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chef-nom-nom t1_iv0zksn wrote

> anti-smog guns to try to control the smog.

TIL anti-smog guns are a thing. Can they really be that helpful though?

Huh, TIL again... More on anti-smog guns (October 22, 2022):


OneManFreakShow t1_iv11z5d wrote

I love that it’s just a giant cannon with the words “ANTI SMOG GUN” on the side. Whoever designed this took clear inspiration from the Acme Corp.


Override9636 t1_iv1f0f1 wrote

I mean, you really don't want to confuse it with the "PRO-SMOG GUN".


Vlad_the_Homeowner t1_iv1ly3e wrote

If looney tunes has taught me anything, it's that you can stack these conflicting descriptions endlessly. So I see your pro smog gun, and raise you a PRO ANTI-SMOG GUN.


Override9636 t1_iv1m3cj wrote

Is that the same, or opposite of the ANTI-ANTI-SMOG GUN?


Vlad_the_Homeowner t1_iv1mb2s wrote

Ah screw it. I'll just toss this ACME portable hole on the wall and put all the smog in there.


Ricta90 t1_iv258bt wrote

I'm pretty sure that's just a snow making machine like what you see at a ski resort, but with an "Anti Smog Gun" sticker on it lol


Fookin_Fred t1_iv12h4j wrote

Perfect, meanwhile, I will ride out the recession by putting on my job helmet and jumping into the job cannon!


VentureQuotes t1_iv1j6os wrote

Isn’t an anti smog gun just when you shoot the CEO of an oil company


Mr2Sexy t1_iv3ajxv wrote

Unfortunately for us no one has tested out that version of an anti smog gun yet except maybe in Russia


The_ODB_ t1_ivg914b wrote

How would that decrease demand for oil?


S_K_Y t1_iv17q24 wrote

I didn't know they existed but it makes sense.

If we can make sonic guns that use sound to injure or incapacitate someone then anti-smog guns are definitely on the table.


asdaaaaaaaa t1_iv2zsvr wrote

So they just move all the particulates to their water sources? "Regular" dust isn't the worst thing (assuming it's just dirt-dust), but some materials like brake dust probably isn't too great. Then considering that water will also carry anything on the ground like tire particulates and stuff. I get it's a trade off, better to breath, but wish there was a better way.