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Yousoggyyojimbo t1_ixtxdfw wrote

Doing Black Friday throughout the whole week is awesome. I hope we continue to eliminate the opportunities for people to trample over each other just to buy shiny new shit.


Safety_Drance t1_ixu0e9o wrote

But it's all just items with no discounts, just inflated prices brought back to over their usual price with "sales."

They just upped the price and then crossed that price out and brought it "down" to over what the original price was to begin with.


CohlN t1_ixu4zzd wrote

i think it depends on what you’re looking for and where you get it

i found some good deals (decently lower than MSRP)


killa_cam89 t1_ixuixrb wrote

There are definitely some good deals out there. But I also saw the Nintendo Switch for $300 and went wait isn't it always $300.


BlueShire_Ace t1_ixujqwu wrote

Nintendo products rarely go on sale.


Mizral t1_ixuoy0v wrote

Yeah I'll be buying a switch and some games tomorrow, lowest prices I've ever seen on the console.


Aleashed t1_ixw0bhb wrote

They can’t advertise or sell Switch for less than MSRP. Best they can do is bundle other stuff you likely don’t need or want to increase the “value”

It’s stupid, I just bought an used Switch for $250.


arms98 t1_ixvgqoo wrote

Generally the best you get on black friday are bundle deals


Ipokeyoumuch t1_ixuotcp wrote

I mean it is Nintendo. Their products rarely go on sale and when it comes to consoles it is extremely rare to have a price drop. However, many stores will add a game or two to sweeten the pot, especially during holiday season.


Cactuszach t1_ixuyecr wrote

You got Mario Kart for free in the holiday bundle, so still a deal.


some_onions t1_ixy6awq wrote

The Switch is very overpriced and outdated at this point. $300 for a console built on 2015 smartphone parts. There hasn't been a price drop or significant hardware revision (in terms of processing power) in the entire 6 years since it's release. At this point you're better off waiting for the Switch's successor. Or better yet, you could put that $300 towards a PC and emulate Switch games at 4k 60fps (a better experience than the actual console).


Skarth t1_ixzu7wp wrote

Outdated doesn't mean anything for a games console. You buy it for the games, not the hardware.


stinkbonesjones t1_ixu1aay wrote

Thank you. Is anyone really buying this bullshit?


lordenki40 t1_ixu1mkg wrote

Nope, I'll have nothing to do with misrepresented values and obvious price fixing when they all go into it together.


NextTrillion t1_ixuac2c wrote

I found some of the best deals I’ve seen in 5 years easily. Lots of good stuff out there. Companies need to clear it out. Possibly they’re significantly overstocked?

Still, no way I’d be so cynical after seeing the deals I got.


P4_Brotagonist t1_iy3p8gx wrote

Lots of companies aren't "clearing out" anything anymore. Heck many companies actually mass produce inferior versions of their current products to sell just on black Friday


-Fastway- t1_ixu6tww wrote

So I take it you make your own food, clothing and appliances?


pegothejerk t1_ixu9il1 wrote

What are you talking about, that’s what kids are for


GWS2004 t1_ixurlj5 wrote

The point is to not buy "just to buy".


-Fastway- t1_ixut80d wrote

Some people buy because they believe it's the cheapest time of the year to buy. Others buy to resell throughout the year to make a profit.


GreenOnionCrusader t1_ixud40c wrote

I will when I actually see a good deal. Trouble is, I haven't seen any good deals this year. Except Kirklands having their candles for $6. That's the only one worth doing for me.


stinkbonesjones t1_ixuhu1c wrote

I was just looking at external hard drives that were supposedly marked down 45% and I realize it's exactly the same price within $3 of the same hard drive I looked at in Best buy a couple weeks ago. (Which was not on sale) Then I went to look at tools by DeWalt and realized that they're marked down prices once again we're in the same neighborhood as regular prices at Lowe's. Used to be some real deals out there on Black Friday but I feel like it's a lot of bullshit now.


patssle t1_ixup96a wrote

I checked some items on Amazon that I purchased previously. They absolutely were bumped up then marked down for Black Friday... Coming out to the same price I paid 6-12 months ago.


Mimehunter t1_ixuu13h wrote

On average prices are about 2% more than last year - even including discounts - due to overall price increases.


NextTrillion t1_ixuaevj wrote

I bought quite a bit of stuff. Normally I don’t, but the deals seemed pretty good tbh. Not like the OP is suggesting.


NextTrillion t1_ixua1kx wrote

Not all the stuff I saw. Some stuff was indeed a headscratcher. I was floored by some prices. Other stuff was ridiculously low priced. Like as if one of the bean counters was thinking; “we need to clear all this crap stock or we’ll be holding onto it all until next year.”

Lots of 80% off sticker price, and the sticker price wasn’t crazy unusual. This one store sells pocket knives at the exact same price they sold them for the last 5 years. Again, could be overstocked, but they’re so cheap I bought 20 of them. My partner sells them online at a decent markup. Bought a $10 power bank. Never seen them that low for an 8Ah battery pack. I’ve bought a few of them before, so I know it’s a good brand. Decent little unit for $10, and not too big either (only 30Wh)


314kabinet t1_ixulb2x wrote

This. The cheapest RTX 3090 in the Netherlands was 1100€ on Thursday. On Friday it was 1350€, and that’s after a “25% discount”. What a joke.


Art-Zuron t1_ixuo3hw wrote

In some places, they can't mark products up and then put them on sale for the original or higher unless it was at the marked up price for a while. Iirc.


StewofPuppies t1_ixuueh2 wrote

One black friday sale from a website stated "Up to 55% black friday sale!"

I've been getting email from them for several months and the same product that's being advertised as up to 55% off was the same product that's been 55% off for the whole year. The next biggest sale to that was 20% which has also been there for the whole month so far. Granted the platform/site is great and have amazing customer service/return policy/etcetc but it's one of those sites that has a "constant sale" on some items. Like that's not a sale.


BoyTitan t1_ixuh0gf wrote

Depends what you get I have never had a black Friday where cpu, motherboard and ram don't cost me around 300 and I been buying computers for years. The i5 I currently got is better price to performance than what I got way back in 2014 by a lot that's pretty good price consistency. My intel core i5 4460 cost more at the time, than what I paid today for a 12400f. I have bought computers at different times 2014 was just my best year till now. Now GPU prices are absurd currently but that's the consumer fault and not all inflation. Consumers showed during the gpu shortage they are willing to pay a lot more giving scalpers triple and more for cards. So companies started charging more at base price.


02Alien t1_ixv9i0b wrote

I mean, that's always true

You pretty much never pay what you should and corporations always make a shit ton of profit off everything they sell


gothstonerbabe t1_ixu1bij wrote

Why participate at all. It's just companies trying to separate you from your money. It's predatory.


Nani_the_F__k t1_ixu1voz wrote

I bought 9 books I was going to buy anyway at buy 2 get 1 free. So I got 3 books for free that I would have bought at full price if they weren't on sale.

I also got a signed copy of a book I've been holding off on because it was part of the store's sale.

If people plan out their shopping and don't impulse buy things they don't plan to already get its a great deal. I also buy my socks and Tupperware during black Friday if I'm in need of those things.

Not everyone is mindless about it. I didn't even need to go in early with the rush. I waited until mid afternoon and casually shopped around for things.


usrevenge t1_ixu6giy wrote

Yea people spout the same shit on reddit repeatedly about black Friday but it is objectively the cheapest time to buy a lot of different things.

I bought some gaming stuff for the cheapest prices they have ever been. And I did my yearly purchase of a year supply of shampoo and body wash that I like. 12 bottles for $80.


AussieJeffProbst t1_ixu8yf5 wrote

I've been waiting for black friday for discounts on storage for my NAS. Picked up a 14TB drive at a really great deal yesterday.

Also giant bags of dog food from costco.

The sales this year aren't amazing due to inflation, but hey they're still sales.


NextTrillion t1_ixuaxq0 wrote

On top of all the decent deals I saw, the parking lots were PACKED. I had to walk forever to get into the shops, and then had to pack shit out back to the car, walking 10 minutes back in strong winds lol.

And hey, no one broke into my car to get the shit out either, so I guess things aren’t that bad out there.


Generic-account t1_ixu9f2m wrote

Yeah. If you buy something you were planning to buy anyway at 50% off, you've saved 50%. If you buy something you weren't going to buy anyway just because it's 50% off, you've wasted 100%.

This, bless her, is my mum. "I got a blue ceramic chicken at half price! Look how much I've saved!"

Me : SMH


twistedfork t1_ixuetx3 wrote

PetSmart had buy 3 get 2 free on treats and I have 3 dogs. They were definitely on sale and I'm going to buy my dogs treats anyway. (Cat litter also goes on sale for any cat people)

I also got a set of sheets and a carpet cleaner I've been eyeballing since April.

I used to show up at 9am for black Friday sales. After the craziest people left but plenty of time to shop. This year I did everything online and chose store pickup so I only had to stop by a few stores.


switch8000 t1_ixujej0 wrote

I miss the videos. They were always so fun to watch each year.


e_x_i_t t1_ixup4vy wrote

It was fun until I saw that video of a mob of people that literally busted the doors at a Walmart open and trampled over a janitor. Apparently getting their hands on what's essentially junk a few minutes early was more important that poor guy's life.

I also witnessed customers literally tearing a display stand to pieces and then collectively throwing the entire thing to the side like they were wild animals that just finished devouring their prey. A buddy of mine got stuck in the middle of it and pulled some kid out of there that was being violently shoved around by grown adults.


Nigredo78 t1_ixvnqs2 wrote

Darwinism is the cure for most problems.. lemmings ending up dead in a mad dash for material shit might just fix a few things.. but ya know