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CT_Jester t1_iumf9sa wrote

What's up with the global conservatives being such sore losers???


Garntus t1_iumkkg9 wrote

Their leaders have spent years creating distrust in the establishment and media. Bolsonaro spent the entire campaign sowing distrust for the Brazilian electoral system and creating an environment where any scenario that results in his loss would be perceived as evidence of election tampering.

It's the same as the Jan 6th coup. These people genuinely believe they've been cheated.


kradaan t1_iumj3y3 wrote

Could be the concerted effert by Russian propagandists along the the 100's of millions of dollars they are pouring into fake media. It keeps coming up in the news. Now Putin is literally saying their catch phrases in public while their chosen fake media strokes their outrage. It is diabolical and shocking that they are so simple minded that they can't see it through their mock outrage.


Rage_Like_Nic_Cage t1_iumydoi wrote

I really hate this talking point. Yes, Putin/Russia is amplifying misinformation on a large scale, but they are rarely the origin of said misinformation. They see what ideas are gaining traction that are advantageous to them and signal boost those talking points.


kradaan t1_iun0muv wrote

I disagree, I think this is a concerted effort. I think Qanon was an open door and made mainstream by the Trump administration who gave it legitimacy. It's why you see reference of it in so many places. From The trucker protest in Canada to flag waving in France and Germany. They don't even see how they are being played. In the US you have everyone from Laura Ingam, Tucker Carlson and Fox news to MGT, Lauren Boebert and the hard right spewing Russian propaganda. Might as well be registered foreign agents like Larry Flynn and DeSantis's spokesperson.


Rage_Like_Nic_Cage t1_iun3b9g wrote

again, the propaganda isn’t coming from russia, they merely amplify it. Qanon is a perfect example, it washing created/started my russia, but they definitely helped spread it.


Doomsday31415 t1_iunu679 wrote

Being a dying breed, conservatives have partnered with fascists to maintain power.

The consequences of that are readily apparent.


footbamp t1_iuop2v0 wrote

Because reactionary conservative politicians tell their followers to do stuff like this straight up. It's the playbook.


immalittlepiggy t1_iumamjc wrote

Honestly, I’m surprised it took this long with how Bolsonaro was talking before the election.


Outrageous_Garlic306 t1_iumdbfa wrote

Yup, Bolsonaro supporters are all about law and order, until they’re not. Fascists.


AsunasPersonalAsst t1_iumaldn wrote

Brazilian version of the Jan 6 2021 thing?


BigALep5 t1_iumfb6f wrote

Sounds more like the Canadian blockaide


Onikojima t1_iumg3yr wrote

This is the Canadian blockade that sticks in my memory



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Turambar_or_bust t1_iummc99 wrote

It's not like 2016 is ancient history. Why are people against reminders of when they're candidate lost and they threw a fit?


fordanjairbanks t1_iumr6nl wrote

Because it’s a false equivalency here. The Oakland protests started peacefully before devolving due to police antagonism and some bad actors. These fascists used semis to blockade main roads and resorted immediately to violence, which is much closer to the Canadian blockade/Jan 6th than it is to what happened in Oakland.


fordanjairbanks t1_iumqm9j wrote

I mean, the 2016 Oakland protests started peacefully. This doesn’t look like that. It looks more like the Canadian blockade since they had truckers block roads and resorted immediately to violence.

People aren’t opposed to facts, they’re opposed to false equivalency.


ManatuBear t1_iumd57x wrote

This is so stupid. What are they expecting to achieve? Even if they succeed in forcing Bolsonaro to stay in power as de facto president instead of elected president, the government won't be recognized by any other country, even Putin congratulated Lula. All the government will get will be sanctions, asset freezes, trading difficulties, loss of international trust and eventual currency devaluation to the ground. It will be another North Korea. With Ukraine war ongoing no country has patience for another illegitimate fascist government.


Salty_Drummer2687 t1_iumff2q wrote

Putin probably wants Lula in office so I'm not sure what putin woudnt congratulate him.


MrGuttFeeling t1_iun4yp9 wrote

Putin is trying to do all he can to stay relevant on the world stage. His days are numbered.


Viper_JB t1_iummsc9 wrote

I think he just wants instability - everyone fighting everyone.


Spirited_Hamster2606 t1_ium87h0 wrote

Yeah .. next time don't do all that democratic stuff .. just look around who could paralise the country and ask them who should win


[deleted] t1_iumpkpr wrote

Bolsonaro supporters were blocking the roads during the election, to stop people from voting. Some of the major police forces were in on it.

Bolsonaro had no intention to even try to win the election fairly. He shouldn't have lost. He should've been disqualified.

And any Republican who insists unfavorable election results are false also shouldn't be allowed to claim victory in an election. Don't believe in democracy? Then you can't be elected. Simple.


Inphexous t1_iumitnp wrote

Quit being big ass crybabies and own it up like adults.