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UncleYimbo t1_iuswg60 wrote

And most of Europe has basically no air conditioning to speak of. Bad bad situation.


El_grandepadre t1_iutuohh wrote

It also comes down to a lot of people not knowing how to keep the hot air out of their buildings.

I close my windows at 9-10 AM and keep most of the sunlight out when it's hot. It didn't go past 25C even when it was 38-40C outside and haven't felt the need to use an AC this year.


somefool t1_iuva6rh wrote

I have eight west facing windows in my 40m2 studio under the roof. Even blocking the windows with cardboard and foil barely helps during heatwaves. Amazing strategy you have, I wish it would work.


sawyouoverthere t1_iuvan8m wrote

It’s not the windows. It’s the rest of the building. You probably don’t have decent insulation


somefool t1_iuvbqui wrote

Yeah. Belgium and its 1950's built houses. I kind of took offense at the previous commenter's "lol close your windows, easy peasy" approach.

The windows do not help tho. They radiate heat, you can feel it holding your hand 10cm away.


sawyouoverthere t1_iuve1hq wrote

Covered is better then not, though I’ve read foil is not good for windows when used on the inside but if the building is poorly built/insulated/designed it’s always going to be difficult at extremes of weather either direction


Benouamatis t1_iutrd5m wrote

Air con for ? Polluting more ?


Ganon_Cubana t1_iutrwcp wrote

For staying cool when it gets hot. You shouldn't just jump into warm weather if you aren't used to it.


UncleYimbo t1_iutsjmm wrote

Of course not. Is that a serious question?


sawyouoverthere t1_iuvakzt wrote

Whether or not it is, that’s the reality.

People push back against new building codes and the last time I was in a thread that talked about the lack of insulation it was blindingly clear many European commenters didn’t have the first clue why that mattered for hot weather as well as cold (“it’s for keeping the heat in…”) and just wanted A/C regardless that the shitty insulation makes that grossly inefficient.

A/C is extremely energy demanding and yes, in most cases, that’s pollution generating


Benouamatis t1_iuwhkns wrote

@uncleYimbo must be from the us … air con is the most stupid solution to fight climate change, unless you re from the us 😝 as an European growing up in a southern city of France , we never had air con and to be honest we hate it . I ve put air con in the house cause it s rented out in the summer and Asian/us renter just can’t live without it .


Xul-luX t1_iuszmgf wrote

we need to start becoming familiar with the term " climate refugee ", we will count them/us by millions.


Rage_Like_Nic_Cage t1_iut18pv wrote

that’s what my big concern is for the US right now.

We are barely holding onto democracy by a thread, and I fear just enough Americans are just xenophobic enough to be pushed into supporting/buying into the GOP’s Fascist & racist rhetoric once the influx of climate migrants becomes significant.

Not to say we shouldn’t help/shelter those displaced my climate change. But seeing how anti-immigration rhetoric motivates/influences a large portion of Americans votes currently, I can only seeing it becoming a bigger shitshow.


zerobeat t1_iut70lm wrote

> climate migrants

Plot twist: most climate migrants will be internal to the United States as west coast residents flee east as fires burn and water disappears.

And we'll hate each other even more than if the people were from outside the country.


Skellum t1_iutvzyn wrote

> as west coast residents flee east

That would actually be fantastic for the US's democracy as you'd get a massive wave of blue voters out of CA and into other states. Horrible for people but yea.


jschubart t1_iutwmii wrote

Can't move to the Mississippi River since that is drying up. Time to repopulate Detroit.


altera_goodciv t1_iut7zmw wrote

Republicans about to suggest building a wall along the Rockies to keep those damn liberals from the West Coast out.


Xul-luX t1_iut2avw wrote

I feel we are on the verge of the most chaotic situation we will face as an species. I hope that love and brotherhood prevail over violence.


bicameral_mind t1_iutpaan wrote

No developed country is going to accept large numbers of refugees fleeing developing nations. The best and brightest will be saved and the rest will suffer. The number of people in utterly precarious situations is just too large.


Auskat85 t1_iutteqx wrote

There will be huge movement of people within developed nations. I feel like people, particularly in wealthy nations think that they won’t see internal refugees or that they won’t be one themselves.


NGC3992 t1_iutug7v wrote

My friends keep “joking” they’ll just escape to Canada. I’ve asked them, seriously, “Do you think the Canadians will want you?” They stop joking after that.


Draker-X t1_iutcv8q wrote

>and I fear just enough Americans are just xenophobic enough to be pushed into supporting/buying into the GOP’s Fascist & racist rhetoric once the influx of climate migrants becomes significant.

"Just enough". I have some bad news for you. My fellow Americans are, as we speak, happily throwing democracy straight into a burning dumpster because of inflation, gas prices, and fears of an illusory crime wave that does not exist.

Within two weeks, the Republicans will have won BOTH houses of Congress, and we may not even make it to 2024 before the shooting starts.

We're living in the Brightburn timeline, not the Superman one. And we did it to our fucking selves.

God Bless America. Because no one else will.


FantasyThrowaway321 t1_iutdyg8 wrote

Migration in the USA alone, hell even within states themselves, is going to be chaos. Imagine Billions of refugees moving from island nations, equatorial settlements, etc., and migrating to areas that already void of stability and opportunity… I don’t see this going well


willowmarie27 t1_iuw3oda wrote

Question though, is south America experiencing the same type of climate crises that Africa and the mid east is/will.

For one there is a higher elevation. . . It just doesn't seem to be as immediate.

I am not trying to downplay climate crises, just curious to peoples thoughts.


dba1990 t1_iuusodh wrote

I see this as probable cause for the GOP to authorize use of nuclear weapons.

To keep The Blacks, The Browns, and The Muslims in her climate-ravaged place or else.


FantasyThrowaway321 t1_iutdm59 wrote

I agree, and this is similar to me now referring to them as ‘beach bears’ instead of ‘polar bears’, has really soften the blow


StoneRivet t1_iusyjba wrote

Ah, Russia will finally have more warm water ports. All this selling oil was just a 4D chess move from Russia to increase global warming.


[deleted] t1_iut5nlm wrote



StoneRivet t1_iut63ff wrote

Forest fires wouldn't matter to Putin, and exploding methane craters, well, I am sure Putin would think that's fine, as long as it doesn't affect ethnic Russians.

but the shrunken demand for oil, that's more of a Putin starting this war issue than a global warming issue. Clearly most countries were fine with using oil even when presented with clear evidence of it's damage (talking western countries here, developing countries kind of need to use oil to catch up and it is unfair to deny them the same luxury western countries had).


Wanna_Know_More t1_iutctg1 wrote

We just need Greenland's melting ice to fuck up the Gulf Stream a bit more, and Europe will get a lot cooler very quickly.


timpratbs t1_iuv36gm wrote

Greta won’t be pleased


Kalapuya t1_iuwdfg6 wrote

Don’t worry, once the Gulf Stream collapses they’ll get nice and chilly.


Ok-Brush5346 t1_iut9ck7 wrote

I thought about starting work on a placeholder Wikipedia page for the Silicon Age Collapse but, well, I guess it would be waste of time.


Acceptable_Bag_1253 t1_iutg8to wrote

Russia warming up the earth in ukraine


MorganaHenry t1_iuu5hxv wrote

They're just trying to keep their troops from freezing to death...

Na, Vova doesn't care enough


joliwog t1_iuvjqlx wrote

I thought ya'll been paying attention. Looks like we'll have a similar problem here across the pond. This shit sux.