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Outrageous_Garlic306 t1_iy89e3l wrote

Buddhist monk meth-heads. Who knew.


Nigredo78 t1_iy8d7hn wrote

i did not have that on my bingo card.. at all..


GranSjon t1_iy8hyli wrote

Me. My neighbors. Does tai chi every morning with early sun. Has been rearranging the giant hole in the roof for two years. Cops removed a body a few months back. Sex workers, street-level, stop in a lot and i don’t think they are selling. Fucking front yard plants, though? On point


Icydawgfish t1_iya3v74 wrote

My wife is Thai and she’s told me plenty of stories of corruption from high ranking monks, some of them become national scandals.


AceValentine t1_iya18xd wrote

Doesn't surprise me. I learned in my early years about how much meth the Amish do and ever since then my mind is open.


suicidebird11 t1_iybxiin wrote

Go on. I'm curious


AceValentine t1_iyc6kpx wrote

When I was younger I went to school with a guy who would sell meth/glass in small bulk (like 20 oz. a week) to an elder type person in the amish community in Shipshewana, IN. every week. The guy would literally show up to the McDonald's parking lot in a horse and buggy. He apparently would distribute it to another amish community as well as his own. How else do you think they are constructing a barn or house in a single day?