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slavicturk t1_iulfgek wrote

Knew this was going to happen somewhere in American tonite


Optimal_Carpenter690 t1_iulht1h wrote

It happened more than just one somewhere, guaranteed. It's just not in an area, or enough people, that would make national news


Freexscsa t1_iumyr3b wrote

It happens about 320 times a day in the US.


lesath_lestrange t1_iunosh5 wrote


[deleted] t1_iunvc9d wrote



DarthVero t1_iuoe6lc wrote

I wouldn't even stretch the truth like this for someone I was deeply biased towards. This justification actually made me ill.

Although tbf it does sound a LOT better if you say think of how many PEOPLE there are, as opposed to how many numbers there are.

medicine dosage:

> plus or minus 7x your medicine dosage is the same right? It's fine! Think of how many numbers there are!

Vs. People focus

> We really arguing a diff of 300/320,000,000 ? (~USPop)


drock4vu t1_iumkmm4 wrote

I’m 100% an advocate of increased controls on fire arms and mental health assistance for people prone to acts of violence, but your comment is a cold take disguised as a hot one. Of course, in a country of 332 million people on a holiday where adults tend to indulge in alcohol you can expect someone to do something stupid and someone end up dead. Guns could not exist and someone would have died needlessly last night.

Your sentiment is fair, but unfortunately comments like this one are used by the opposition to rile up their patrons by saying we’re over reactionary and “we didn’t make as big a deal when 20 or 30 people were shot in Chicago last week,” or whatever statistic they want to pull.


Chippopotanuse t1_ium0svz wrote

20,000 firearm homicides per year in the US. That’s over FIFTY a day. So yeah - it happens all the damn time.


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ChickenInASuit t1_iulkc1x wrote

It happened at a private residence big enough to hold 70-100 people. Doesn’t sound like “the hood” to me.


mandatory6 t1_iumcvge wrote

When is ALL of America going to acknowledge there’s a gun problem.


NPD_wont_stop_ME t1_iume8td wrote

Republicans. You can just say Republicans.


Trtmfm t1_iumhdrg wrote

No, no you can't. That thinking is part of the problem.


Nova225 t1_iunft6q wrote

Yes, you can. The left has been constantly pushing for gun control.


silver_sofa t1_iumo4ys wrote

Well actually you kind of can. See there is this vocal minority in the US that refuses to acknowledge that there even is a gun problem. And they tend to vote mostly Republican because Fox News and the NRA have convinced them that the government is evil. So now the carnage is routine and constant because…..both sides?


noodles_the_strong t1_ium00zn wrote

So pieces of shit a party they weren't invited to so they shoot up the place. Quality individuals.


The1xide t1_iulh1wt wrote

Some people think the answer is more guns, we are fucked.


Suppertime420 t1_iulkqwd wrote

It’s already happening in Texas with the no permit carry law. They have seen a huge uptick of late night drunk shootings. No more fists just pull the blick and let it bang I suppose.


zzorga t1_iumd4dz wrote

> They have seen a huge uptick of late night drunk shootings

Have they? I'm not aware of any statistically meaningful rise in violent crime/ homicide in the other states that have adopted permitless carry.


pegothejerk t1_iumfcvx wrote

That’s what the police are telling reporters. We wouldn’t have data yet because those laws haven’t been active for long enough.


Wazula42 t1_iumq4d0 wrote

So far no, crime overall has not meaningfully changed. Theres just been an uptick in shootings. That's what guns do, they turn normal crime into shooting crime.


[deleted] t1_iunrcpy wrote



Wazula42 t1_iunzm15 wrote

To clarify, it hasn't meaningfully changed in direct connection with guns. It's still subject to an overall upward trend, just now with more bullets.


KDRadio1 t1_iuo6ezh wrote

There have been numerous states that have passed those laws many years ago. AZ did so as of 2010, with the gun death rate decreasing for several years afterwards.

Not really saying it’s right or whatever, but there’s not a universal correlation in all cases between constitutional carry and gun violence.


Suppertime420 t1_iuob9cs wrote

Well in Texas there is right now so..Takeoff was just killed in Houston last night.


KDRadio1 t1_iuoiwq0 wrote

Gasp. Yeah bad stuff happens. Point is that tying it to a change in law before the actual data comes out is a bit bold. Especially when the inverse has been true in other locations.


Trtmfm t1_iumhgne wrote

seems like a problem that will sort itself given time.


celebrityDick t1_iunnwni wrote

> Some people think the answer is more guns, we are fucked.

Other people think the answer is taking guns from peaceful people, we are doubly fucked


The1xide t1_iuno7w3 wrote

That's a false equivalency, less guns certainly equal less people shot. Let's use Australia as a case study.


celebrityDick t1_iunvnsg wrote

> That's a false equivalency, less guns certainly equal less people shot. Let's use Australia as a case study.

Australia is a poor case study for a several reasons. Homicide rates in Australia have always been pretty low compared to the US. Gun regulation have done nothing to change overall homicide rates.

Additionally, Australian gun buy-back and confiscation schemes received a 20% compliance rate - meaning that 80% of Australian gun owners have refused to comply. With so little cooperation, it's relatively impossible to tell whether confiscation has accomplished any positive benefits.

Another important problem with your thesis is that Australia and the US represent two entirely cultures - with entirely different histories and traditions. Comparing these two cultures is absurd on its face; it's the socio-engineering equivalent of attempting to jam a square peg into a round hole


Agitated_Tell240 t1_iulj1yy wrote

Bet they ain't legal guns


PM_Orion_Slave_Tits t1_iuljwxm wrote

How do you people not understand that the more legal guns there are the more opportunity there is to get illegal guns?

It's very difficult to get an illegal firearm here in the UK purely because there aren't that many guns at all. A legal gun quickly becomes illegal in the wrong hands.


JeanGuy_Rubberboot t1_ium05xx wrote

I agree. I had my house broken into last year. 2 shotguns were stolen. I'm a legal gun owner in Canada, my guns had trigger locks and were in a (cheap) safe. Now those guns are illegal (probably, thiefs were never caught, it is possible they have gun licenses).


[deleted] t1_iulk7vd wrote



PM_Orion_Slave_Tits t1_iulkf6p wrote

Educate yourself. In addition to your laughable gun crime statistics there is also more knife crime in the US than in the UK, even adjusted for population. We just make a big deal about it and have a lot of campaigns to stop knife crime, that's why you hear about it more.

Edit: deleted a shitty source in favour of this helpful graph I found

Edit 2: Personally I think it's crass and disgusting to tout love of guns underneath an article about people losing their lives due to guns.


CheesecakeMedium8500 t1_iulwmtg wrote

I’d rather be attacked with a knife than with a gun. I can run from a knife attack. I cannot run from a gun attack. If I have a puffy coat, I am protected from a knife wound. No such luck with a bullet.

Seriously did you not even think about your sentence for 2 seconds?


AggressiveSkywriting t1_ium0y64 wrote

You can shut yourself behind a door when a knife is coming at you, or fend them off with a large enough object. It very well not protect you vs a gun.


AggressiveSkywriting t1_ium0ude wrote

My man read one article halfway through about UK knife crimes and built a whole narrative around it, lmao


daviss2 t1_iulxdle wrote

MURICA. The land of freedom that allows little men to act tough behind a gun.


DogParkSniper t1_iulj572 wrote

More will help, though, right?

It's almost as if emotional-support guns, legal or not, are the common problem.

I don't understand being that afraid of stepping out in public without a gun. That kind of constant fear has to be exhausting.

I run to Food-Lion, buy my shit as quickly as possible, and drive home. No need for a weapon to buy dog food and a tub of sour cream. Simply because I'm not that afraid of other people.

Now, if I see the need to arm myself because the other guy is armed... It's the definition of a self-perpetuating problem.


NoDoctor4460 t1_iulkjbz wrote

Their televisions are blaring messages of devilish attack from all sides 24/7. When it is pointed out that other Americans, including those in the scary scary cities, do not live in that fear, that’s chalked up to brainwashing by the left. You can’t get halfway through a sentence before any utterance is deemed a lie even if every other country on Earth also believes said lies.


Calinope t1_ium66el wrote

I have never heard the culture described as “emotional support guns” but that is genius. They literally are emotional support guns.


Fofiddly t1_iuml14h wrote

Tell that to the victims in buffalo just trying to shop. Guns are too prolific, yes I agree. Unfortunately though that means arming yourself sounds a lot more appealing.

If only the bad could be more effectively filtered out but the cats out of the bag.


Agitated_Tell240 t1_iuljltd wrote

If you could have a 199% way to abolish guns I might get behind you but it's impossible since you can build one at a hardware store


NorwayNarwhal t1_ium1sm4 wrote

It’s harder to build a pipe shotgun than it is to buy a pistol, and you’ll only get one shot with the former.

The second amendment protects the right to bear arms, but it never specifies which kind of arms. Give everyone Zweihanders and broadswords instead


TrainOfThought6 t1_ium5wk4 wrote

I'm not too keen on AWBs, but if someone gets the chance to point out to SCOTUS that AR-15s aren't exactly part of America's "history or tradition", I'm curious to see where that goes.


manbearcolt t1_iumhbrq wrote

I'm sure Clarence "I don't know what 'diversity' means" Thomas would have a completely consistent, good faith response to that.

And that's as far as I could get before the giggling made it way too hard to type.


WestAccurate8861 t1_iuns22h wrote

Social media wasn't around when they wrote the First Amendment either.


[deleted] t1_iumjijd wrote



NorwayNarwhal t1_iuo5d91 wrote

Well, fencing is exercise. That’s lawful. I’m getting me a bastard sword for home defense.

If I were a burglar or a home invader, I’d be far more viscerally scared of someone charging at me with a sword than someone pointing a gun at me. The gun isn’t brutal or imminently threatening in the same way.

(Some facetiousness is present, guns are scary too)


Agitated_Tell240 t1_iuljjam wrote

Yes knowing you ain't the only one w a gun might actually stop you from shooting some one


DogParkSniper t1_iulna9i wrote

You replied twice in two minutes.

You know what stops me from shooting anyone? Knowing that I won't have to. It really is that easy.

But then again, my six-year-old child knows active shooter drills. That's kinda fucked.

Imagine if falconry had such protections.

We'd still find it stupid, but nobody mows down a classroom with a red-tailed hawk.


FHG3826 t1_iuljqg5 wrote

You know what wont help? More gun laws targeting law abiding citizens.


DogParkSniper t1_iulnrep wrote

More laws targeting the people who don't follow said laws won't work, either.

If the laws don't work as they are, they need to be redone until they do.

Wanna aim those laws elsewhere? People who want to solve the problem are all ears.

"Guns good, because guns" isn't gonna fix a damn thing.


FHG3826 t1_iun7feu wrote

Gun advocates scream from the mountain tops with other ideas, but grabbers just want to confiscate.

It's not "Guns good," it's "guns are my right". There's a big goddamn difference. Dont strawman the argument.


DogParkSniper t1_iuqj65d wrote

Nobody wants to come after your shitty shotgun collection. Relax.

Sane people just want to keep the most efficient means of killing people out of the hands of the unstable and insane. Which, we're doing horrible job of so far.


FHG3826 t1_iurcidn wrote

Yes they do. They say it all the time.

Strawmanning and poisoning the well from a losing position isnt a good look my dude.

The things you and grabbers writ large suggest wouldnt do anything to prevent people from acquiring firearms. So we need to address the root cause.


Chippopotanuse t1_ium1l66 wrote

What gun law targets a “law abiding citizen”?

The one that bans felons or domestic abusers from owning guns?

What I’m getting at is this: What gun do you want to own that you are prevented from owning by ANY firearm law past or present? (Because the answer is NONE.)

Because “law abiding citizens” don’t need fully automatic weapons of war.

You can buy whatever you damn well please, and you know it. My uncle had a goddamn arsenal. Close to 100 guns. Bullet making presses. Anything he wanted.

No law said “hey sir…after NINTEY FUCKING FIREARMS maybe you don’t need another AK.” Nope. He was free to pour whatever cash he wanted into weird-ass hobby.

“Law abiding citizens” gun rights are absolutely not under attack in any way, shape, or form. Never have been.


FHG3826 t1_iun739l wrote

You obviously didnt come to argue in good faith. And you're just...patently wrong. Lots of places limit the type of firearm you can own and operate. And the laws are obtuse and arbitrary.

E.g. SBR and brace laws. These ONLY affect law abiding citizens, and seem designed to turn them into felons.

E.g. 80 percent lower restrictions. Building your own firearm has long been legal, but now literal blocks of plastic are being called firearms because I can build it into one.

E.g. Suppressors are safety items but require a 200 dollar tax stamp and a 14 month waiting period. Why? Movies, I guess?


[deleted] t1_iumki83 wrote



Chippopotanuse t1_iumm97n wrote

You want a machine gun with a laser sight, a noise suppressor, and a high capacity magazine?

Just as I would have guessed.

You are unhinged and need to check your definition of what “law abiding” people means.

You ain’t one of them if you need a fully automatic machine gun with a laser sight.


Also - what city and timeframe are you claiming you couldn’t own a handgun?


[deleted] t1_iumn4jy wrote



Chippopotanuse t1_iumr790 wrote

You just want “the ability” to own one?

Nice dodge of not answering what you actually want to own.

And nice avoidance of articulating when and where you couldn’t own a handgun. Because I’m not aware of any city that EVER banned handgun ownership in our lifetimes.

There are cases wheee cities wanted to regulate whether folks could carry handguns in public, or with a concealed permit. (See DC v Heller, etc…)

But I’m really curious what city you lived in where handgun ownership was outright banned. And this 30-year struggle you talk about.


silver_sofa t1_iumpusq wrote

No new restrictions in the last twenty five years? Well that clearly explains why gun violence has plummeted recently.


[deleted] t1_iumw6q8 wrote



silver_sofa t1_iunjeya wrote

The automobile laws of 100 years ago are relatively nonexistent compared to what we have today. A point no one seems to consider.


nl_Kapparrian t1_iullv9x wrote

A Halloween in America without at least 2 murders is considered a dull affair.


miata509 t1_iulexfv wrote

15 were hit in Chicago at a Halloween party in a park


Freexscsa t1_iulf5sb wrote

That article is only a few places from this one why don't you discuss it there?


Mr_Cobain t1_iulia2k wrote

He is just referencing another similar incident here. What's wrong with that? Discussing the mere fact that this incident happened, in the same reddit post about that incident, wouldn't make any sense whatsoever.


FistinChips t1_ium9j61 wrote

It's relevant enough to be mentioned in this very article.


duckchasefun t1_iun21p1 wrote

As someone from northeast Kansas, this being in KCK does not suprised me in the least.


atomicmarc t1_iun6yft wrote

Same. Parts of KCK are as bad as any large urban setting.


jayfeather31 t1_iulduio wrote

...only in America. I mean, JFC.


greenman5252 t1_iumb4m2 wrote

Do they know who the good guy with a gun was yet?


JDP008 t1_iumuqh7 wrote

Guarantee you whoever did this shooting owned that weapon illegally


Maynard078 t1_iupdanj wrote

Nah. A responsible gun owner. At least until he wasn’t.


johnyu955 t1_iungrzt wrote

How come we don't call them mass shootings anymore?


Maynard078 t1_iupd5u6 wrote

Why, these days we just call them responsible gun owners expressing their rights!


aimed_4_the_head t1_ium7nuc wrote

Can we have gun control yet?


zzorga t1_iumd6ny wrote

Depends, is it going to be racist? Again?


celebrityDick t1_iunnh8a wrote

> Can we have gun control yet?

Start with the bangers who have no qualms about shooting at women and children. Just go door to door and tell them you're there to collect the guns


mandatory6 t1_iumd0sc wrote

Can’t be the greatest country on earth without guns


PM_Orion_Slave_Tits t1_iumeu0j wrote

Apparently you can't be with them either


mandatory6 t1_iumey49 wrote

I don’t own guns


PM_Orion_Slave_Tits t1_iumfwbm wrote

I meant you as a country. Assuming you're American


mandatory6 t1_iumfywm wrote

I’m thankfully not American no.


Maynard078 t1_iupdkgj wrote

Gun “rights” have turned America into a cowered and cowardly third-rate country.


biokiller191 t1_iulso3b wrote

Holidays are celebrated with shootings in the US. What's wrong with our country 🙃

Edit: downvote as you please but name a big event or holiday recently that hasn't had a bunch of shootings


tominlaw t1_ium1639 wrote

Why is it that Noone is pointing the finger at the "gang banger" culture that is to blame? Snoop Dog killed someone yet he's on every kids show. It's not the millions of legally armed citizens in the great plains, Midwest, northwest, South East, etc. It's ALWAYS bangers and people who were already known to be mentally unstable. 99.99% of people who shoot people have someone at home who are not surprised when it happens.


erv4 t1_ium4lt0 wrote

Who's at home for you when your mentally unstable self has had enough rebel news?


Nicholas-Steel t1_iulf8qv wrote

And? Why is a near daily occurrence news?


TylerSmash t1_iuli4ac wrote

People being murdered is bad.


Nicholas-Steel t1_iuma4lz wrote

Sure, but no one nor group is having a meaningful impact on the situation in America... if there was than that would be newsworthy as it would be outside the norm.


Xanthn t1_iulvjf4 wrote

Why is a newsworthy event happening near daily?


donottakethisserious t1_iuljw82 wrote

Since it's in Kansas, I'm just going to assume it's white supremacists since that's one of the states where they have the most of them.


GooberSmoocharoo t1_iulkc4x wrote

How are you going to feel when you're wrong?


donottakethisserious t1_iulkhef wrote

unlikely, white supremacists and maga are the greatest threat afterall. If I'm wrong then it's a rare occurrence, it happens.


junktrunk909 t1_iumf9ov wrote

Kansas City is, you know, a city. Cities are generally more like each other than they are like the rest of their state.


cribsaw t1_iulwpwj wrote

White supremacists are everywhere. They just aren’t as afraid to take off their masks in some areas.