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Traditional_Lab_5468 t1_iv15aw4 wrote

"The west" produces emissions-per-capita that far exceed India's.


WexfordHo t1_iv187xo wrote

The West is a whole sphere of influence, India is one country, I’m not surprised.


[deleted] t1_iv1aig1 wrote

"the west" and India have similar population numbers.

People underestimate how massive India and China both are.


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WexfordHo t1_iv1x0zy wrote

It’s almost as though low contributions from 1.4 billion people adds up! Especially when those contributions are steadily rising, with no end in sight, as though people scrabble for a lifestyle that more closely resembles a Western one, in terms of consumption.

And guess what, yelling, “It’s per capita” at the sky as it falls? Changes nothing.


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WexfordHo t1_iv1zw05 wrote

Well good news, I have a source.

China — 11680.42 United States — 4535.30 India — 2411.73

Top three all time.

Now lets look at the trend lines.

Oh look, India’s trend line is straight up, but Europe and North America’s is plummeting. People need to stop playing bullshit nationalist games with this, or fudging the overall numbers.


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WexfordHo t1_iv2409a wrote

You forgot the 2, and you’re arguing in some of the worst bad faith I’ve seen in a while.