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Dangerous--D t1_ixnxjg6 wrote

> Voria Ghafouri, a former member of the national football team and once a captain of the Tehran club Esteghlal, has been outspoken in his defence of Iranian Kurds, telling the government on social media to stop killing Kurdish people. He has previously been detained for criticising the former Iranian foreign minister Javad Zarif.

> He recently tweeted: “Stop killing Kurdish people!!! Kurds are Iran itself … Killing Kurds is equal to killing Iran. If you are indifferent to the killing of people, you are not an Iranian and you are not even a human being … All tribes are from Iran. Do not kill people!!!”

I don't know jack shit about the situation with Iranian Kurds, but if it's anything like what it sounds, much respect to this man. I just wish that even a dozen players at this World Cup would have 1/10 of the balls that this guy has when it comes to disrespecting oppressive authoritarian regimes.


who-dee-knee1 t1_ixo7sgt wrote

Kurdistan is a nation left out of the map when Great Britain and France redrew the boundaries of the Middle East after WWI. It comprises parts of Iraq, Iran, Turkey, and Syria. In many regions, the Kurds very much have their own governing body, and they have since been trying to become a completely independent nation. Obviously authoritarian regimes like Iran and Saddam’s Iraqi government don’t like that, as they don’t want to give up any of their countries boundaries. Ghafouri doesn’t seem to be supporting Kurdish independence, just doesn’t want people being killed. Of course, Iran piece of shit officials are going to twist it as “spreading propaganda against the state,” which clearly it isn’t. Hoping for the safety and well-being of Ghafouri. 🙏


censored_username t1_ixov20c wrote

And not to forget, a bit reason why all of those countries don't want to give up that land is that the area kurdistan would cover is very rich in oil.


DaoFerret t1_ixp2z6j wrote

Also worth mentioning that the Kurds in Afghanistan had been faithful Allies to the US … till Trump pulled troops back and let Turkey attack them:


Arcadess t1_ixpmmz5 wrote

>Also worth mentioning that the Kurds in Afghanistan

I know what you meant, but those Kurds live in Syria.
Kurdistan is a region at the borders of Iraq, Iran, Syria and Turkey.


Krillin113 t1_ixpw7fm wrote

Countries in general don’t want to give up territories because it opens up an insane can of worms. Also if Kurdistan were to United, there’d be insane civil war; Iraqi, Iranian, Turkish and Syrian Kurds vary significantly


Desmaad t1_ixowqel wrote

Dissent is treachery to those types, anyway.


souquemsabes t1_ixpvuwf wrote

Don´t forget Erdogan from Turkey, a Kurd hater since long time ago...


maybeex t1_ixq49pr wrote

Kurds in Turkey and Iraq are allies of Erdogan. Half of the Kurds in Turkey vote for him.


souquemsabes t1_ixqfc5l wrote


However, history tells us that:

Turkish-Kurdish conflict or Kurdish rebellions in Turkey refer to the nationalist struggles of Kurds in Turkey, beginning after the Turkish War of Independence and the consequent transition from the Ottoman Empire to the modern Turkish state.
According to Turkish military records, Kurdish rebellions have been taking place in Anatolia for over two centuries.

Although Kurdish tribal uprisings ended the Ottoman Empire over the last few decades of its existence, the conflict in its modern phase is considered to have started in 1922, with the rise of Kurdish nationalism paralleling the formation of the modern state. from Turkey.

In 1925, an uprising for an independent Kurdistan, led by Sheikh Said Piran, was quickly suppressed, and Said and his followers were executed soon after. Several other large-scale Kurdish revolts took place in Ararat and Dersim in 1930 and 1937.The British consul in Trebizond, Dersim's closest diplomatic post, spoke of the brutal and indiscriminate violence and pointed to an explicit comparison with the Armenian massacres of 1915. "Thousands of Kurds," he wrote, "including women and children, were killed, others, mostly children, were thrown into the Euphrates, while thousands of others in less hostile areas, who had first been deprived of their livestock and other belongings, were deported to vilayets (provinces) in Central Anatolia. Kurdish question no longer exists in Turkey".
Kurds accuse successive Turkish governments of suppressing their identity through means such as banning the Kurdish language in print and media.

Atatürk believed that the unity and stability of a country lay in a unitary political identity, relegating cultural and ethnic distinctions to the private sphere. However, many Kurds have not renounced their identities and language.

Full-scale armed conflict between the Turkish armed forces and the Kurdistan Workers' Party (PKK) would occur throughout the 1980s and 1990s, leaving over 35,000 dead. Recent actions by the Turkish government have provided Kurds with limited rights and freedoms, particularly with regard to the Kurdish language, education and media. Kurdish politicians and activists still face pressure. (source: wikipedia).

Best regards.


maybeex t1_ixr4p06 wrote

My comment is that, Erdogan is not and was never a Kurd hater, he is an Islamist and sees kurds as their muslim brothers and allies to create an Islamic Emirate in Turkey.

He also loves Sexh Said and mentions it in their election propaganda also the grandson of Said is a parliamentarian in Erdogans party.

There are many kurds outside of pkk and they are not all the same. Most of them are supporting Erdogan and his fundamentalist ideology. Pkk leader Ocalan even asked for his supporters to vote for Erdogan. Peshmerge and Erdogan are doing business openly selling Kurdish oil to other countries. Only way for Kurds to have a solution on self determination lies in democratic Turkey and it looks that wont happen soon.


onemany t1_ixofd2e wrote

Iran is def going to host the next world cup. They check a lot of boxes, human rights abuses, misogyny, anti LGBT+.


narium t1_ixohs28 wrote

Next world cup is in USA/Canada/Mexico. Iran won't have a chance for the world cup until 2034.


Traditional_Wear1992 t1_ixnz444 wrote

Got to have these people with platforms stand up so people might learn. Sadly in the US this guy would probably have been hated and lost any shot at play soccer again for doing this, just look at how Kaepernick got treated for what I would say is being even more respectful by just kneeling during the anthem:/


Dangerous--D t1_ixnzemy wrote

>Sadly in the US this guy would probably have been hated and lost any shot at play soccer again for doing this

Not a chance. Soccer fandom isn't like football fandom here, how did Seattle and Portland fans react when they were told to stop with the iron front stuff? You see rainbow stuff all over various MLS subcultures, and a wide support base for just about all human rights causes.


systemfrown t1_ixx2t55 wrote

Well I think the whole team had sufficient balls to silent protest the regime on the current upheaval. I’m concerned they’ll pay a price when they return.


aLiNaZeR_official t1_ixozm4g wrote

Kurds are separatists.


Dangerous--D t1_ixozrta wrote

If they're being killed for it I kinda understand why...


aLiNaZeR_official t1_ixp0nvo wrote

About 50 years ago, kurds invaded some states of iran's west(khoozestan and kermanshah) and killed about 100,000 of native people, then escaped to iraq. They dont want to be free. Just want some space enough to build a country and stop iran's development.


RecklessTRexDriver t1_ixpjgve wrote

>...and stop iran's development.

Then why does the Iranian regime hate them so much? They seem to want the same thing then


Krillin113 t1_ixpwas5 wrote

You’re responding to a year old account with 300 karma who’s suddenly compelled to spread stuff online. Those accounts are bad faith actors


RecklessTRexDriver t1_ixpyljf wrote

Yeah I'm aware, it's just funny how delusional they are (and think others are)


Krillin113 t1_ixpyod5 wrote

They’re not delusional; they’re getting paid to do this.


aLiNaZeR_official t1_ixpvpyg wrote

They're hated because they're responsible for civil lives in recent protests.


RecklessTRexDriver t1_ixpyn04 wrote

They are responsible for the police and army shooting civilians? Explain that one to me, chief


aLiNaZeR_official t1_ixq5t3z wrote

Its a powerful work. First, you have to find somewhere crowded, then neutralize a innocent protester, then say: "police killed him" I'm sad for mahsa amini too


ButtMilkyCereal t1_ixqh22f wrote

Justifying wholesale murder by saying a group of peoples grandparents did something wrong isn't a great look, y'know? Maybe stop with the genocide apologia.


Hizjyayvu t1_ixo1dsg wrote

Put some respect on this man's name. My goodness there's some brave Iranians.


coolmint859 t1_ixosdka wrote

This is what it looks like when you don't have the right to free speech.


UptownShenanigans t1_ixoyg62 wrote

>“Some people, who benefit from the country’s peace and security, enjoying their jobs and their favourite sports, bite the hand that feeds them”

It must be absolutely terrifying to live in a place where you’re only ever allowed to be thankful to “the hand that feeds you” when it’s also strangling to death women and minorities


Enshakushanna t1_ixo9l1g wrote

yup, everyone saw this from a mile away

jack ma thought he was safe too


tang4685 t1_ixomtl1 wrote

What a courageous man.


Freexscsa t1_ixnvlac wrote

That's not in the holiday spirit.


Bitter_Director1231 t1_ixq5do1 wrote

This man should be applauded for his defiance. Iran needs a revolution and overthrow of their government. Period. They will never survive at this rate if they don't.


Clint101b t1_ixps6c6 wrote

fFs can someone get rid of the Iranian shitheads in power once and for all


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lis_roun t1_ixofeb0 wrote

I think the Kurds would prefer if Iran just left them alone


KilgoreTroutPfc t1_ixpmvgf wrote

I wonder how many people who find this to be an outrage are the same people that also say about America, “I’m all for free speech and everything, but maybe we should ban speech that I don’t agree with or find offensive. I mean, people could get hurt ya know!”


2020IsANightmare t1_ixoig6e wrote

Real football or the foot kick flop game normal people call soccer?