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gothstonerbabe t1_ixu1bij wrote

Why participate at all. It's just companies trying to separate you from your money. It's predatory.


Nani_the_F__k t1_ixu1voz wrote

I bought 9 books I was going to buy anyway at buy 2 get 1 free. So I got 3 books for free that I would have bought at full price if they weren't on sale.

I also got a signed copy of a book I've been holding off on because it was part of the store's sale.

If people plan out their shopping and don't impulse buy things they don't plan to already get its a great deal. I also buy my socks and Tupperware during black Friday if I'm in need of those things.

Not everyone is mindless about it. I didn't even need to go in early with the rush. I waited until mid afternoon and casually shopped around for things.


usrevenge t1_ixu6giy wrote

Yea people spout the same shit on reddit repeatedly about black Friday but it is objectively the cheapest time to buy a lot of different things.

I bought some gaming stuff for the cheapest prices they have ever been. And I did my yearly purchase of a year supply of shampoo and body wash that I like. 12 bottles for $80.


AussieJeffProbst t1_ixu8yf5 wrote

I've been waiting for black friday for discounts on storage for my NAS. Picked up a 14TB drive at a really great deal yesterday.

Also giant bags of dog food from costco.

The sales this year aren't amazing due to inflation, but hey they're still sales.


NextTrillion t1_ixuaxq0 wrote

On top of all the decent deals I saw, the parking lots were PACKED. I had to walk forever to get into the shops, and then had to pack shit out back to the car, walking 10 minutes back in strong winds lol.

And hey, no one broke into my car to get the shit out either, so I guess things aren’t that bad out there.


Generic-account t1_ixu9f2m wrote

Yeah. If you buy something you were planning to buy anyway at 50% off, you've saved 50%. If you buy something you weren't going to buy anyway just because it's 50% off, you've wasted 100%.

This, bless her, is my mum. "I got a blue ceramic chicken at half price! Look how much I've saved!"

Me : SMH


twistedfork t1_ixuetx3 wrote

PetSmart had buy 3 get 2 free on treats and I have 3 dogs. They were definitely on sale and I'm going to buy my dogs treats anyway. (Cat litter also goes on sale for any cat people)

I also got a set of sheets and a carpet cleaner I've been eyeballing since April.

I used to show up at 9am for black Friday sales. After the craziest people left but plenty of time to shop. This year I did everything online and chose store pickup so I only had to stop by a few stores.