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spinereader81 t1_iy5e3g9 wrote

Mpox looks like a file extension you'd need to download an obscure program to open.


gregs1020 t1_iy4ywtb wrote

were the monkey's offended?


Avaunt_ t1_iy5ga4g wrote

No, but I’m personally offended by that errant apostrophe.


wander9077 OP t1_iy4zkzp wrote

They were so offended that a class action is being considered but they apparently cant agree on the number of bananas to seek in reparation


Nightshade_Ranch t1_iy515w9 wrote

Man i hate that fucking song.


sounders1974 t1_iy55b1q wrote

Mpox dooby dop a dop doowop, doowy doppa Mpox dooba dop a dop doooo

Yeah eh yeauhhhhh


Rambos_Beard t1_iy5irm3 wrote

Or do you?



wander9077 OP t1_iy4voso wrote

The World Health Organization said Monday that it would begin referring to monkeypox as mpox in an effort to reduce stigma around the virus.

Both names will be used simultaneously for a year while moneypox is phased out.

The new name was chosen after the WHO launched a public consultation process earlier this year.


Cyclone_1 t1_iy4vuc2 wrote

"I can't get monkeypox because I am not a monkey!"

Scientists: "See? This is why we need to rebrand this. People are idiots."


MrRumfoord t1_iybb60h wrote

"I can't get mpox because my name starts with 'a'!"


PCM97 t1_iy52isx wrote

What stigma?


thatnameagain t1_iy7hzwe wrote

Humans not wanting to be associated with being like monkeys is about the oldest stigma in human society.


JennJayBee t1_iy50qig wrote

Firstly, that's not as catchy, and I can already hear people saying, "Mmm... Pox!" Pox M might be slightly better.

Second, I don't really see how a rebrand isn't going to reduce stigma. It's the same virus, and people who were misinformed as to how it's transmitted from the very beginning are still going to be misinformed.


IAmBecomeDeath_AMA t1_iy5phxm wrote

They’re doing an abbreviation because they’re trying to repeat the success that the “coronavirus” —> “covid” renaming had. I bet

Edit: Y’all. I was joking


ThatOneKrazyKaptain t1_iy5qy9f wrote

Just FYI, they legally aren't the ones who control the naming. That's the ICVT. WHO is changing the name THEY use. Other health groups like the CDC haven't yet, and until the ICVT does it's still technically Monkeypox.


enokidake t1_iy53xq8 wrote

The Biden admin pushed this through over social concerns: "The decision comes after the name monkeypox — so named after first being identified in monkeys — was criticized for adding to racial and sexual stigmatization."


BloodyVaginalFarts t1_iy5ckfl wrote

WTF does a monkey have to do with race or sex?


thatnameagain t1_iy7i1pm wrote

Not very familiar with the history of very common racial slurs are you?


BloodyVaginalFarts t1_iy7ui4t wrote

No. Is that bad thing? I live in canada to if that makes a difference.


thatnameagain t1_iy904i7 wrote

Yes, don’t call people monkeys. Particularly non-white people who have been called that as a form of dehumanization for hundreds of years.


BloodyVaginalFarts t1_iy90q19 wrote

Lmao the only time I called someone a monkey was because they were really good at climbing trees. Never heard anyone associate a monkey with a POC. Must be an American or European thing.


TaliesinMerlin t1_iy5vcta wrote

The Biden administration has no control over the World Health Organization. It's a UN organization, not a US one.


Gurudee t1_iy5sl9w wrote

That reminds me. What happened to Hanson?


Beautiful_Fee1655 t1_iy5968m wrote

Next up: Chickens start mass protests, demanding their special disease be renamed as "cpox".


grimace24 t1_iy5iigw wrote

I wonder how long it took them to come up with mpox?


grandmawaffles t1_iy53j9y wrote

Mpox, ba duba dop Ba du bop, ba duba dop Ba du bop, ba duba dop Ba du, oh yeah


AudibleNod t1_iy53mhl wrote

Here's my solution for all this renaming, which doesn't help with public awareness. We do what the World Meteorological Organization does for hurricanes and name diseases in advance. That way places like China, or Ebola or Spain aren't unnecessarily maligned. The WHO can classify flus, respiratory viruses, poxes and other maladies then draw up a list of names not based off of geography and that are vetted so no appearance of stigma is apparent from the name.


TuesdayShuffle t1_iy5593t wrote

Orrrr, let's let a Twitter Poll decide!!!! Who can't wait for Pelosi-Pox, Trump-Tremors, Chungurrhea, or the Taki-Shits?


WhoBurped t1_iy5c8m3 wrote

the winner would always be Poxy-McPoxFace


thefugue t1_iy543ec wrote

We tried that with COVID variants. Idiots turned it into jokes that showed they didn’t know how the Greek alphabet works


AudibleNod t1_iy54cyh wrote

Lets move away from Greek letters. Just come up with a variant standard Like COVID-19-1122A for the first Covid variant discovered in Nov 2022. And so on.


thefugue t1_iy54vkq wrote

I think ease of recall is also a factor in making these decisions- if people can’t remember what something is called they’re not going to develop behaviors to mitigate the threat of it.


daboot013 t1_iy6a1np wrote

Mmmmkayyy Mmmkay Mkay Monkay


aktivate74 t1_iy6brj7 wrote

Sounds like what I would name Android Box product


pfortuny t1_iy7ku34 wrote

Mom, why is it called mpox?

I cannot tell you, it is illegal.


HardlyDecent t1_iy7sjsj wrote

Fighting the good fight I see.


EvenHair4706 t1_iy7fn1r wrote

Mmmpox, ba duba dop Ba du bop, ba duba dop Ba du bop, ba duba dop Ba du, oh yeah Mmmpox, ba duba dop