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Actual_Dinner_5977 t1_iuves89 wrote

To be fair, my ICBMs don't work either, so who am I to criticize?


charmbrood OP t1_iuveuqd wrote

Are you constipated?


Actual_Dinner_5977 t1_iuvf1s8 wrote

You'll have to speak with my public affairs officer about that question. I'm not ready to confirm or deny the existence of a bowel movement yet.


igneousink t1_iuvggw1 wrote

i think they make medication for inter cuntinental ballistic missiles that don't work?


008Zulu t1_iuviwu1 wrote

Performance issues, are not uncommon. 4 out 5 dictators often experience failure to launch.


44moon t1_iuvl09o wrote

however if it's in flight for more than 4 hours, you should seek medical help immediately


Initial_Umpire3913 t1_iuvg6o7 wrote

At the moment this is my biggest concern in regards to NK, one of these hunks of junk sputtering out over Tokyo and forcing us into open conflict when it takes out some densely packed apartment complex.

They have to realize they’re saber rattling with a broken sword? Even a few successful test doesn’t change that fact in this game.

Now that’s also just my most pressing concern at the moment, there’s a virtual cornucopia of other dumb shit they do and could do to further destabilize the situation.


moiraio t1_iuvwn3n wrote

I saw this info posted last time but apparently in terms of where they're situation geographically they have to fire missiles over japan to test them long range, so they try their best to go over the narrowest parts of Japan (obviously we're still rightfully pissed off though)


ivytea t1_iuw4psq wrote

Why not shoot north and land in China? /s


IamSauerKraut t1_iuwemqq wrote

They could launch a few to the NE into the Sea of Okhotsk. Or, Japan could set up a site north of Sapporo and fire a few off Nampo.


S_K_Y t1_iuvucdd wrote

All it takes is 1 of their missiles to land in the wrong spot and cause international casualties then they're gonna get spanked.


CritaCorn t1_iuvwz2u wrote

Pretty soon NK will run out of effective rocketry and be forced to use that stupid looking rocket that flat earther died in...


Callabrantus t1_iuwg3iq wrote

Maybe the missing rocket went over the edge of the planet.


GoatSculpture t1_iuwk60p wrote

So when North Korea launches a missle into the ocean does anybody check the debris to make sure they are not just dumping toxic waste or other harmful chemicals?


traegeryyc t1_iuwpafc wrote

I bet someone is recovering them to determine their technology and efficacy.


riftwave77 t1_iuxos7d wrote

I'm sure that there is a race for debris. Can get intelligence on how the rockets are assembled from looking at parts


brihamedit t1_iuwcbfo wrote

May be other rogue parties telling nk to showcase missiles before buying them. That's why nk doing these tests? May be other parties trying to practice how to neutralize them.


WickerofJack t1_iuwxok3 wrote

You’re welcome. Continue on with your day.


Riop420 t1_iuxh5cx wrote

I've a theory that we just shoot them down with lasers.