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oceanicfeels t1_iy9etzu wrote

When you meet the Buddha, kill the buddha. There are purportedly enlightened folks who have tons of casual sex with different people, some who take SSRIs and other meds, plenty who are still addicted to different drugs. It's not like issues on the level of form disappear when you become enlightened. Enlightenment does not mean you automatically become less of an asshole if you were before.


Getdeded t1_iyb7bak wrote

ya it does, like specifically. your definition of enlightenment is a little off..


sonny_flatts t1_iybjngp wrote


Getdeded t1_iybkpbb wrote

I’m not sure an article can come close to defining a concept like enlightenment, especially a non scientific one. At least not until we fully understand consciousness.


sonny_flatts t1_iycnxd0 wrote

With that in mind, maybe we shouldn’t tell people their idea of enlightenment is off.


oceanicfeels t1_iycp084 wrote

then what is the definition? more specifically, what is the experience? can you show it to me or another person? can you induce it experientially? what is it not? are you enlightened? do you have first hand experience? is it temporary or is it permanent?

who are you apart from your thoughts? do thoughts completely encapsulate or define reality as it is? is reality fixed or is it constantly changing? where exactly do these words you are reading, occur? on your phone? in your mind? where do your thoughts come from, what is their ultimate source? do you think your thoughts, do you decide what to think and what not to?

really investigate here. don't half ass this.


Getdeded t1_iyd5u8d wrote

Well since there’s no real definition that leaves room for people to come up with their own. My interpretation of what the definition would be based on some small knowledge of the subject is that you are in a permanent state of complete contentedness, without the need or desire for anything other than basic survival. I am not enlightened, no one who says they are either. Having the need to express to other people that you are enlightened seems like an ego driven need to me. I could see it as somewhere in the realm of complete control of the unconscious from the conscious mind. It seems like the type of thing that needs to be maintained but once attained maintenance would be second nature. It seems like it would just be how you are now, after years of progressively going in that direction. Imo your thoughts are a sort of range of options fed to the conscious mind from the unconscious based on perception and experience. As to what started the immortal life entity which in my mind is synonymous with consciousness and intelligence that has replicated itself to the point we are now, I’m not sure. But ultimately that’s where thoughts came from, I read a thing about how some theoretical physicists think consciousness could be a different dimension.