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sector3011 t1_ixu9jdt wrote

Inflation is higher than sales growth. So yeah, its a new record but it didn't actually sell more.


SpaceObama t1_ixug1z1 wrote

Adobe has e-commerce analytics software.

Wouldn’t say they are a leader per se, but they do have their own data and modelling.


ekaceerf t1_ixurb5p wrote

Also are they only counting Friday? Basically every company started black Friday at least a week ago


SpencerBarret t1_ixx1m2h wrote

Adobe Analytics is one the leading (if not the leading) e-commerce analytics products. They provide the software that allows retail companies to track their sales volumes. Adobe has visibility into retail sales in the same way TurboTax has visibility into tax trends. So one thing is factual at least.


Technoist t1_ixxzd88 wrote

You think Adobe is just Photoshop…? It’s a massive company and web analytics is one of their biggest products.