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vostok412 t1_ixf11l4 wrote

He is also starting to loose his edge due to age. I think he's having a hard time dealing with it. He could be a one man show when he was in his prime but those days are ending. No reason he couldn't still be a very valuable player if he worked with his team. But that's not how he sees himself, and as his edge slips, I think he's lashing out a bit in frustration.


SidewaysFancyPrance t1_ixi7ygl wrote

We see this a lot, and not just in sports. A person is so effective that other people overlook the harm they do to their institution and people around them. Eventually they lose that effectiveness and suddenly the problems and criticism catch up hard and everyone wonders why they put up with it for so long. The math changes.


TSL4me t1_ixjm20b wrote

Every large sales department has dealt with this. Companies and mangers will put up with drugs, egos, harassment and often racism if the numbers are big. The second the sales numbers drop they all of a sudden pretend to care.