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edingerc t1_iy8uyha wrote

They should name him the "Gay Crusader." Invading the pitch is usually a dick move, but this time, I applaud it.


AceBalistic t1_iyala18 wrote

It’s literally not a gay flag. It’s the Italian peace flag.


deller85 t1_iyb91tj wrote

That is the case. I originally disagreed with your assertion, however after looking into it, I agree it is not the Pride flag. The Pride flag has colors in a different order and doesn't have the word "pace" emblazoned across it. Google "rainbow flag world cup" and you'll see the differences between it and the Pride flag.

Even so the average person won't look into it and the symbolism still stands in the majority's eyes. So win-win for symbolism on both accounts I guess.


Bryllant t1_iyb32ly wrote

The back of his shirt was in support of Iranian girls, he was covering it all on his run. I was also getting the Michael Cohen vibe, which caused me to root for him