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ObiWan_Jabronii t1_iusqbln wrote

This is the most Italian study ever. It's like if Canadians studied maple syrup and hockey.


fresh_dyl t1_iutskp2 wrote

Or like, if I got paid to study the effects of large repetitive doses of cheese and beer in Wisconsin.

I’m putting in the work, just not getting compensated.


Manos_Of_Fate t1_iuutnh4 wrote

It only counts as science if you write it down.


ErikTheAngry t1_iuv1ja5 wrote

You must follow the scientific method.

It isn't good data until it's confirmed with a high degree of confidence. And the only way to do that is to repeat the experiment again and again, and conclusively get the same results. Then other people who can find no fault in your method repeat the tests and compare their results to yours.