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Ayzmo t1_ixdr3pu wrote

The fact that any country has participated in this World Cup is shameful.


darkpaladin t1_ixea0qs wrote

It'll never happen but I have fantasies about both teams walking out for the final in their armbands for introductions and immediately walking out at the opening whistle.


Lucius-Halthier t1_ixj9990 wrote

I’m honestly expecting that halfway through this shot show after so many teams giving them the finger and outrage from fans Qatar is just going to be a petty sore loser since they lost first and outright cancel the rest of the cup just to fuck with everyone. Absolutely nothing good has come from this nightmare, they thought it would make them look good, they thought it would make them money and people would be happy, but all that’s come from this is broken promises, failure in their first game, getting pissed off at people for wearing rainbow bands, getting pissed at players/teams for the same thing, they are being criticized by the whole world for their homophobia, anti semitism and human rights violations. It has been a net loss across the board for them and I’m so happy that it is, I hope this is another permanent stain on FIFA but I wish it was even more, like maybe nations finally start telling them to go fuck themselves


dodobird8 t1_ixglua4 wrote

Agreed. The lack of boycott from the players is disappointing..