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DeificClusterfuck t1_iuus932 wrote

Kash Patel is a known liar. The Justice Department is aware of this. If he's proven to have lied it will fuck any immunity deal on the table. Whether or not Kash is sufficiently scared of prison to keep that in mind is another matter.


QuestionableNotion t1_iuvxvrf wrote

>Kash Patel is a known liar.

Makes sense. He is a Republican who worked in the Trump Administration. Seems to me the fact that he is a liar would be understood based on those two things alone.


Cli4ordtheBRD t1_iuxxmn9 wrote

Oh for sure. But that doesn't mean he doesn't know how to tell the truth when his freedom depends on doing so. He's a grifter, not a true believer. And the defense can try to shred his credibility (not hard because it comes pre-shredded) but it helps to build the case and allows them to bring in evidence they might not otherwise be able to introduce.


RSquared t1_iuvw60p wrote

Notably, he claimed publicly that Trump had declassified all of the MAL documents, then pled the fifth in deposition when asked about this claim.


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raistlin65 t1_iuvi4ui wrote

>From what I've seen the FBI isn't fucking around or taking big risks on this case.

Yep. And federal prosecutors have a shitload more experience in deciding whether or not somebody can be a reliable witness, than Reddit users. lol


Cfp0001-Iceman t1_iuvpwut wrote

> I'm assuming they have something more to bring to the table than their own word.

Pretty sure they got video or recorded evidence. Considering how much Trump threatened to release the tapes, I think the tapes were being used against him already.


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takecarebrushyohair t1_iuu6ugc wrote

Oooo he has the dirt. Better put him in protective custody


Rudy_Colludiani t1_iuuf9hi wrote

Hung himself in his cell


Low energy!


blowtheglass t1_iuuhj0e wrote

Everyone's saying it


AshleyNeku t1_iuw057g wrote

"Just the other day a man comes up to me, he's crying, and he asks me...why? Why did Cartman kill himself?"


"Yeah, Johnny Cash too. Very talented, I never knew the man, but I heard he liked birds."


VagrantShadow t1_iuuttq1 wrote

He found a window to jump from, he shot himself three times in the back of his head too. He didn't want to live and tell what he knew /s


dlec1 t1_iuw6f0a wrote

Welcome to Putin’s America where people “jump” out of windows


Kevin_IRL t1_iuuvwya wrote

Off topic but it struck me as kind of funny that one of the few people of color in the last Whitehouse staff has a name that sounds like money


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LakeChaz t1_iuuat2s wrote

Remind me which party worships Putin and which President slobbed on Russia's knob whenever possible.


PatrickBlackbrn t1_iuunvpg wrote

Do you think he’s testifying against Hillary?


Graterof2evils t1_iuuwir9 wrote

Yeah he’s the guy that’s had the information that’s coming out any day now , for the last six years. And just wait. When you hear it it’s going to blow your freaking mind! Don’t forget Hunter.


PatrickBlackbrn t1_iuxgkik wrote

You must be the walls are closing in guy. LOL.


Graterof2evils t1_iuxovqp wrote

You must be one of the, “Mexico’s gonna pay for the wall!”, guys.


PatrickBlackbrn t1_iuxsg1g wrote

Just a guy who check Reddit to see how wacky progs, socialists, and commies are.


Graterof2evils t1_iuy3u71 wrote

And you’ll leave a guy that scrambles back to his political icons that do nothing for you. Waiting for the crumbs to trickle down or for your turn to be rich. I love when you expect people to be prosecuted with no evidence. You prove your character is the same as the liars you worship. I’m an independent and don’t play team politics. Your politics are based on false information and unproven policies.


nahteviro t1_iuuy1wp wrote

No. He will be testifying on reality, not some GOP made up fantasy.


rchart1010 t1_iuutyzj wrote

Kash Patel is the very worst of the worst and was involved in some of the shadiest shit. IIRC, he likely faked a presidential memo, tried to send it out and then denied having anything to do with it.

Like he is one of those opportunists who literally has zero morals. Such that he was a standout in the trump administration.

No one should believe a single word he says without first verifying it.


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DevLARP t1_iuw8c2y wrote

More importantly, their comment implies that it’s possible to find a NON-greedy-conman-sociopath in team “grab em by the pussy”?


rchart1010 t1_iuwnuly wrote

Perhaps. I still would make sure to verify everything he had to say and I would assume he is sharing information with the other side and working to destroy evidence if he can.

He, IMO, is just as likely to make up information and publicly release it to "prove" that the justice department did something wrong and hope he can scare and bully them into not having him comply at all.

Even the logic that applies to shitty humans doesn't seem to apply to him.


Lucky-Load2637 t1_iuwpa2m wrote

Oh I absolutely see him trying that. But lying to the DoJ isn't like lying to the press. There are real consequences to it. And there's no way they'll ask him anything they don't already have the answer to.


rchart1010 t1_iuwxh9i wrote

He is the type who would just try to take down the DoJ if he got caught lying. There just aren't any scruples, any rules with him. I dont like to throw around diagnoses lightly but I think he is likely a sociopath.

And I'd bet good money that he is working behind the scenes on everything they ask him about to destroy or fabricate evidence. I'm sure the DOJ lawyers are savvy, I just think this guy is a special kind of evil.


AgreeableFeed9995 t1_iux6z4h wrote

Wouldn’t that violate the terms of his immunity? The only way he could do that is admitting to falsifying evidence and perjury after the fact. He’d be fucked


rchart1010 t1_iux7lyp wrote

>Wouldn’t that violate the terms of his immunity?

Probably and for an average, normal human you'd consider that jail or imprisonment would be a consequence. I dont think he is the type to think that way. Rather I think he is the type to try to fabricate or destroy evidence, publicly make false statements to undermine DOJ trust and activate the trump crazies to enact some violence in response to whatever lies he makes up..


FiveUpsideDown t1_iuzf3ce wrote

Unless Trump or DeSantis wins the presidency and then Kash Patel will be pardoned.


thewaldenpuddle t1_iuwf7qv wrote

I wonder if his immunity extends to perjury when he does testify….. ?


irkli t1_iuwp1hw wrote

No. He cannot lie. His assertions will all be verified. Standard procedure and I doubt shortcuts will be taken in this case.


thewaldenpuddle t1_iuwpgre wrote

Thanks. I assumed…… seems the logical thing…..

but the world is so fucking weird nowadays….. that I just can’t tell anymore….


Morchaint t1_iuwpmqk wrote

Immunity is always contingent on cooperation and honesty. If you fail to meet the terms of the immunity, the immunity is lost. In other words, if he is caught lying he loses his immunity deal.


ImSabbo t1_iuwofql wrote

Wouldn't that be the normal thing to extend immunity to? I admit I don't know a lot about law, but that at least feels right.


thewaldenpuddle t1_iuwoyav wrote

No…… my guess is that the immunity applies to not prosecuting him for admission of any crimes on his part during his testimony. But if he LIES under oath….. then I’m assuming he would still be liable for that.

In this case, he has far less incentive to lie, because he can’t be held accountable for anything he says when he tells the truth….

But for people circulating in the trump world….. lying/breathing…. Same, same….


ImSabbo t1_iuwptif wrote

Ah, I see. That makes sense.

I think I had misremembered the meaning of "perjury" anyway as "admitting to a crime while under oath (aside from the one/s being tried)" rather than "lying under oath". Hopefully I'll remember from here on.


iAmTheHYPE- t1_iuwbrb7 wrote

> Such that he was a standout in the trump administration.

Never heard of him until this year, in contrast to people like Bannon, Stephen Miller, A Shit Pie, Jeff Sessions, Barr, Kushner, etc.


wiseoldfox t1_iuwyaod wrote

This dipshit was almost made acting CIA director in the waning days. Worked for Nunes.


rchart1010 t1_iuwn4dm wrote

Yeah, I only heard about him in books about the end of the trump administration. He was brought in when trump wasn't even trying anymore and was just trying to install loyalists to keep him in power. Kash Patel is an absolute worm.


Zolome1977 t1_iuvs4de wrote

Unfortunately the truth. This might bite the prosecution in the ass. You can’t use a piece of crap as a witness.


katievspredator t1_iuvwsab wrote

I don't think you know how immunity works. He has to testify or he can get 5 years in jail. If he refuses to answer, he violates the agreement and he gets jail. I don't think he would take this deal if he was prepared to go to jail for the orange menace. I'll trust the DOJ on this one


previouslyonimgur t1_iuvx0f1 wrote

And if he lies and is caught, he goes to jail.


zappy487 t1_iuvy58b wrote

Gets caught j-walking. Believe it or not, also jail.


Praesentius t1_iuw6184 wrote

What if he overcooks fish while testifying?


Roasted_Butt t1_iuw92w3 wrote

also jail


LustThyNeighbor t1_iuwcw5w wrote

That's also a-paddlin' as far as I know but I'm not a lawyer, I only played one in a critically-panned performance at our local community theater.


thewaldenpuddle t1_iuwfhds wrote

Misuses an aerosol can? Cuts the label off his mattress?

Oh…. the jeopardy he is truly in….


Zolome1977 t1_iuvxdow wrote

I know how immunity works, he is a bad witness to testify. He is a known liar, conman, all which can be used by the defense to paint a picture he is not a trustworthy witness. It doesn’t matter if he is telling the truth, his character is detriment.


DocPsychosis t1_iuvybjz wrote

It's a grand jury, there is no defense representation, just the prosecutor presenting evidence.


EffyewMoney t1_iuw2brj wrote

The fact that you have to explain this is why I've written and deleted about 5 comments this morning without ever submitting them.


slater_san t1_iuw8xlk wrote

Everyone involved is a piece of crap though


Zolome1977 t1_iuwcthk wrote

Yes but not all are a brown man. Let us not pretend his skin color will not skew people’s belief in what he says. Yes I’ll get downvoted but meh.


hoosakiwi OP t1_iuub844 wrote

It doesn't sound like there is an immunity agreement. Rather, it sounds as if the prosecutors granted him immunity in order to get a judge to compel him to testify.

He won't be able to claim the 5th anymore (like he did last month), but I don't think it will stop him from saying "I don't recall". Unsure how valuable his testimony will be...


usedtodreddit t1_iuufcrr wrote

Once given immunity for a Grand Jury, you no longer get to claim the 5th Amendment privilege and it becomes VERY easy to be found guilty of perjury if you aren't entirely truthful because the Grand Jury is going to also be seating any and every other person with knowledge of the same issues and if everyone's story don't match, someone's going to wind up doing time.

The real risk here, I fear, is he might somehow be able to pull a Oliver North and take blame for everything himself now that he can't get in trouble for it. Boy was that ever a shitshow and all it did is provide Reagan with "Plausible Deniability". I F'ing hate those words.


GhostFish t1_iuuz8no wrote

It's hard to imagine anyone this close to Trump having true loyalty to him.


PuellaBona t1_iuv549r wrote

Agreed, but they're so pretty to say. Plausible deniability.


ent4rent t1_iuud1zo wrote

If he doesn't spill beans, then he can't claim immunity when prosecutors obtain evidence independently. It's in his best interest to put everything on the table now


Wazula42 t1_iuupwyl wrote

Or he can just hold out until the next GOP president pardons him.


BowwwwBallll t1_iuuxv5a wrote

Two years is a long time to sit in prison for contempt.


Anneisabitch t1_iuvtse6 wrote

Nah, he’s judged correctly that the DOJ will wait and wait and wait and wait and finally start out slow and then slowly fade away. 2 years is nothing.


morpheousmarty t1_iuwp19y wrote

Yeah, that only works for Trumps. The campaign manager, Flynn, Bannon, Stone, the lawyer, all did not see their problems just fade away.


skaptastic t1_iuwlfbd wrote

this guy doesn’t seem the type to enjoy 730 days of watery meals.


Playos t1_iuufv49 wrote

If there isn't an immunity agreement, then there still isn't anything stopping prosecutors from obtaining evidence independently.


N8CCRG t1_iuulyjt wrote

I'm not sure I understand the difference.


chadenright t1_iuus84l wrote

The fifth amendment, once upon a time, prevented one from being compelled to incriminate oneself via testimony. However, that hasn't stopped courts from attempting to compel people to incriminate themselves anyhow, and the last-ditch line of defense against that is to simply be unable to remember any of the incriminating evidence you are being compelled to testify about.

If you aren't a big-wig politician with the pull to buy off a judge it generally results in contempt of court.


N8CCRG t1_iuuubzt wrote

That's not the part I found unclear. I meant the difference between "immunity agreement" and "granted immunity".


BowwwwBallll t1_iuuy5lt wrote

An immunity AGREEMENT can be very broad. The witness can agree that nothing in his testimony can incriminate him, OR that nothing that the government finds out as a result of his testimony can incriminate him. Which is a very nice deal.

Having immunity GRANTED can mean as little as no prosecution for the answers given in response to questioning, BUT, if the answers open an investigation into other illicit dealings independent of the actions about which the witness is questioned, the witness can and will be prosecuted for those.


RSquared t1_iuvwiyf wrote

A notable fuckup was a grant of immunity to Oliver North when testifying to Congress about Iran-Contra. He successfully overturned his conviction because the prosecution couldn't show that they absolutely didn't use his public testimony in preparing the ironclad case against him.

Another one is the medic who was supposed to testify against Eddie Gallagher, and was granted immunity, only to claim that he himself did the killing that Gallagher was accused of.


MinTock t1_iuv1gl4 wrote

Or a what does it really matter point. 🤷🏿‍♂️


aleph32 t1_iuuakeh wrote

He's still gung-ho for Trump. They just want to question him, particularly about his claims that Trump declassified the documents he was caught with. On Monday he said this:

> “I’m all in with the boss, and you know that,” Mr. Patel said. “First, I tell people, let’s win the midterms. And then let’s see what he does and, you know, you and I think I know what he’s going to do.


Eliju t1_iuub6d6 wrote

He wouldn't be granted immunity if he didn't do something illegal. They don't just hand out immunity. They catch a low level schmuck doing something minor, but illegal enough that he doesn't want to be prosecuted and wind up in jail, they tell him they'll make it go away if he can give them something to take the boss down and then he's granted immunity.


420ipblood t1_iuvpt3z wrote

Thanks for explaining this! Is water wet?


Reeleted t1_iuwwqqs wrote

Thanks for adding absolutely nothing to the conversation! Good job!


vexpopped t1_iuue6ey wrote

He is being given immunity in order to force him to testify without being able to claim the 5th amendment as he did the last time he testified, however they will be able to revoke that immunity if he lies to them and the DOJ already knows the answers.


VegasKL t1_iuxf0e7 wrote

Sounds like they set a trap for him. He's an idiot if he falls into it, but I like the odds.

If he lies and they have evidence he did, he screws himself. If he took the immunity so he could lie without pleading the fifth instead, he's an idiot.


Reddit-username_here t1_iuubie7 wrote

Without having committed a crime, and already willing to spill dirt, he wouldn't have immunity. Shit's about to get interesting!


spornerama t1_iuuqsac wrote

he's probably trying to avoid accidentally hanging himself or tripping and falling through an upstairs window before the trial


Cardboard_Connection t1_iuuhyes wrote

Kash Patel is trash and beyond corrupt.


rchart1010 t1_iuuu4wm wrote

Almost everyone in the trump administration was corrupt trash. Kash Patel was on an entirely different level.


geronimo1958 t1_iuuj3oz wrote

Watch him lie anyway. It is the republican way. Remember Ollie North.


billpalto t1_iuw6pxv wrote

As William Cohen (Republican Sec of Defense) said, "If I had even one of those documents at my home, I'd be in handcuffs already."


ACorania t1_iuxbqdz wrote

Soooo tired of all the Trump is a criminal stories... we know. None of it matters if we won't ever hold him accountable... it's not news until then.


Yarddogkodabear t1_iuubl48 wrote

If he purgers himself whilst under immunity what happens?


Hamwise420 t1_iuud9bx wrote

the immunity is contingent upon him being cooperative and truthful, if they can show he isn't then there is no immunity and they can prosecute for whatever other crime they may have him on.


invent_or_die t1_iuuqzwf wrote

And of course they don't have to tell him what they already know. It's a pretty clever trap.


CrashB111 t1_iuw9u5t wrote

Always assume the DoJ only asks questions they already know the answer to.


chalkoutlin3 t1_iuviku8 wrote

trump will use his presidential powers to pardon him…… of course


itsDEE4 t1_iuuxose wrote

How long until he is suicided?


Generalbuttnaked69 t1_iuuzdbu wrote

Never. Real life isn’t a John Grisham novel.


TurboSalsa t1_iuwdg83 wrote

Trump was already ranting this morning on some Newmax morning show that nobody watches that the system is rigged and the American people won't stand for holding him accountable. I think he knows it's about to go down.


Reeleted t1_iuwyiwb wrote

That's how you win even if you lose with his cult.


zenivinez t1_iuyt2n6 wrote

I wonder if that will matter in 5 days. I really don't like this deciding whether to continue being a democracy bullshit.


dasherchan t1_iuue3sp wrote

Time to jail the crook.


Teamnoq t1_iuvxtav wrote

I love how you get immunity, a pardon, a subpoena, or a lawsuit when you’re involved with Trump. It’s like being part of fight club or the Mafia.


charliedog8 t1_iuw1oel wrote

Trump lawyer: "He's a known liar. That's why Trump hired him." Checkmate. Next witness please....


justforthearticles20 t1_iux5egl wrote

Granted immunity. Will now testify that all illegal actions were his doing. Trump to he exonerated by his loyal lapdog Garland.


Slutdragonxxxpert t1_iuw6wal wrote

I hate immunity sometimes they get compromised and lie anyway and I know there are conditions but still.


picasso71 t1_iuxe0oe wrote

Immunity only shields from previous actions, usually limited to the scope of what's being investigated. Lieing under oath would be a future action, and not covered. In fact if the testimony is markedly different from what information was given during the investigation, I think the immunity can be revoked, and actually cause more legal troubles.


[deleted] t1_iuwlxk7 wrote



wiseoldfox t1_iuwxlnc wrote

I hate this little asshole. Hopefully he will get caught up in other crap headed Florida way.


Murgos- t1_iuvrsmz wrote

I don’t like this development. It means they don’t think they have ‘enough’ from other sources and need kash's testimony.

Kash likely should be in prison too.


katievspredator t1_iuvy1lg wrote

Literally every legal expert commenting on this says otherwise. You don't get deals like this until you're in the end game of an investigation and the investigators know what you know already. They don't offer immunity to find out what you're hiding, they offer immunity because they already know what you did and want the higher ups

The whole team of investigators working on this have specialties in dealing with the mob. They were hired specifically to flip people loyal to a crime boss. I think they know what they're doing


Murgos- t1_iuxonv5 wrote

Literally you don’t offer immunity if you don’t need to.


rchart1010 t1_iuzsqj4 wrote

>Kash likely should be in prison too.

He should be under a prison. That guy is the worst kind of news.


[deleted] t1_iuukc3s wrote



chadenright t1_iuuskxe wrote

He's still a dangerous traitor with a large following, I may get sick of hearing about him but at least I know where the backstabbing piece of dirt is.


Snuggle_Taco t1_iuw5i3s wrote

He is and has been posting EXTREMELY NON SUBTLE calls for violence against "the left".


Show_Me_Your_Cubes t1_iuwkxyw wrote

Nobody. Democracy hinges on holding leaders accountable for their actions, criminal or otherwise.


Reeleted t1_iuwz2ti wrote

This is literally a post about him. You come into a post about him, read about him, then cry because you're sick of reading about him. When aaaaallllll along, you could have just downvoted and moved on. Seems crazy to me.


Talumel t1_iuu6y4w wrote

Wouldn’t believe a word coming out of his lying mouth


yhwhx t1_iuumij0 wrote

Trump sure does hire some lying scum.


AugustHenceforth t1_iuw0o04 wrote

Trump's sole talent is finding utter filth as vile as he is to go along with his bullshit.

He's found at least 74,216,154