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SnapCrackleMom t1_iu783n6 wrote

Gotta stick with Words With Friends.


kthulhu666 t1_iu794w4 wrote

Scrabble: Harry Potter comes out and six months later: Boom, Covid! Coincidence?


deftoner42 t1_iu7cxqv wrote

Harry Potter = 11 letters

Bill Clinton = 11 letters

I think were onto something here people!


secinvestor t1_iu7cze3 wrote

Now waiting for the BOGGLE variant

LOSER! You're a LOSER! Are you feeling sorry for yourself?! Well, you should be, because you are DIRT! You make me sick, you big baby! Baby want a bottle? A big, DIRT bottle?!


OrbitalATK t1_iu73zij wrote

No shocker since most vaccines target the spike protein, there are more mutations in the spike protein to get around the protection offered from the vaccines.


WSL_subreddit_mod t1_iu896j5 wrote

I've seen no indication of significant mutation in the protein spike.


OrbitalATK t1_iu8fj50 wrote

Take a look at the original SARS-CoV-2 and the Omicron variant, where are most of the mutations?


WSL_subreddit_mod t1_iu8j3u1 wrote

The current mutations are derived from and still considered to be the Omicron variant.

I guess the issue I took with your comment was that you made it under an article about the current mutations, and that is the context under which it is read.


OrbitalATK t1_iu8u5hp wrote

Even comparing Omicron (BA.5) to the current variants (BQ.1 and BQ.1.1), where are the mutations occurring?


OrbitalATK t1_iub0shj wrote

I guess I'll answer it, and not surprisingly, the answer is the spike protein. I wonder why.

> BQ.1* is a sublineage of BA.5, which carries spike mutations in some key antigenic sites, including K444T and N460K. In addition to these mutations, the sublineage BQ.1.1 carries an additional spike mutation in a key antigenic site (i.e. R346T).


MakesCakesEatsMud t1_iua4aoo wrote

How does the new bivalent vaccine hold up against these variants?

Forgive me for omitting a lame board game joke.


healthnotes34 t1_iu9wapy wrote

The term scrabble variants comes from these new omicron subvariants that contain letters worth a lot in scrabble like Q, F and X.


Kind_Bullfrog_4073 t1_iu7lggj wrote

We're onto the board game variants? Bet they'll skip Chinese Checkers


fsr1967 t1_iu8adur wrote

The Centers for Gaming Control advise that if you get infected, you don't play Scrabble until after day 10 of your infection. At that point, if you continue to test positive (by pulling 7 tiles whose combined score is 20 or higher), you should wear a mask while playing. Only after testing negative twice, 48 hours apart, is it safe to stop wearing your mask.


MrBrian22 t1_iuc9e93 wrote

This time of year, I'd think Ouija variants, instead of Scrabble.


NoBrains-NoGains t1_iudn7qm wrote

The real deep winter hasn't set in for the US yet, but don't fret, we'll get there.


GaelinVenfiel t1_iu7ogkv wrote

More like Bingo variants.

The nice part is they can still use the same printer. Just replace Bingo with Covid.

Heck...maybe it would be popular in senior centers. "i've got COVID!" would have a new meaning....


luke15chick t1_iu91nw7 wrote

I like Scattergories myself


Bwembo t1_iud3sie wrote

I guess I will find out if my immune system can unscramble these variants. Been good so far and I am out in public all the time. This looks like new territory though.


Bitter_Director1231 t1_iu8moae wrote

Wait till we get the treatment resistant and vaccine resistant strains. Then the fun will begin. /s


Whoreson-senior t1_iu75fyt wrote

I think it's time for science to reclsssify what life is.


personAAA t1_iu79kj7 wrote

How to start a fight in a bar full of biologists is ask them if viruses are alive.

The current cell based definition is workable and does not include viruses.


The_Yarichin_Bitch t1_iu7imcv wrote

Uh... we usually say it's viable because we don't fucking know lmao. Schrödingers virus, really.


[deleted] t1_iu78gjs wrote