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Izzo t1_iy8bc54 wrote

Texas: The one star state.


TheChinchilla914 t1_iy98ni5 wrote

You know who operates municipal water supplies right?

*hint it's the municipality


TheGalator t1_iy9oqfk wrote

Tell me u didn't read the article without saying u didn't read the article


Marthaver1 t1_iy8rydd wrote

Houston is a progressive city. It’s just a city, so it can’t do a lot to distance itself from the backwards right wing extremists that control the state. Maybe in 15 years we can see a state wide change. Sooner or later, those new borns with Mexican heritage will be eligible to vote, not all will vote for progress but the majority will. It is really, a matter of time and getting people to register and vote.


AmericanScream t1_iyd6x9a wrote

>Houston is a progressive city.

So who's idea was it to have privatized toll roads all throughout the city?


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BabyEatingFox t1_iy9u8z1 wrote

Texas is “unfree” because Marijuana isn’t legal? There’s a lot more to it than whether or not you can get some weed lol


specialopps t1_iyac0ae wrote

Uh, I’m guessing you’ve never checked out the actual statistics of this city. We’re a blue, progressive one. We may not be Austin, but we aren’t some uneducated, back alley small town suffering from widespread incompetence. While it may have been aggravating, this went on longer than normal because they were following the EPA guidelines.

On a more amusing note, when Ted Cruz ran off to Cancun during the freeze, a mariachi band came to serenade him upon his return. Yes, we know where he lives. He comes here to vote, and that’s about it.


carpediem6792 t1_iy8cp6p wrote

That's their goal. Right now all the really got is a penant with their dream on it.