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WSL_subreddit_mod t1_iu8j3u1 wrote

The current mutations are derived from and still considered to be the Omicron variant.

I guess the issue I took with your comment was that you made it under an article about the current mutations, and that is the context under which it is read.


OrbitalATK t1_iu8u5hp wrote

Even comparing Omicron (BA.5) to the current variants (BQ.1 and BQ.1.1), where are the mutations occurring?


OrbitalATK t1_iub0shj wrote

I guess I'll answer it, and not surprisingly, the answer is the spike protein. I wonder why.

> BQ.1* is a sublineage of BA.5, which carries spike mutations in some key antigenic sites, including K444T and N460K. In addition to these mutations, the sublineage BQ.1.1 carries an additional spike mutation in a key antigenic site (i.e. R346T).