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BobbTheBuilderr t1_iv1504g wrote

Maybe they should try doing anything to curb their emissions? I’d start there. 😂


ChintanP04 t1_iv1wtrb wrote

They did implement an "Even-Odd" system where either Even or Odd numbered cars are allowed to drive on any given day. Also, banned firecrackers (which weren't even that big a contributor to their pollution problem but whatever).

But a population the size of Canada in a place only twice the size of NYC is gonna need way more than that to keep the emissions in control.


ZoggZ t1_iv2oan1 wrote

Those even-odd systems are amazing for those in power to pretend like they're doing something while being completely unaffected themselves.


peanut__buttah t1_iv37o1a wrote

I visited India in 2015. I’ve been on public transit in a lot of major US cities, but walking down into Delhi’s subway platforms reminded me of the inside of an ant hill. Truly just swarms of people, it was unnerving


crwcomposer t1_iv204f0 wrote

According to the article most of it comes from farmers burning leftover material after harvest, and their supreme court has already outlawed the practice with little effect so far. Because the farm fires are in a different state, it's a finger pointing situation.


The_ODB_ t1_ivg97mf wrote

When the government tried to enforce it, reddit overwhelmingly supported the poor oppressed farmers.


BigE1263 t1_iv1a1bm wrote

They haven’t learned from china haven’t they


BrownMan65 t1_iv1seqi wrote

They have 1.3 billion people in a country half the size of America. It's not really that easy to curb emissions especially when they're still working on developing the country. Non-renewable energy sources simply cost less than other renewable sources would and so it's not really hard to see why their situation is the way it is.


The_Yarichin_Bitch t1_iv1xksu wrote

Same issue farming has- they CAN change animal welfare and crop collection/creation, but they do not have the money in a business that desperately needs it, which many have had in the family forever. I know plenty of farmers now who are interested in animal welfare with no way to implement it.


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BrownMan65 t1_iv28ea1 wrote

What a fucking stupid and completely pointless comment


Holiday_Newspaper_29 t1_iv2dh22 wrote

Not completely stupid or pointlesst all.

In the past the Indian government has made attempts to limit population growth through family planning strategies as it was recognised as a 'danger' to the country's development.

However, 'outrage' from the international community and religious groups have consistently derailed it. Over population is a huge problem for India and has caused an enormous amount of suffering - as it does in almost every developing country.


BrownMan65 t1_iv2jfdi wrote

Right but it's not useful in this conversation. Obviously overpopulation is a problem, but that's only relevant if you're talking about killing half of their population right now. Otherwise the situation is what it is and it the populations energy needs still have to be addressed. On top of that though, the US and Europe emits more CO2 per capita than India.


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BrownMan65 t1_iv2vivw wrote

4.5 billion metric tons from the US in 2020

2.4 billion metric tons from India in 2020

2.7 billion metric tons from the EU in 2020

10.7 billion metric tons from China in 2020

China is the outlier here as they are also the manufacturing center of the world. Those numbers for the US and Europe would be drastically different if all their manufacturing hadn't been offshored to other countries. So tell me again which countries are being accommodated for because from where I'm standing, it's not India or even China all things considered.

>If a country manages it's population in a reasonable way they deserve a higher standard of living

Edit: Never mind just realized you're one of those insidious racists who think that everyone should be punished if they don't act exactly according to the way the white part of the world wants them to act. You think that the whites did everything the right way and that should be emulated even though their way of doing it literally destroyed the world in the process. Now that countries are trying to catch up you're trying to take some bull shit moral high ground without even acknowledging all the destruction the west has caused to get to where it is today.


TyperMcTyperson t1_iv2c50w wrote

Really? How so? Or are you saying over-population has zero impact on their pollution level.


Valyrian_Kobolds t1_iv2fy8n wrote

It's a worthless statement unless you're implying that someone should murder a substantial number of people.

All this "WeLl WhY DOn'T thEy tAke rEspOnsIBilIty" is so fucking stupid because it's literally worthless sentiment that does nothing to change reality. You want them topull a genie out of their ass or what?


TyperMcTyperson t1_iv2h9sb wrote

I mean....they could stop having so many kids? That doesn't involve murder...


Valyrian_Kobolds t1_iv2ju34 wrote

Bud, as a nation they only managed to nationally electrify the place like 2 years ago. Education and utilities are still not a guarantee. It's really easy to sit from an ivory tower and look at a nation in the process of industrializing and passing judgement, but it really just shows how vapid your analysis is.


mndrar t1_iv2ojsa wrote

its not their emissions. All states north of Delhi are agriculture states. And they burn the fields (its called something). This time of year the wind patters makes such that all the wind channels into Delhi making it a gas chamber.
They have tried stopiig them from burning fields but its not working.