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Elbynerual t1_iy8g91v wrote

I guess they realize executing him would be way too noticeable and possibly be the final straw


TintedApostle t1_iy8ki80 wrote

If I was him I would get out of town before the WQC ends.


iforgotmymittens t1_iy9tk4z wrote

If he’s not on a plane right now he probably should be.


HaloGuy381 t1_iyed8m7 wrote

Hell, I’d not be shocked if he’d been contacted by his country’s embassy and strongly pushed to leave, to avoid having a diplomatic kerfuffle later if Qatar decides to arrest him again when the competition concludes. Would be an embarrassment to then have to face public pressure to get him released, rather than just bring him home asap.


No___ImRight t1_iy8mvpf wrote

"Fun" fact.

Shari'a law typically says you can only execute Muslims for being gay in countries that have Shari'a law.

If you're a minority non-Muslim and you're gay, you only get sent to prison for like 35 years.


Slightly_Smaug t1_iy8rxfp wrote

Y... Yay?


Beagle_Knight t1_iy9gy76 wrote

Qatar: Oh don’t worry, we aren’t going to behead you or anything like that, we are a civilized society.

Minorities: wow that’s great to hear, I was very worried for a moment.

Qatar: instead, we are going to throw your ass in jail for 35 consecutive years, no reduced sentence or anything of the sort.


willstr1 t1_iy8hxmy wrote

Still surprised they didn't put him in jail or deport him (just to be clear I am glad he isn't serving time, just surprised at the lack of cruelty from the regime)


Splycr t1_iyadkfb wrote

Well it wasn't for MBS but I guess that's what happens when your land is oil-rich


Fuckface_Whisperer t1_iy9puhl wrote

Can you point out an example of a Westerner executed in Qatar? Since you seem to think it happens all the time.

Lol just downvotes and zero answer.

Qatar is a piece of shit regressive hellhole but they don't execute Westerners. They send them home.


texachusetts t1_iy8n7ut wrote

I’d like to see what happens when people wearing solid bright colors then just happen to sit in the rainbow flag order.


U_Dun_Know_Who_I_Am t1_iy8qc6h wrote

Oohhhh yes, even better make it jerseys for teams that are in the world cup. Less vibrant but more plausible deniability.


Jeremycycles t1_iy8xmfi wrote

Fifa regulates uniforms. They made Belgium remove love from theirs this time.


U_Dun_Know_Who_I_Am t1_iy9458q wrote

But I assume the teams use different colors. So wear the reddest jersey the orange yellow green blue purple.


Spork_the_dork t1_iy9ytsw wrote

Don't think any country has purple jerseys because there's only likr a handful of country flags with purple on them, and in all of them it id a minor detail element, not something that would be worn as a primary color on a national football team jersey.


U_Dun_Know_Who_I_Am t1_iya020m wrote

One of Argentina's is dark blue with purple flames on the bottom. But even just roygb would probably get the point across.


amateur_mistake t1_iya8sze wrote

The Dutch flag doesn't have any orange on it.

But I don't know if any countries wear purple kit either.


Bad_At_Sports t1_iybbwp1 wrote

Maybe we can find a country that’s ruled by the house of Purple


Phunwithscissors t1_iybte49 wrote

Noone is forbidding you from wearing old jerseys, im sure theres one


zer0saurus t1_iy9b2sz wrote

Spain, Netherlands, Brazil, Mexico, Uruguay, Argentina (away)


17times2 t1_iy9s3to wrote

Believe it or not, straight to jail.


Thetimmybaby t1_iy8ioy6 wrote

That sounds like a lucky break


TintedApostle t1_iy8kep3 wrote

Sounds like if the world wasn't so against Qatar regarding the WC he would be in jail forever.


mister-misses t1_iy9e22b wrote

I want time stamped evidence and a live interview somewhere not Qatar.


AudibleNod t1_iy8h8j0 wrote

Why's he an invader in the title?

Is that the word the Qatari government used? He seems more like a disruptor or protestor. Invader implies he's there to stay or he's somehow going to make the place his own. I don't believe that's the case.


sonicMayhem t1_iy8kei4 wrote

What's what "storming the field" is in futbol.

Pitch invasion.

Ergo he is a pitch invader vis-a-vis his actions.


dhork t1_iy8m38l wrote

When this story first broke every article called him a "pitch invader". I guess it's just the term that the people who call soccer "football" use for "idiot who runs onto the field".


WhatDaHellBobbyKaty t1_iyapkwx wrote

You're correct. I think they use the same term in baseball and American football too, isn't it? I am seriously asking because I get mixed up w/ terms like that.


Substantial_Term_468 t1_iyaqlyn wrote

Not used in the slightest in American sports, this is the first time I’m hearing the phrase as an American sports fan.


WhatDaHellBobbyKaty t1_iyb03pu wrote

Thanks for the response. I have dual citizenship. My parents are English and several of my friends but I have grown up in the US. Quite often, I get mixed up as to where I heard things.


Ghost273552 t1_iy9cl2h wrote

Pitch invader is what the British press calls anyone who runs on the field. They are probably just following that precedent.


TintedApostle t1_iy8kgn6 wrote

Yeah interesting their choice of words.


Nerdlinger t1_iy8mjzb wrote

No, it's the standard term.


TintedApostle t1_iy8o6cf wrote

I disagree, but if you can show me where it has been used before in this context - I am open.


TintedApostle t1_iy8p0zp wrote

Thank You. Also being snippy isn't a good look. I asked politely.


Nerdlinger t1_iy8pjkl wrote

You also disagreed while having no knowledge of the topic and not even bothering to do a five second google search. But instead of taking a moment to verify it for yourself you asked someone else to do the work for you while also implying that the person you are asking for help is wrong.

It may have been polite on the surface, but that's it.


TintedApostle t1_iy8pxsu wrote

So someone having a different point to you is a problem, but when they also ask for a correction you get snippy.

Sorry you feel put upon to inform people when they ask politely. I usually answer because I like to help people.

>It may have been polite on the surface, but that's it.

It is totally polite. I ask for a context and said I was open. Wow.


Nerdlinger t1_iy8r8rq wrote

> So someone having a different point to you is a problem

It's not a different point. It is you disagreeing with an indisputable, easily verified fact. There is a difference between "it's a bit chilly today" and "it is snowing in Ecuador right now".

> It is totally polite. I ask for a context and said I was open. Wow.

No, totally polite may have been something along the lines of "Oh that's interesting, I didn't know that. Do you have an example of its use in a regular game so I can familiarize myself with it a bit more?" But even that is showing a lack of willingness on your part to look for yourself before asking others to do your research for you.


IrishKing t1_iy8vklj wrote

You were the one being a snippy shit, don't even act like that was genuine politeness.


Turbulent-Pair- t1_iy8pr3t wrote

" I disagree. " 👄


edingerc t1_iy8uyha wrote

They should name him the "Gay Crusader." Invading the pitch is usually a dick move, but this time, I applaud it.


AceBalistic t1_iyala18 wrote

It’s literally not a gay flag. It’s the Italian peace flag.


deller85 t1_iyb91tj wrote

That is the case. I originally disagreed with your assertion, however after looking into it, I agree it is not the Pride flag. The Pride flag has colors in a different order and doesn't have the word "pace" emblazoned across it. Google "rainbow flag world cup" and you'll see the differences between it and the Pride flag.

Even so the average person won't look into it and the symbolism still stands in the majority's eyes. So win-win for symbolism on both accounts I guess.


Bryllant t1_iyb32ly wrote

The back of his shirt was in support of Iranian girls, he was covering it all on his run. I was also getting the Michael Cohen vibe, which caused me to root for him


Elcactus t1_iy8tn14 wrote

Unsurprising. Anyone thinking they'd execute a westerner for causing a scene doesn't understand the seriousness that requires.


SGTSparkyFace t1_iy9vjll wrote

I don’t think most people were expecting an execution. Likeliest of outcomes was an extremely long prison sentence, or some form of barbaric physical punishment like a whipping. They don’t just execute people. They’re cruel in all kinds of other ways.


impy695 t1_iycg6jq wrote

North Korea will gladly imprison westerners for benign stuff and even killed one of them. Now, Qatar isn't North Korea, but if North Korea tortures and kills and American for stealing a poster, sending this guy to prison for a very long time doesn't seem far fetched. If all eyes weren't on them right now, I bet he'd be in a living hell.


ThisistheInfiniteIs t1_iy8o86t wrote

Religion ruins everything


JDGumby t1_iy9b0r3 wrote

What's religion got to do with it? Where in the world will someone who runs out onto the field in the middle of a game NOT be ejected, usually in handcuffs, and banned from the stadium/event?


ThisistheInfiniteIs t1_iy9c0np wrote


Totally missing the point there my friend


JDGumby t1_iy9e3uv wrote

Not really, given that you were trying to blame it on Islam when it is completely irrelevant because it wouldn't matter what they were protesting - the exact same thing would happen [edit: when some dumbass runs out onto the field in the middle of an event]. And would happen anywhere else in the world.


ThisistheInfiniteIs t1_iy9g7c7 wrote

>when it is completely irrelevant

Yeah, you obviously don't understand, that is exactly what matters. Islam is overwhelming responsible for the majority of hateful, mistreatment, oppression and senseless murder of women, girls, LGBTQ folks and atheists for imaginary crimes.

There are still more than a dozen Muslim countries where the punishment for simply being gay or an atheist is DEATH.

I mean seriously, and banning rainbows? That is some pretty ignorant, backwards, bronze age, garbage. This absolutely would not happen "anywhere else in the world".

The lies of religious superstition are the literal worst.


jigokubi t1_iyagh55 wrote

>the exact same thing would happen [edit: when some dumbass runs out onto the field in the middle of an event]. And would happen anywhere else in the world.

That why this was news. Because only the exact same thing as other countries happened.


earhere t1_iy9ntoi wrote

What if everyone in attendance wore rainbow colors


JDGumby t1_iy9aok0 wrote

Translation: He was treated like any other dumbass who runs out onto a sports field pretty much anywhere else in the world.


who-dee-knee1 t1_iyat359 wrote

Wow. Very surprised. Low key thought they were gonna torture him.


sevotlaga t1_iy9w883 wrote

Fuck the fascists in Qatar!


statslady23 t1_iy9y9rf wrote

Also, Iran is a team of divers and floppers.


SLCW718 t1_iy8swux wrote

So it was a win-win situation.


ewillyp t1_iy9ju6i wrote

i bet he sneaks in and does it again, hopefully buck fuckin nekid!


tctown t1_iyb7ksu wrote

The head choppers disapprove…


sneakyfeet13 t1_iybcsfd wrote

Those who have read "The Giver"... Seems about right for Qatar.


TheManassaBaller t1_iyc4uny wrote

God damn that is either a really brave or really stupid move. I'll give him the benefit of the doubt and go with brave.


[deleted] t1_iy9qprj wrote



llshuxll t1_iyafukb wrote

It is never worth it. Most of the pitch invaders left are just people who have their whole identity tied toward it and are on a ego trip. There isn’t much punishment from it tho, just usually a ban and a fine sometimes.


GranSjon t1_iybyjna wrote

No, Reddit said he’d be executed. Reddit can’t be wrong. Fake news


Just-Flamingo-410 t1_iya4my5 wrote

Rules are for thee but not for me, part 324. Same for showing political statements during a visit of the Dutch minister of sports. She was greated by ministers showing their support for Palastina.