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Armthedillos5 t1_iyf1i8c wrote

Ah yes, the beating was justified defense.


MrDangerMan t1_iyf216f wrote

“He got caught RUNNING A STOP SIGN! and when we tried to pull him over, he RAN INSIDE HIS HOUSE! Obviously we had no choice but to kick down his door and beat him to a pulp.”


CheesecakeMedium8500 t1_iyf9cwp wrote

How does any of that justify violence? Pile on the charges to your hearts content, but “he isn’t respecting our authority” does not justify violence.


TopDeckHero420 t1_iyf340s wrote

I'm not one to randomly defend cops but this guy did everything you shouldn't do.

Ran a stop sign, sped, failed to pull over, fled into a dwelling, resisted detainment and fled yet again.

It's hard to prove "driving while black" when those facts cloud the issue.


bananafobe t1_iyf5nl6 wrote

Except, none of that was violent.

I get the argument that police will chase someone who runs, but we can't allow ourselves to lose sight of the thing that justifies the use of force.

Disobeying police is not what justifies the use of force.


TopDeckHero420 t1_iyfa4rt wrote

Resisting arrest often leads to what can be considered violence. Someone that refuses to comply, runs into a dwelling multiple times. What are the police to do? Let him go get his gun and load it? That's not an extreme example. It actually happens.

If the guy wants to file a civil suit for the injuries, more power to him. But this was about indicting the cops on criminal charges and I just don't see it.

The whole system needs reformation, but you aren't going to reform the system mid-evasion of arrest.


FreddoMac5 t1_iyfd175 wrote

The system needs reform but my god can it please be common sense reform? Like lets not send someone to jail for months because they stole a candy bar but if you blow a stop sign, speed, run inside a house and resist arrest and the cops use force to arrest you, can we admit that's proper. Fucking christ on a cracker how fucking hard is it to understand?


TopDeckHero420 t1_iyfdu2l wrote

I agree 100%.

But a lot of these problems are pervasive throughout the whole of society, and not just confined to the justice system.. as bad as it is.

In a perfect world we would get down to the why of stealing a candy bar and solve that rather than solely rely on punishment as a deterrence.

Most of us clearly understand the racial disparity that is ingrained in America, but a lot of people just refuse to see it. Unfortunately ~50% of our leadership is part of that lot, so nothing meaningful gets done.


MrDangerMan t1_iyf7tfy wrote

He committed a minor traffic infraction and was going to get away with it. They couldn’t handle that because it represented a total disregard for their power and authority, so they kicked in his door and beat the shit out of him.

Should people be allowed to just ignore police commands? Of course not. Is this a use of force appropriate to the context? No fucking way. It’s treating a stop sign runner with the same force as someone who just robbed a bank.

It’s absolutely absurd that people parrot the idiotic argument that if the police are justified in apprehending someone they are automatically justified in using any level of force to do so. It’s a position only taken up by cowards and sycophants.


PunchFox t1_iyfd3i2 wrote

First of all, when you're in a situation which entirely because of your skin has a very significant chance of you being beaten or killed, you might panic too. But ignoring that whole discussion...

Making mistakes and lacking good judgement isn't a good reason to be beaten. Ever. In any reasonable world. The cops are the ones that are allegedly "professionals" who are supposedly trained to handle situations like this. We are the citizens they serve.

It's honestly insane that we excuse shit like this over pretty crap, like you are. If you're being honest about not defending cops, I don't think this is the time to start, bud.


Btetier t1_iyf9ubk wrote

I don't think anyone is going to argue that he could have made better decisions. The fact is though, that he shouldn't have gotten beat like that for just running away. In no world is that the right way to do things


TopDeckHero420 t1_iyfblxa wrote

So just run from the cops. And if they catch up to you, run again. And if they catch you again just resist arrest, refuse to comply.

At what point is enough enough?

I don't like the use of violent measures to subdue someone but when someone presents an apparent danger (and at that time he clearly did) what should the police do? Honest question. How should this person have been arrested given his actions during the attempt?


Btetier t1_iyfbwhx wrote

Lol what? Are you guys truly that dense? Once you catch someone, tackle them and cuff them. Done. No need to apply more violence to the situation. If they can't handle that, then they shouldn't be police. It's really that simple. The job of the police is to apprehend people, not dish out judgment.


kimchi_paradise t1_iyf8e1c wrote

>Ran a stop sign, sped, failed to pull over, fled into a dwelling, resisted detainment and fled yet again.

And so therefore it is justified to use violence in this situation?


FreddoMac5 t1_iyfd5h3 wrote

Used force to effect an arrest. Absolutely justified.


Historynut73 t1_iyfaese wrote

It’s really funny how police just can’t seem to figure out why people hate their guts. Bad apples my ass.


IllustriousAct28 t1_iyevtf0 wrote

It'll all be ok once the RoboCops take over.


DonForgo t1_iyf30ml wrote

They have already started.


Ksh_667 t1_iyf38wp wrote

I'm hoping the robots will turn out to be less racist than the cops /s


DonForgo t1_iyf4yyw wrote

Robots cannot be racist, they just follow commands.


AbrocomaOk8973 t1_iyf96ut wrote

Yeah but if the people programming them are racist, then they’re informed by that racism.

Example: Facial recognition cameras that misidentify Black folks all the time (literally happening)

Person detecting systems in selfdriving cars not registering Black folks as people


bananafobe t1_iyf6xyo wrote

At the risk of missing potential sarcasm, that's a pretty good demonstration of why the "you don't know what's in their heart" conversation about racism misses the point.


Ksh_667 t1_iyf5i1i wrote

I know, that's why I put the /s at the end :)


Armthedillos5 t1_iyf2il7 wrote

Cops... Want people to stop thinking you're all a bunch of AHoles.... Stop being a bunch of AHoles


T-Rex_timeout t1_iyf1a81 wrote

The cops in Oakland are some of the worst around. There was no way this you g man was going to get a fair trial in fayette county sadly. Hell they are currently being forced to integrate their schools.


mahabraja t1_iyf8yrh wrote

Fuck this. Riot. Police should not have guns.


LilSpermCould t1_iyf2asd wrote

Always have to obey lawful commands. Otherwise they have a lot more room to work with in terms of how they respond. Even if they're on legally shaky ground, you're still obligated to comply. Let your lawyers argue the semantics don't run.

Running is a green light to get your ass beat.


[deleted] t1_iyexvo8 wrote



MrDangerMan t1_iyf26jm wrote

Sounds to me like you deep throat the whole damn boot.


FuckoNo5 t1_iyf393h wrote

Hurr durr durr. Ya got me.

Why use your big boy words when you can just be a child on the internet?


Btetier t1_iyf9xv0 wrote

Running away from police makes it ok for them to beat your ass? Gtfo


FuckoNo5 t1_iyfae94 wrote

Running away from them after you just blew a stop sign and got caught speeding and then ran into a house when they followed you means you get arrested. If you run into a house it is completely reasonable to assume you may be running towards a weapon. It is still that cops duty to apprehend people running from speeding tickets because typically the people that do that are running for other reasons. If that's not acceptable then all wanted criminals just know they just don't need to stop. Now that you're in the house where weapons could be anywhere, your repeated rebukes of arrest are going to get you the taser.

But I did draw a line at baton strikes but even then if the dudes in a bedroom reaching and fighting, a knife could be anywhere.

You see how those are complete thoughts that don't rely on disparaging your character to make my argument? That's called grown up shit.


Btetier t1_iyfaphx wrote

No one is saying he shouldn't have been chased and apprehended... if he was apprehended and not beaten, this wouldn't even be a story. Fact is, he should not have been beaten the way he was. Period. If you think that running from the police is grounds for a beating, then you are part of the issue.


FuckoNo5 t1_iyfc2xt wrote

It's clear who on Reddit has never been anywhere near any kind of actual "in the shit" situation.