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craiger_123 t1_iy6evnv wrote

A local fishing boat near Puerto Peñasco found Kim’s body Sunday in the Gulf of California, according to a verified GoFundMe page established to raise funds to aid the search for Kim and her husband, Corey Allen.


se7en41 t1_iy6n9sk wrote

I was actually rescued by a fishing boat in Puerto Peñasco about a decade ago. My cousin and I had tipped a jet ski, and we didn't realize that the tide had started washing us out.

45 minutes later, we looked up and were almost a mile out. The last fishing boat of the weekend finally stopped, and he told us that all the other boats thought we were just playing around.

It was the last boat. I haven't been on a jet ski in the ocean since.


Frozenwood1776 t1_iyarrs2 wrote

Holy shit how terrifying. They probably would have realized the jet ski wasn’t returned but who knows if they would have found you.


maralagosinkhole t1_iy9ynan wrote

So the headline should read "Missing US professor found dead during fishing trip."


akwafunk t1_iy80oi1 wrote

We picked up a couple of kayakers one time. They were basically in a sound about to be carried out into the Atlantic by an outgoing tide. They had tried waving down several power boaters, none of whom had stopped to help. We were on our sailboat, but we scooped ‘em up. They were hypothermic and lost and had no idea that they were basically in the ocean when we grabbed them. The ocean don’t play.


andre2142 t1_iy7011h wrote

Damn i wonder how they went out. First got pulled into wide open water? Then waves got aggressive? You're on a floating device, how are you found drowned?

I lost two friends in a kayaking accident in WA back on '15 as well, but the waters there are just mean. It's something that i always wondered though, the how.


utti t1_iy79pyc wrote

If they were kayaking somewhere with rough waves, then most likely it's the type of kayak with a skirt - which is this rubber apron you wear that seals your seat opening so no water gets in. This however means that if you capsize, you have to immediately yank the skirt off the kayak or else you're stuck in the kayak underwater upside down. If the waves are really rough or you panic, then that can be disaster. If the kayak has no skirt, it's most likely narrower and easier to capsize. If both people fall out it's incredibly hard to flip the kayak back over by themselves and get back inside. And again, rough waves would be disaster if they push you away from the kayak.


wobbly-cheese t1_iy6j8n6 wrote

you would thing english classes would be non optional for journalism folks. subject makes it sound like it was some weekend at bernies outing


maralagosinkhole t1_iy9yvf9 wrote

I thought some family who was out kayaking found him. Seriously bad title.


Igoos99 t1_iyavj52 wrote

Egads, you are right. 🫣

(I already was familiar with the story so interpreted it correctly but, yikes!!)


Igoos99 t1_iyav6yq wrote

Take home message: kayaking is no joke. Looks all simple and fun but it can be really dangerous.

I feel awful for their kids. They just lost not just one but both of their parents. ☹️


MeasureTheCrater t1_iy6k8fl wrote

"I wouldn't say he's missing anymore, Bob."