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Jgabes625 t1_ixufvqe wrote

At macy’s I saw childrens shirts that were 60% off of $45. There is a zero percent chance I can believe that shirt was ever worth $45.


ekaceerf t1_ixuqzlg wrote

I bought new pants from Macy's. I paid $49 for them a few months ago. I've looked at them on and off again for awhile. Last week they went up to $90 for 1 week and then were marked at 50% off for black Friday.

Macy's does that with almost their entire inventory. Mark the item way up for 1 week out of the year and then mark it 30 to 60% off the rest of the year.

The jcpenny mistake showed that honest pricing doesn't help sales


LegoBrickCactuar t1_ixvjvzv wrote

Kohls does the same. You have to know how to beat them. $100 pants marked down to $60 buy one get one, then use a 30% off coupon, so its like $35 a pair. Kohls still makes a ton of money on this so I walk out if the deal isn't at least this good.


ekaceerf t1_ixvkful wrote

I saw a 24 month set of pajamas. 90% off in the clearance section. It was marked down to $5.99. There is no way a frozen pajama shirt and pajamas pants for a 2 year old had a normal price of $60


girlfromspfd t1_ixwbyr2 wrote

I worked at Macy's for a few years and enjoyed it.

I especially remember a 100 piece silverware set that has a $100 pricetag, is usually on sale for $29.99, and is a $19.99 doorbuster deal on the one day sale.

All the prices are completely made up. It's just silly honestly.