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unclejackmehoff t1_ixe6ami wrote

Time to play for the LA Galaxy and fizzle out into reality TV and spokesman’s positions!


No-Zookeepergame393 t1_ixe91ly wrote

Anyone who knows me knows I love tacos. I love the local spices. I love markets. I love being out in the middle of nowhere just eating and talking. It’s just heaven for me.


DeanXeL t1_ixhibsv wrote

I see someone enjoyed John Oliver this weekend.


rush_me_pls t1_ixmbmif wrote

That segment on Beckham was…. Mmmm… chef’s kiss


Moikee t1_ixeou66 wrote

Well football is a business to him and I’m sure he’ll have some silly offers to play for some obscure Arabic/Asian teams on insane wages.


patentattorney t1_ixeuhmi wrote

He will play in one more champions league for a team currently in it. They will sell many jerseys. Then pick up in the USA


xlxcx t1_ixfejlh wrote

I'm not entirely sure he can come to the states due to the allegations made against him. I know LVPD stopped pursuing him because he refused to be interviewed but if he comes back that may restart that investigation


whit3lightning t1_ixed5kj wrote

I really hope he doesn’t play for them. I fucking do not like him, and the LA galaxy is the only team other than my little sisters that I’ve seen in person. I wouldn’t say I’m a fan, but I do like telling people the only team I’ve seen is the Galaxy with Beckham, and a streaker ran on field to hug him only to get drop-kicked by Abel Xavier. Don’t want people affiliating me with Ronaldo’s stupid ass.


Zeus_poops_and_shoes t1_ixenaqt wrote

I don’t think a Redditor needs to worry about being associated with a world-class athlete


whit3lightning t1_ixepu5d wrote

Probably not

Edit: would like to add, most of us, including you and I, are a lot more than redditors.


Dontsaveme t1_ixedvji wrote

What happened with this guy? I thought he was a legend but all the comments are saying good riddance and how he fucked up?


DividedState t1_ixev0cj wrote

In every team he plays, he is a one man show and/or tries to turn the team into a one man show and he acts like the coach. Yes, he is an exceptional athlete with an astonishing fitness and control of the ball, but football is played by 11 man on the field.


vostok412 t1_ixf11l4 wrote

He is also starting to loose his edge due to age. I think he's having a hard time dealing with it. He could be a one man show when he was in his prime but those days are ending. No reason he couldn't still be a very valuable player if he worked with his team. But that's not how he sees himself, and as his edge slips, I think he's lashing out a bit in frustration.


SidewaysFancyPrance t1_ixi7ygl wrote

We see this a lot, and not just in sports. A person is so effective that other people overlook the harm they do to their institution and people around them. Eventually they lose that effectiveness and suddenly the problems and criticism catch up hard and everyone wonders why they put up with it for so long. The math changes.


TSL4me t1_ixjm20b wrote

Every large sales department has dealt with this. Companies and mangers will put up with drugs, egos, harassment and often racism if the numbers are big. The second the sales numbers drop they all of a sudden pretend to care.


SmashedPumpkin30 t1_ixfavs8 wrote

So he is Jamie Tartt?


kingtz t1_ixha9ix wrote

No, more like Season One Roy Kent


oxymoronhero t1_ixfegq1 wrote

More like a Lebron James


hamiltonisoverrat3d t1_ixgkbgz wrote

Lebron is a poor comparison as he was consistently criticized for not taking over games and paasing versus driving or shooting in late game scenarios.


jollyreaper2112 t1_ixewzum wrote

Not a sport guy but I've had it explained to me you can't be a one man team in soccer as with basketball. Requires a lot more coordination so if you don't do that, it's a lot more telling.


TatteredCarcosa t1_ixgamlr wrote

Christiano could. Well, not really, but no team sport really allows for a one man team. But he was good enough to basically make a team competitive with just him plus average joes (average for top level pro players, not average for global population). He was very very good. But no athlete can avoid losing something with age. He's still good, but he's no longer "put the team on his back and make them a contender" good. He could still be an absolute threat that any team would love to have but he's used to being a God and he still wants to be treated like one.


ThrowbackPie t1_ixg2sms wrote

even in basketball the best players will score 50 on rare occasions. Teams are making 100 points a game, you do absolutely need a team.


01123581321AhFuckIt t1_ixglohj wrote

Of all NBA games played where a team has a player score over 60 points, 25% still resulted in losses for those teams.


ThrowbackPie t1_ixgnsv6 wrote

I'm not sure if this is an argument for or against basketball being a team game.


Jackshockey96 t1_ixg86n9 wrote

Recommending Blue Lock anime if you like anime and haven’t seen it yet! It’ll make you question if football is really played by 11!


PornFilterRefugee t1_ixehacm wrote

He gave an interview to Piers Morgan and chatted a load of shit about his teammates and various United legends.


throwaway1337woman t1_ixeqk8r wrote

>He gave an interview to Piers Morgan and chatted a load of shit about his teammates and various United legends.

I mean, are we not going to talk about the sexual assault and rape allegations? Or did that not affect this decision at all?


PornFilterRefugee t1_ixeqwkp wrote

Those were/are terrible. I think they’ve been dismissed or settled anyway iirc, but that isn’t related to this current development which is due to this interview with Piers Morgan.

He signed for United this time well after those accusations were known.


lord-princess-shrek t1_ixewn95 wrote

He literally admitted to raping her. It was dismissed based on a technicality, but Ronaldo admitted she did say no multiple times and he continued with the assault.


Locke66 t1_ixfbbx5 wrote

It's always suss when someone pays for an NDA. In this case he paid $375,000 for her silence. Looking at wikipedia he also had rape accusations by two women in the UK that couldn't be proven to the point he could be taken to court and received a two-year suspended jail sentence with a fine of €16.8 million for tax evasion.

Interesting how this stuff largely gets brushed under the carpet.


oh_really_man t1_ixeobpq wrote

What happened with Ronaldo? Once an asshole, always an asshole!!


SonofJersey t1_ixfbjh9 wrote

His talent is starting to fade, so people are going to start not putting up with his shit. He is not the first to have that treatment change once their skills start to fade.


cats-suck t1_ixfanmu wrote

There is no “I” in team. Ronaldo says, “but there is a me!”


Tipsy247 t1_ixhhgee wrote

He did an interview where he publicly said he does not respect his coach, also criticized the owners of the club. Before that, there was an incident where he refused to come on as a substitute and left the stadium.


sonicbeast623 t1_ixeevks wrote

Think this is the guy that got caught cheating with his wife live on camera at the game.

Edit: apparently worng guy.


Ashamed_Expression_6 t1_ixege61 wrote

Wrong guy mate


GimmeThePizza t1_ixen0b6 wrote

Who is the right guy?


Ashamed_Expression_6 t1_ixenuq4 wrote

Honestly have no clue but definitely not any famous player


Vlad_the_Homeowner t1_ixezpkn wrote

Lets start randomly picking people until we get the right one. I'm going to pick the guy on the Australian national team with the man-bun and mustache. Had to be him.


ViciousKnids t1_ixedyn0 wrote

Which United Retirement Club will he be joining in the MLS? Galaxy? Miami? Is Rooney gonna call in a favor and he goes to DC?

Dear R7, come to Philly! It's got a similar climate to the UK, except it rains less! You know, if you're into that! We have a Designated Player slot open AND we have a vacancy in the forward position since Cory Burke left AND we got some cash to spend after selling Paxton Aaronson... About enough to pay you 2 months worth of wages!

Goddamnit, give us an ex Untied player! Except Harry Maguire.


flanderguitar t1_ixeegk7 wrote

For God's sake please go to Orlando City so we can be watchable again!!!!


Spicy_Lobster_Roll t1_ixi21ri wrote

Him retiring as a Florida man is the perfect ending to his downhill story arc.


flanderguitar t1_ixi4ebw wrote

So I'm out of the loop on this. WTF is the deal?


Spicy_Lobster_Roll t1_ixibb72 wrote

Apparently he’s a diva who trash talks any club that doesn’t satiate his massive ego and insecurities about being a peaked pro-athlete. Basically the Tom Brady of futbol.


knightdaux t1_ixf4nlr wrote

Who cares if he has raped women or talks shit about anyone he works with! He on your team how exciting!!! /s


Broodking t1_ixf209r wrote

As an Nba fan, its crazy that a player could be let go for negative comments about an organization.


Big_Boy_Baseplate t1_ixf8hge wrote

He wasn't let go. He said a lot of questionable things during an interview with Piers Morgan and was unlikely to ever play again for United so Ronaldo and the club mutually agreed to terminate the contract


xlxcx t1_ixfepeh wrote

That's kinda what being let go means, isn't it? The team was suing him for his comments, he didn't want to be on the team anymore so they are eating his contract and letting him go?


Big_Boy_Baseplate t1_ixgl2st wrote

I suppose it is actually yeah, at the time I was more thinking of him meaning the team unilaterally terminated it


Barbiek08 t1_ixg0aep wrote

I mean he wasn't really an asset to the team anymore and he's a rapist so fuck that guy.


fangiovis t1_ixgbfsm wrote

There is also the fact he refused subs, refused to play with the back-up team and left the stadium before matches ended.


Supersafethrowaway t1_ixhrx6k wrote

yeah the guy by a lot of metrics just sounds fine. Is/was an asshole but I mean he’s great athlete so what’s new?


Vlad_the_Homeowner t1_ixf0sh1 wrote

“I love Manchester United and I love the fans, that will never ever change. However, it feels like the right time for me to seek a new challenge"

Finding a job?


carolinemathildes t1_ixeglsr wrote

Sounds like he’s available to come play for Toronto FC then lol.


BitswitchRadioactive t1_ixfb7js wrote

Selling him to real madrid in 2009 was the worst decision. They were the champions league champ... and man u just declined ater that. That was on alex ferguson.


StPattysShalaylee t1_ixh4p3c wrote

That's bollix. They won 2 leagues in the 4 years after he left. They declined after ferguson left in 2013. They only thing you can put on ferguson is his ability to not be blinded by individuals and instead put the team first. Did the same with Beckham


BitswitchRadioactive t1_ixh7lr6 wrote

They are already in decline. They sold ronaldo at the point they are unbeatable in the next 4 years in lrague cup. They didnt perform well in champions league, had they retain ronaldo, they could have enjoyed more success. When sir alex left everyone knows they are done.


knightdaux t1_ixf4v76 wrote

We ask how can terrible people still be famous and wanted. This is how. Be good enough no one cares if you have done terrible things. I know it's common but God damn this comment section is complete cringe


PMzyox t1_ixg4al7 wrote

I hereby tender my resignation with immediate effect.


ArachnidUnusual7114 t1_ixey7z2 wrote

Why they getting rid of him? I don’t watch soccer FYI.


Big_Boy_Baseplate t1_ixf8ms8 wrote

He's 37 which is very old for a footballer and even more so an attacker, his form is declining massively and he demands huge wages. He was also critical of the club in an interview and was unlikely to ever play again so Ronaldo and the club mutually agreed to terminate his contract


Hall-Double t1_ixfb3xo wrote

What you become through fame and fortune .....


SanDiego212 t1_ixfck5z wrote

Time to come to LA. Just like Ibra, Beckham and Gerrard.


Krokodrillo t1_ixep1es wrote

He will play for Bayern Munich next


rifraf2442 t1_ixgbff1 wrote

God damn that man is sexy.