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morbidbutwhoisnt t1_iy7wdki wrote

There are so many folks that I know belong behind bars, even though I have a very limited scope of what kinds of crimes I think should get actual prison sentences. (I'm being up front that I'm a hardcore justice system reformer)

The parkland shooter for example was just convicted, we know for a fact that he is the perpetrator and I do believe that he needs to be separated from society for safety reasons. So this is an example of someone that I would agree even under a reformed system should be in custody. (not the time to argue what that looks like)

But in general when I see things like this I wonder how we can trust that the people who have been arrested, charged, and/or convicted have had that happen under fair terms.

Because it's not just this. A lot more often than I'm comfortable with it's something with an officer, DA, etc doing favors, planting evidence, changing information, blah blah.

This police chief had this happen, do you review the whole department? Do you have all the cases his officers worked on reviewed? Is it rotten top down? Is it just him?