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wander9077 OP t1_ixp6p3z wrote

E. Jean Carroll, a writer who accused former President Donald Trump of rape, filed an upgraded lawsuit against him Thursday in New York.

The move came minutes after a new state law took effect allowing victims of sexual violence to sue over attacks that occurred decades ago.


Chippopotanuse t1_ixr0lcb wrote

“Minutes after a new state law took effect”

I’m glad she didn’t waste any time. I love that Trump might finally be held accountable for some of his crimes.


BurrStreetX t1_ixrkx8w wrote

> I love that Trump might finally be held accountable for some of his crimes.

I wish this so bad, but lets be real here.


Draker-X t1_ixscpli wrote

Now that he's running for President and the RNC won't pay his lawyers anymore...who is?

You know they're asking for HUGE upfront fees before they even open a fresh box of pens.


BurrStreetX t1_ixsfkrq wrote

> Now that he's running for President and the RNC won't pay his lawyers anymore...who is?

His supporters. Legit on his website there is a donate section (or was) that detailed the money would be used for legal fees.


Draker-X t1_ixsisx6 wrote

I don't know if Cletus and Daisy Mae have enough in their government welfare and Social Security checks to fund Trump's legal team, but if it works, great, I guess.


DrKrFfXx t1_ixs76pp wrote

>I love that Trump might finally be held accountable for some of his crimes.

I don't know about that.


xiconic t1_ixqme6y wrote

People need to keep throwing lawsuits at him. He is trying to dodge justice time and time again but it will only work for so long before he finally has to face what he had done.


MatsThyWit t1_ixs3lu0 wrote

Why doesn't anybody ever just say her fucking name? It would make for so much more clarity in the headlines.

"Writer E Jean Carrol Files New Lawsuit Against Donald Trump."

There! Done. So much easier to read, and I know all the parties involved.


[deleted] t1_ixr252t wrote



blargwoman t1_ixryrw6 wrote

She has DNA evidence left on the clothing she was wearing.


IrishRage42 t1_ixslvkw wrote

Has it been in an evidence locker for 30 years or she just kept it in a closet this whole time?


blargwoman t1_ixssa0v wrote

I assume she kept it as evidence, knowing that he's wealthy and powerful, seeking justice at the time was probably futile. If she has a article of clothing/panties with his bodily fluid on it then it blow apart his "I've never met her." excuse.

I guess we wait and see?


DaFugYouSay t1_ixryrev wrote

>How is this going to work. Sounds like there is no evidence beyond her saying he did.

Men have gone to prison for less. Not rich white men, of course...

Mike Tyson, for instance.

OMFG people. This is a 100 percent true statement, must be the trumpers are out in force. Can't wait till you guys tear each other apart in the next election.


Moonalicious t1_ixqv14h wrote

I wonder if Trump even knows how many lawsuits he's involved in at this point. You think his lawyer comes in every day with two new ones they just throw into a pile? Jeez.


stayfly2187 t1_ixtx0mj wrote

i wouldnt even bother myself with the lawsuits until theres something worthy of my time and attention. the lawyers handle all the day to day nonsense


jamesda123 t1_ixqusrw wrote

Is it finally time for that DNA test?


Isosceles_Kramer79 t1_ixy3kbj wrote

Based on a dress she did not wash for 25 years and for which there is no chain of custody?


dudeguybro1549 t1_ixrkiby wrote

Doesn't matter in the long run. People will still vote for him. He will still be rich, and he will still not give a fuck. That's America for you. It even crosses color lines. Look no further than the scum that is Herschel Walker. I think all that's left for a GOP candidate to do is literally murder someone in cold blood, and I bet they'd still get votes. It's fucking crazy.


awozie t1_ixv2l88 wrote

What ever happened to the woman that accused Biden of rape?


TamedTheSummit t1_ixw4yju wrote

I hope that she is heard. These victims of his keep getting swept under the carpet and silenced.


Ello_Owu t1_ixvbkuk wrote

Can't she just get another Trump who isn't on good terms with Donald to give their DNA, which would be a partial match, giving more grounds to go after Trump himself


MississippiJoel t1_ixtzw2e wrote

I'm sorry, but what is up with that photo (and thumbnail?) That's the best photo they have? Or is that something they got from an AI generator?


Isosceles_Kramer79 t1_ixy3i9o wrote

That woman is quite nuts. She based the story on something she saw on Law and Order (Kevin Pollack guest starred).

Also that new NY law is insane. It opens the field for baseless suits from what is alleged to have happened decades ago!


Ivanthegorilla t1_ixrkviw wrote

perfect timing for the election cycle... maybe blm and Greta thornberg will come back to talk shit about trump also.... mean while biden is still and obvious pedophile


gontikins t1_ixqjtv1 wrote

Did she ever go to the police or a hospital to gather evidence of the rape within a reasonable period of time to support her accusation of rape?

Evidence is an extremely big part of a rape case. The procedure can be invasive considering that all the clothing is taken from the victim, and the victim is then subject to sample collection.

If they have the samples, why shouldn't they sue?


P0Rt1ng4Duty t1_ixqp9fr wrote

Trump was court ordered to provide a dna sample. That's really all they need that they don't already have.


itsmariokartwii t1_ixr5pyt wrote

That’s why he’s asking… DNA collection now can only be useful for her if she provided DNA evidence when it happened.


P0Rt1ng4Duty t1_ixs10si wrote

She has a 'sample' of his DNA on the dress she was wearing that day. They just need some from him to compare it to.


gontikins t1_ixqxfav wrote

Gathering DNA from Trump has no value if she didn't go to the police or the hospital to gather evidence after Trump allegedly raped her.

Crime requires evidence. If she didn't allow the hospital or the police to gather physical evidence from HER body after she was allegedly raped, then the police have no DNA sample from 1995 or 1996 to compare to a DNA sample from Trump in the 2020s then compelling Trump to provide a DNA sample means nothing.


Yousoggyyojimbo t1_ixrmufy wrote

They have a DNA sample to compare it to, collected off of the clothing she had on at the time.


gontikins t1_ixrrfz3 wrote

I did not read that in the article. Could you please provide your source?


coondingee t1_ixrq64m wrote

This is a civil case not a criminal case. Much easier to get a conviction.