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mcbelisle t1_ixuxfpr wrote

How does someone remember something 5 years ago?


lilhalfdead_ t1_ixv2e38 wrote

i was sexually abused repeatedly as a kid and didn’t remember for ~15 years until it all came back in my traumatized brain. Wild.


DownvoteDaemon t1_ixyxv5d wrote

This thread is wild with these comments bro. No empathy for women who had trauma.


Anonuser123abc t1_ixvbzrx wrote

You must have the world's worst memory.


mcbelisle t1_ixvjpqa wrote

I have terrible anxiety over tons of bad mistakes but i block them


IllllIIIllllIl t1_ixw2tdl wrote

Well that sounds like a very specific ‘you’ problem and not something to reasonably expect of the entire rest of the world.


mcbelisle t1_ixw3k25 wrote

Its the same thing


Lubadbitches t1_ixwt535 wrote

If you have blocked the memories of your bad mistakes, you wouldn’t have anxiety about them.

Telling a man/woman to “block the memory” of sexual misconduct is insanely insensitive and a straight up Asperger’s thing to say. It wasn’t a mistake they made, they had no control over whether it happened or not.


mcbelisle t1_ixx0epb wrote

You would too. Its called brain fog. I live with it all my life. I have no motivation to do anything except to watch tv or go online. And i was diagnosed with aspergers. Had an issue yesterday where previously i had used my phone for 2fa on 1 account but lost access to email so created another. So cant use service. I cant let it bother me.


itsajaguar t1_ixvbigg wrote

I remember a ton of things from 5 years ago and none of them were something as memorable as me being assaulted.


devioushooker t1_ixvz6d3 wrote

How does one get downvotes for typing what you tope?