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chrispybobispy t1_iy8g7za wrote

I'm all for ripping on Texas but this is just them following epa procedure correctly. Mechanical fails happen anywhere, anytime a watersystem is depresurrized a boil water advisory is put in place until bacterial tests are taken and come back clean and has nothing to do with what's in the water itself.


conker1264 t1_iy95uih wrote

Yeah they sent the notice hours after it happened because they weren’t even sure it needed a notice at first because it was for such a short amount of time. But the notice can’t be removed for 24 hours legally. This was nothing but a precaution


CertifiedWarlock t1_iy8zmik wrote

This shit happens all the time where I live in NY. Nasty brown water is also quite common.


Coarch t1_iy8hp7n wrote

Was this the case in Texas?


ughhhhh420 t1_iy8kqin wrote

Yes. A transformer blew at the city's main water plant, which was replaced within a few hours. No one probably would have noticed or cared about the boil water advisory, which is an EPA mandated thing, but for the fact that so many people on the internet are desperate to show how their political party is good and the other party is evil.

Which is particularly idiotic in this case because Houston has been run by democrats for at least 7 years and this is an entirely local issue.


Rbespinosa13 t1_iy8n0dm wrote

Yah I had something like this happen in my dorm in college. Shit happens and the fact that a boil water advisory was put out is a good thing. It shows that these issues are caught quickly, the public gets notified ASAP, and that things can get back to normal quickly. I’d prefer that over “oh shit, it’s been like this all day and we just found out”


PM_ME_GLUTE_SPREAD t1_iy8udip wrote

A boil water advisory is required any time pressure drops below 30 psi as per the EPA. Any state requirements supersede that as long as they are <30. My state, for instance, puts their minimum psi at 20.

99% of the time, when we have a main break, everything comes back fine and safe, but we are required to issue the boil water notice.

It takes 2-3 days to get the bact results back, depending on how busy the lab we use is. But in most cases, it’s completely fine.

Edit: I actually had it backwards. The EPA minimum is 20 psi. My states is 30 psi.


_dinoLaser_ t1_iyaw51g wrote

Houstonian here. There’s only been two Republican mayors in the city’s history, and the last one ended his term in 1982.

A transformer blew, and then the backup transformer blew. It’s fishy, and everyone here is pretty cranky and suspicious about it, but this had nothing to do with the state’s power grid.


silicon1 t1_iy97cad wrote

I think Texas has shown us over the past years that they aren't proactive in preventing utility failures or even winterizing them properly but i'm sure it's just political right?


bigboilerdawg t1_iy9hebl wrote

Both the main transformer and the backup transformer blew. How exactly could the water plant be more "proactive"? The point of having the backup is that you can use the main transformer for it's full service life, and replace it when it actually fails. This was a freak occurrence.


Izzo t1_iy8bc54 wrote

Texas: The one star state.


TheChinchilla914 t1_iy98ni5 wrote

You know who operates municipal water supplies right?

*hint it's the municipality


TheGalator t1_iy9oqfk wrote

Tell me u didn't read the article without saying u didn't read the article


Marthaver1 t1_iy8rydd wrote

Houston is a progressive city. It’s just a city, so it can’t do a lot to distance itself from the backwards right wing extremists that control the state. Maybe in 15 years we can see a state wide change. Sooner or later, those new borns with Mexican heritage will be eligible to vote, not all will vote for progress but the majority will. It is really, a matter of time and getting people to register and vote.


AmericanScream t1_iyd6x9a wrote

>Houston is a progressive city.

So who's idea was it to have privatized toll roads all throughout the city?


[deleted] t1_iy8gkyr wrote



BabyEatingFox t1_iy9u8z1 wrote

Texas is “unfree” because Marijuana isn’t legal? There’s a lot more to it than whether or not you can get some weed lol


specialopps t1_iyac0ae wrote

Uh, I’m guessing you’ve never checked out the actual statistics of this city. We’re a blue, progressive one. We may not be Austin, but we aren’t some uneducated, back alley small town suffering from widespread incompetence. While it may have been aggravating, this went on longer than normal because they were following the EPA guidelines.

On a more amusing note, when Ted Cruz ran off to Cancun during the freeze, a mariachi band came to serenade him upon his return. Yes, we know where he lives. He comes here to vote, and that’s about it.


carpediem6792 t1_iy8cp6p wrote

That's their goal. Right now all the really got is a penant with their dream on it.


emoney_gotnomoney t1_iy8gn7l wrote

Given these comments, it’s pretty evident most people did not read the article lol


Thetimmybaby t1_iy8a6v0 wrote

Texas just really thriving under Abbott.


Rbespinosa13 t1_iy8n3xs wrote

This shit happens everywhere. Like yah we have a lot of reasons to dunk on Abbott, but this is a typical infrastructure issue that happens


[deleted] t1_iy9a2yt wrote



jhnhines t1_iy9bmtm wrote

Houston is a big blue city and the water plant is run by the city and not the state. Not that it even matters, mechanical failures happen in every state and everywhere has transformers that blow.


YogurtclosetNo3049 t1_iy9axg9 wrote

I work in Detroit and we get notified of a boil water advisory there once or twice a year.


Deified t1_iy9dvi0 wrote

You cannot possibly be using Michigan, with the most famous case of unclean tap water in modern history, as better than Texas in this regard, right?


carpediem6792 t1_iy9eosj wrote

One city, vs. The SECOND largest state.

Try again.

We have glacial springs feeding my munii systems water, not recycled sewage.


SirStrontium t1_iy9ik24 wrote

Houston is also one city. Did you think the entire state of Texas had a boil water order?


drewskibfd t1_iy8fbrq wrote

Texans outside of Houston see it as a Democrat run city, so anything bad that happens is "proof" that Democrats can't do anything right.


bigboilerdawg t1_iy90g27 wrote

The water plant IS run by the city of Houston. And it was fixed in 24 hours, and there is no contamination in the water. This story is a nothing burger.


LSHDnato t1_iy8agnn wrote

So is California under Newsom.


bigbabyb t1_iy8bifm wrote

It is tho, California owns and he’s crushing NIMBYs and they’re about to be making insulin


LSHDnato t1_iy8ccve wrote

Rofl ok how much of your tax dollars? Wonder why more people are moving out then in to California


scuzzymcgee t1_iy8co3f wrote

Those people are poors. Shouldn't you be cutting down trees for heat? Winter is coming


LSHDnato t1_iy8cz0h wrote

People are too poor to buy 7 dollars a gallon of gas and sky rocketing crime... good one.. and no I don't have to.. I live in Florida which was one of the most states people moved to.


scuzzymcgee t1_iy8er2s wrote

My gas is 430, crime is increasing everywhere. Stop basing your opinions off Grandma's Facebook posts.


LSHDnato t1_iy8f2ds wrote

Lol crime is increasing at the rate of California? Why are shops closing up in San Francisco and LA? it's a cesspool.


scuzzymcgee t1_iy8fsil wrote

LA sure. Have you ever left Florida have you been to California?


ThePurplePanzy t1_iy8dmtl wrote

Fellow Floridian here, how you enjoying your home insurance rates?


LSHDnato t1_iy8duav wrote

Better than california. That's why people are moving here from California.. as the person in the first comment said... those people are poor if they can't afford it.


ThePurplePanzy t1_iy8e4nu wrote

People are moving from California to Florida because they prefer our home insurance crisis?


LSHDnato t1_iy8ehb6 wrote

Cheap gas. Cheap everything. No income tax. Over 400k people moved here what do you expect? Move to California if it's cheaper and they have no "crisis"


ThePurplePanzy t1_iy8f73q wrote

Explain to me why the gas is cheaper here, because I seriously doubt you understand it in any form. Start with this simple question: how does California get its gas compared to Florida?

And no, people didn't move because it's cheaper. They moved because of lax pandemic restrictions. If people were just generally moving here because it is cheap, you would see red and blue both coming, but that's not what's happening. There's some other factors like a growing tech industry in Miami, but its mostly COVID restrictions.

And yeah, no income tax is nice. Florida has had that for forever though and it isn't tied to why people are currently moving.

Cali is currently running at a surplus, so it's not like they are fiscally drowning.


LSHDnato t1_iy8fbye wrote

So then move out of the state. Go to California if it's so much better.


ThePurplePanzy t1_iy8g85l wrote

Ah yes, the classic: "just move!".

Let me ring up all my family and see if I can coordinate a mass move. We stay here due to both my wife and I having family close. I'll have to get my employer to agree to a relocation away from the state I specialize in. After that I will need to sell my house while coordinating the move of a dog, cats, and chickens. My kids will have to say goodbye their friends and school.

Like bro, if I could freely move, I wouldn't be living in this country lol.


RobWallStreet t1_iy8gqwf wrote

The majority of people leaving reported an annual income of less than $100,000, while the state has seen an influx of those making $100,000 and more

Poor people are leaving California while wealthy are moving in…


GogetaSama420 t1_iy8kub6 wrote

You realize overall cost of living in Cali is cheaper than Texas ?


LSHDnato t1_iy8kxll wrote

Rofl that's why people are moving out than moving in


GogetaSama420 t1_iy8l54v wrote

the Covid migration is over, you need to keep the fuck up buddy


LSHDnato t1_iy8l8hm wrote

More people are moving out of Texas and into California? Rofl okay sure buddy


GogetaSama420 t1_iy8larc wrote

Click the link and burst ya bubble.


LSHDnato t1_iy8lhe3 wrote

Lol sure lol how mad are you? How many new residents in Texas from Cali rofl


GogetaSama420 t1_iy8ll9e wrote

I’m chillin dude but you apparently prefer feelings over facts 💀


LSHDnato t1_iy8lvlv wrote

More People are moving out of California than moving in. Post or pre covid.. have fun with your high taxes and 6 dollars for gas... facts Broooo


GogetaSama420 t1_iy8m8mp wrote

Lol $6 my ass 💀 and by the way I’m in Florida, yanno, the place where it’s become the most expensive place to live (higher than cali) because of home insurance exodus, rising rent and a dumb fuck governor who completely ignores these problems


LSHDnato t1_iy8mjhq wrote

Move to cali then. It's much better.


MycoJoe t1_iy8d4um wrote

CA did just become the world's 4th largest economy, overtaking Germany. They even beat out Texas' joblessness rate.

>Still, with just 40 million people, the California economy is punching above its weight on the world stage. Job creation is a particularly strong area, with unemployment falling to 3.9% in July, the lowest since data was compiled in 1976, before rising to 4.1% in August. The gap separating the state from the US national rate of 3.5% is the narrowest since August 2021 and for the first time since 2006, California's joblessness dipped below Texas (the largest two states for non-farm payrolls).


LSHDnato t1_iy8dlrf wrote

Over 300,000 people moved out of the state last year.. have fun paying 7-8 dollars for gas


RobWallStreet t1_iy8f49i wrote

Ya poor people moved out.. And plenty moved in..

Worlds 4th largest economy… not in the country.. The Worlds 4th largest economy.


Ediscovery_PMP t1_iy8fnsw wrote

Lmao, imagine having to boil water and heat your home with literal coals and still screeching lies about how bad CA is.

Keep this shit in your outhouse. Or did y’all somehow fuck those up, too?


RobWallStreet t1_iy8pl5b wrote

Growing up back east I was raised that a earthquake was gonna separate California from the US and it was gonna float away…

When I told my family and friends that I’m selling everything and moving to California they thought I was crazy.. “your crazy, your gonna get killed, what are you gonna do? Fires, earthquakes!! Ahhh” you’ll be back..

20+ years here and I have some incredible opportunities that would have never happened anywhere else… I came here with legit nothing, and have an entire world to show for it. (Homes,cars, kids, businesses,)

My friends and family I still talk to are back home still doing the same shit they were when I left…

I have always thought, they were the crazy ones continuing to go through the same shit instead of taking a chance on something new..

At the end of the day, now I pray that California will break off an float away, as long Vegas can come with us. 🫶


MycoJoe t1_iy8eyk7 wrote

> Have fun paying 7-8 dollars for gas

Even at the height of the oil price spike gas was not $7-8. The average around CA is about $5, but even here in LA county I haven't paid that much per gallon in months.


ColdSheepherder t1_iyajis8 wrote

Sure, but as a Californian, did you factor in the cost of you having to buy waders to swim through a sea of dirty gov-supplied drug needles to the gas pump, the the dozens of homeless drug addicts surrounding the pump that you are required by law to give your money to, and the cost of your legislated penis removal in order to buy gas while someone yells at you for being white? /s, but I mean consider the type of drooling moron you are replying to lol.


ketseki t1_iy8hjr8 wrote

40 million people in the state and they should give a shit about less than 1% leaving? That sounds like less than expected after the mass exodus from cities during and after covid.


RobWallStreet t1_iy8uoc7 wrote

I would like to point out.

California 40 million people - 97,437 covid deaths

Florida 22 million people - 82,875 covid deaths

So California has 18 million more people but only had 14,562 more deaths..

So maybe relocating due to the fact that some states didn’t take a global pandemic seriously may not be the best way to gage where to move.

But they are correct, the gas is a $1 cheaper…


Khaibit t1_iy8if16 wrote

> Over 300,000 people moved out of the state last year

How many moved in?


Ok_Marionberry_9932 t1_iy93abr wrote

This is a picture of typical over reaction. This time of year a person might normally drink one or two bottles of water.


Z010011010 t1_iy9wila wrote

The caption says that he feared "that by tomorrow people would be buying up all the available water."

So, he didn't even need it. He just wanted it incase other people panicked like he did.

These fucking people...


Nervous-Ear-8594 t1_iyaxgxs wrote

Literally boiling water is cheaper and this guy is buying a whole grocery cart full of water bottles. I seriously hate this mentality. That guy is going to use that for drinking and his laundry and cooking and watering his lawn I bet, while someone who really needs it and doesn’t have a place to live is going to be fucked.

Boiling water is soooo hard to do. /s


beauz44 t1_iy9ls5u wrote

This shit happens all the time here in Houston. Pretty wild.


allonzeeLV t1_iyaihp9 wrote

Keep cutting taxes on wealthy business interests Texas, they love setting up shop where their staff can't even drink the water without being poisoned. /s

We can either live in a society, or we can keep funneling pretty much all the capital to a handful of greedy sociopaths who would set the country on fire if it netted them an extra dollar. We'll choose the latter, because apparently too many of us drank our owner's Kool-aid.


doughnutwardenclyffe t1_iyaxhag wrote

lol living in texas is a joke, it's like infrastructure/energy trouble year round. Wth is all the energy bills for? Rich men pockets?


ekaceerf t1_iybjlzq wrote

Just a few more decades of Republican control, that'll fix it!


notasrelevant t1_iybm0xq wrote

Texas has its issues, sure, but this was a small failure that was fixed in a short window. The boil notice is issued by default when such issues occur until tests could be completed to confirm the water is safe. The water was tested to be safe and the notice was cancelled.

This kind of thing could happen anywhere. Proper protocols were followed and everything was remedied in a timely manner and there was basically no impact on the people living there. It's not like this was remotely close to something like the Flint water issues or the more recent Jackson issues.


chris_ut t1_iy99ycq wrote

Cruz has booked a return flight so all is well.


Bywater t1_iy8m5rt wrote

We did no power and freezing, now dysentery? What is this some new take on Oregon Trail or something?


No-Dance-797 t1_iy8n8g1 wrote

Texas lolololoo what a shithole.


somewhatfriendlyuser t1_iy8fmv0 wrote

Is Texas still part of 21st century America or has it gone back in time?


Loeden t1_iy8oolc wrote

I'm not fan of Texas (the one star state lol) but it was a blown transformer (which is a thing that happens everywhere) which was promptly replaced and the boil order was following EPA guidelines to keep people safe. It's not like the grid disaster. People need to read the article.


bigboilerdawg t1_iy8zu39 wrote

There was a boil order in Odessa a few months back, and everyone on this site was blaming Abbot and the grid. It was a broken pipe.


Loeden t1_iy9dx1z wrote

Come to think of it I vaguely remember commenting something similar on a thread about it back then lol. Ah jeez guys.


carpediem6792 t1_iy8ckqp wrote

If only there were some way to bloated the failing third-world grid in texass.

Maybe Mexico will help.


bigboilerdawg t1_iy8zib7 wrote

What particular grid are you referring to? Because there was no issue with the electrical grid.


carpediem6792 t1_iy906bn wrote

The entire Texan infrastructure is third world.


emoney_gotnomoney t1_iy98qtf wrote

The state of Texas alone would be the 11th highest country in the world in terms of total energy production


Peoplegottabefree t1_iy8e0e8 wrote

Hey Texas, are you tired of losing yet ? Seems as though pride is making you guys a third world country, perhaps the answer lies in removing the idiots running your poorly run state.