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[deleted] t1_iup3ptd wrote



Dalisca t1_iup4hn3 wrote

On Sunday I was at my sister-in-law's funeral from a random cardiac event out of the blue. She was only 33.


Icanbotthinkofaname t1_iup70v4 wrote

Shit. Sorry for your loss.


Dalisca t1_iup9ijn wrote

Thank you. Just reminding that youth doesn't safeguard against mortality, alas.


MeepleMaster t1_iupdm82 wrote

Reminds me that i need to get to the doctor and check for hypertrophic cardio myopithy. Dad had it and im terrible about taking care of myself so havent gotten check for it. Pretty sure it is a common reason for young athletes just up and dying


theory_until t1_ius5uln wrote

I hope you can get that done asap and that it is good news.


79years t1_iupxojc wrote

I’m so incredibly sorry for your loss.


Dalisca t1_iupz1oq wrote

Thanks so much. She was a kind and hilarious woman; the world is less interesting without her in it.


Millenniauld t1_iupe6mp wrote

My older brother died of a heart attack at 42. He got it from his (not my) dad but it was a solid reminder of how young shit can go sideways.


CrazyIrina t1_iuq3mpj wrote

I got covid at the start. Was pretty mild to me. The fall prior, though, I got the flu and it dang near ended me. Two days, I had a 50/50 chance of not seeing another sunrise. I am very fit and have no vices and still came this close >. to being fertilizer.


Worldly_Ad1295 t1_iuqwpez wrote

My pop died at 48.... Wish he could see his grandkids 😔❤️. Sorry for her family too. RIP.


lavalampmaster t1_iuvsajs wrote

Someone I knew in high school died of an aortic aneurysm in 11th grade.


abbeyroad5 t1_iusetv9 wrote

I'm 49. Luckily pretty healthy but I can feel my age.


MotherofFred t1_iup1q4k wrote

How very sad. She inspired many people.


Noisy_Toy t1_iupl7yg wrote

I read her blog daily when she was doing her year-long project. It was so fun and provided some much-needed cheer in a really dark time.


dissolutewastrel OP t1_iup34zz wrote

I watch a lot of different chefs on Youtube and I find myself frequently worrying for their health.


IT_Chef t1_iuqojdq wrote

I really like Matty Matheson, however homeboy needs a fucking treadmill and a salad.

I'm no spring chicken myself, but yeahhhh...


Girth_rulez t1_iupfep0 wrote

Their weight or just all of the flour and fat?


briefbriefs t1_iupj28c wrote

I’m friends with a handful of chefs and their lifestyles, for the most part, are atrocious. Late nights almost every night, drinking all night, often coke is involved, high high stress work environments, overworked, high blood pressure, usually shitty diets, no outside relationships, sometimes prostitutes, live to work and nothing else, etc etc.

It sounds like hell. The chef industry seriously needs an overhaul.


Girth_rulez t1_iupk597 wrote

I am not talking about chefs here but regular restaurant work. My buddy wants told me if I ever need drugs and I'm in a strange town just drive to a restaurant and wait for the cooks to go out back to take their break. They can always hook you up.


dissolutewastrel OP t1_iupg2jx wrote

It's all the added salt and sugar that catches my attention. Then, like the weirdo that I am, I look at their face and body to see if it looks like they're ok, or if they look old for their age. By nature I'm a worrier and a dipshit


Girth_rulez t1_iupghc0 wrote

You are on to something there. I recently went whole foods plant-based and have cut drastically back on my sodium. The increase in energy and general sharpness was immediate.

I am more against processed foods than anything else. That shit will send you to an early grave and keep you sick on your journey.


Lychee-Lover t1_iuq35n6 wrote

Me too. My kids hate mummy's new desert - chia pudding.


Girth_rulez t1_iuq6ve3 wrote

For me chia seeds are like medicine. Just chug that shit down and ignore what it tastes like.


Lychee-Lover t1_iuq8m5i wrote

I eat them plain by the teaspoon, they're tasteless to me. Also really good mixed into peanut butter with crushed nuts, pumpkin seeds, coconut and a drizzle of honey. It's the new Tim Tam!


Girth_rulez t1_iuq8uf3 wrote

I tried Tim Tams a little while back. Sorry I was not too impressed. Lychee on the other hand...heaven.


Lychee-Lover t1_iuq8ygi wrote

Tim Tams hit the spot for me in terms of sugar heaven. I want a lychee farm.


Girth_rulez t1_iuq93mj wrote

I live part-time in Asia and sometimes my wife just hands me a bowl of lychee with the outer skins peeled off and the fruit peeled off of the pit. It feels like love.


Macabilly t1_iuptayj wrote

Just to plug a good buddy of mine who started a YouTube channel:

Separately If you read this Russ fuck you and I love you


Lanaconga t1_iup63ri wrote

Look at one of her last tweets about having a black hairy tongue


yahabbibi t1_iup9lq0 wrote

Awful and her Dr said not to worry. And she died the next day. Apparently sh3 had covid last month and had been feeling lousy since and not well the last week or so. Very sad.


Ok-Explanation-1234 t1_iupffux wrote

> Awful and her Dr said not to worry.

Googling "black hairy tongue" gets you a bunch of the usual suspects (Mayo Clinic, WebMD) with some gnarly pictures, and all insist that it is in fact a benign condition. That's gotta be saying something because it's WebMD's job to convince anxious people they definitely have cancer.

I can see her calling her doctor and being like "Hey doc, my tongue just turned black and I'm feeling really lousy" and the doctor zeroing in on the harmless tongue and nothing else.

Women with heart attacks get blown off all the time.


DougDougDougDoug t1_iuplt48 wrote

It's common on AIDS patients and is not infrequent with covid. And heart attacks are killing many in the 6 months after a covid infection


Brilliant1965 t1_iupnh1z wrote

Yup that’s what doctors do these days about post Covid problems take it from me. Women’s heart attacks do get blown off a lot, and there’s a higher risk after Covid of heart attacks. Poor thing


similar_observation t1_iupue8c wrote

It can also be caused by pepto bismal.

EDIT! The bismuth in pepto interacts with trace sulfur in your mouth and gut, staining whatever the sulfur is on. Black Hairy Tongue happens when the bismuth stains the strands of skin cells hanging onto your tongue's papillae(taste buds). A lot of food you eat has trace sulfur, anything related to onions is high in it. Turkey, eggs, any broccoli and cabbage type veggies. Anything with biotin and thiamin (vitaminB1). All have traces of sulfur.


VioletBloom2020 t1_iuuk056 wrote

I knew pepto bismol was up to no good! Jk When I was a kid I HATED the taste. Lol


rimjobnemesis t1_iupc4wu wrote

Do you have a link for that?


rimjobnemesis t1_iupde1d wrote

Thank you for that. It’s just really sad. I think her husband said it was due to cardiac arrest.


Pulguinuni t1_iupgfkh wrote

There is another tweet a couple of days before where she complaints about stomach issues. I know the statistics show women tend to not seek help because they think is a mild symptom, stomach bug or something similar, when in reality heart issues can express as stomach pain. Really sad, she was still young.


DougDougDougDoug t1_iuplx49 wrote

She had not recovered from COVID. Heart attacks are super common in the months after.


Pulguinuni t1_iupu7rh wrote

Very true, but also the other way around. Heart disease or a heart attack in women can be often confused with flu or normal fatigue, symptoms are often very subtle. Posted an edit on my comment from the American Heart Association.

We also don’t know if she had other comorbidities, like diabetes, any autoimmune disease or any medication that could accelerate any damage done by COVID. That is why I think COVID is so scary, is like playing Russian roulette. Some people are hospitalized and recover fine, others have mild symptoms but have permanent damage and other chronic illnesses from it. Awful and sad.


IT_Chef t1_iuqooxx wrote

I thought having your tongue do something like that might be because of drinking way too much tea.


r0thar t1_iuqv2ie wrote

This is black tongue because there's a fungus growing on it


Bison256 t1_iusfnna wrote

Anyone else feel the need for mouthwash?


sirthunksalot t1_iupmon0 wrote

Was just looking her up the other day to see if she wrote anything after Cleaved. Amazing how her career imploded after that book where she cheated on her husband with random strangers. Got to admire her honestly though.


AmateurMisy t1_iup96si wrote

seen elsenet that she had covid based on her social media posts from the last week.


g_nads t1_iuq6nng wrote

Drag. She was a gem and will be missed.