rapists to roam free and continue raping people doesn't seem to do a whole lot of good for society either, does it?


Key_Environment8179 t1_isxpxvw wrote

Of course not, obviously they need a fair prison sentence that deters them and others from hurting people like that again and keeps them out of society until they’re rehabilitated. That’s the appropriate consideration, not vengeance. But the guy I replied to advocated for throwing every rapist away for life because they scarred victims for life. That’s purely retaliatory without any utility whatsoever. No amount of punishment is going to undo the harm they caused.


noteveryagain t1_isxnxru wrote

Who’s doing that? People should be punished for violent crimes when they forever alter a person’s trajectory because of said crimes. There’s no revenge about it.


Key_Environment8179 t1_isxpiq0 wrote

Punished, yes, but life in prison for one count of rape? That’s just retaliatory with no utility whatsoever. Locking them away for life and making them suffer like the victim did isn’t going to undo the damage they caused. The proper sentence should be enough to deter the violent conduct and rehabilitate the offender. It’s unlawful in this country for judges to sentence convicts beyond what is necessary to achieve those two goals, and for good reason. This particular guy probably needed 50 years, but such a long sentence would be patently absurd for just one count of any violent crime short of 1st degree murder.


noteveryagain t1_isyap6t wrote

Tell that to the victim. The reason they make rape a lesser sentence is because a rapist is more likely to kill the victim if the penalty is the same as for murder. It’s strategic, not necessarily correct.


Person_756335846 t1_it00wka wrote

As a personal matter, I think that the string of decisions in the US limiting the maximum sentences for rape are obviously wrong and should be overturned asap.


Key_Environment8179 t1_it05cl8 wrote

Can you cite one? The only one that comes to mind was the one from 2008 that said you can’t get the death penalty.


Person_756335846 t1_it06q5n wrote

Coker v Georgia and Kennedy v Louisiana, as explained in US v Briggs.


Key_Environment8179 t1_it07e7n wrote

So you believe people should be executed for rape. Make the punishment worse than the crime. What the actual fuck I would bet everything I own that those cases will never be overturned


Person_756335846 t1_it08jb7 wrote

There are a lot of procedural protections for defendants already. A jury of their peers has to vote unanimiously that aggregating factors outweigh mitigating factors beyond a reasonable doubt, with every aggravating factor needing proof beyond a reasonable doubt and each motivating factor requiring only a modest amount of evidence to prove.

The only serious argument against this is that the trial process for rape is too open to abuse, which is the same for murder… either way if that’s the case rape should at least be punishable with LWOP to allow exoneration if that happens.


davida485 t1_itmnhes wrote

I think violent rapes should incur the death penalty.


IndividualDemand1927 t1_isx2won wrote

Yeah. Trust issues, intimacy issues, so much. Could be perfect one day and the next day traumatized forever, should be put away forever!


sigzag1994 t1_iswky59 wrote

His lawyer says sentence is “draconian and very unfair.” GTFO


JohnMarstonSucks t1_iszpp97 wrote

It's his lawyer's job to zealously defend his client. Anything less would be incredibly unprofessional and potentially set him up for a malpractice claim.


Cagey_Cret1n t1_it0204k wrote

But I’m sure his lawyer had the choice to defend him or not. They took the money, let’s not pretend they’re not shitty.


JohnMarstonSucks t1_it04zuf wrote

It's a lawyer. They need to have a professional detachment from personal morality. Everyone deserves a competent and professional lawyer.


Cagey_Cret1n t1_it05j9g wrote

Doesn’t mean you have to be the one to do it. Good on you, but I wouldn’t do it. Glad you can compartmentalize what you need to do the job to the best of your ability, can’t imagine it always comes with a clean conscious.


Jsholdschl22 t1_it33v1g wrote

I think that part of the reason they have to be like that is to fairly represent. The need for this is there to try to provide opportunity for truth to come to light (or should, ideally). It helps prevent and dissuade false accusations and personal bias to affect the case. We read the story now after it has unfolded for the most part, but at the time of accusation no one except those directly involved know the truth about the situation. I can't imagine it always comes with a clean conscience either. I'm not defending the guy at all, just trying to explain the importance of fair representation with as minimal bias as possible. If we didn't have that in our court system, as broken as it is, it would be a lot worse.


blackmoldpsycho t1_isxkwh2 wrote

You wanna know what else is draconian and unfair? A Hollywood actor luring naive young people with the promise of work and fame, then violently raping them. Enjoy the 50 years, maybe you can have your freedom back in your 70s.


Outrageous_Garlic306 t1_isxt5fr wrote

Good, POS deserves it. Now if they’d only dish out the same sorts of sentences to white rapists, we might finally start to dismantle widespread rape culture.


CherenkovLight t1_isvudlc wrote

So I guess this means he won't be in any sequels


nsk_nyc t1_iswnk2u wrote

Oh he will. Except he'll be the victim from now on.

Wait... did you mean movie sequels?


Able-Waltz t1_iszdjzi wrote

Man after the whole DeShaun Watson thing, these famous rich people really do just use instagram and other social media to target young models to rape. It's like opening up a menu at a restaurant to them.


Otterevolver t1_isxwsyr wrote

Superfly 2018 actor. I thought he looked way too young to be in the original Superfly in 1972.


becker248 t1_isxp56u wrote

US prison sentences are always so weird to me. These high numbers feel so crazy


nobreadcrumbshere t1_isxr73d wrote

It was for nine counts. That’s like 5.5 years per count.

He harmed nine people that we know about, and it feels like too much to you?


becker248 t1_isxsy6v wrote

Yes, since I do not live in the US.

A few years ago the US had 5% of the worlds population but 22% of the worlds prison population. People over there are locked away for far less and far far longer.

So numbers like these are outlandish to me. And they do not seem to prevent crime anway.

The maximum sentence where I live is 20 years (you can be kept longer if you are still deemed a threat to society)

It is also not allowed to just add up felonies to reach these high numbers. The charges are always weighed as a total. So the 9x5 would not be allowed and it also feels wrong to me to do it that way.

I just think a lot of these numbers im seeing on social media are outlandishly high and should be way lower. But again, I am accustomed to other standards of how to handle prisoners and i prefer it that way


AnxiouslyPessimistic t1_it1yn85 wrote

How’s do you weigh 9 rapes as a total and come out with a lesser sentence than 9 single rape sentences combined? You don’t get a discount on prison time for raping in bulk


trampus1 t1_isxtpm3 wrote

It's called a justice boner and only Americans can pop them. That's why people love high sentences and cheering for them to get raped and or killed in prison.


gingy2max t1_it2zwh1 wrote

I agree with there is no rehabilitation in the justice system. So longer sentences are safer for the public at large. They won’t be getting out any time soon enough to commit again is the idea. Because we practically guarantee they will commit again. People come out of prison with no more life skills than they went in with and a shit ton more trauma. If there was real help I would understand lesser sentences in general.


Teemo-Supreemo t1_isxqy1n wrote

They usually reserve hefty sentences like this for serious crimes like possessing mdma or weed.


JOSimpson t1_isxjuei wrote

This Kaalan Walker fella seems like a real jerk


WLAJFA t1_isxxr7c wrote

Karma…, welp, guess what bro?