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kdonirb t1_iv1oohs wrote

read earlier that India is gaining ground in the production of cheap goods - wondered then at what cost, seems here’s an example


Zekrom16 t1_iv1rcjd wrote

This is because of Stubble burning by farmers of a near by state not because of cheap goods manufacturing.

Edit: changed industrialization


kdonirb t1_iv5k386 wrote

stubble burning is, yes, part of it, but the push to industrialize and the energy requirements to make that successful are only going to exacerbate - not meant to judge/cast aspersions, just reading/wondering. India has such greatness, I can’t not pay attention.


Zekrom16 t1_iv5lvpq wrote

I kinda agree but Aqi in July was 70 and now it's above 500. Aqi is satisfactory in months before the stubble burning. Stubble burning plays the majority role in this condition of Delhi and surrounding cities. There are larger and more industrialise cities with less pollution. If stubble burning is stopped there will be no such articles. It's deflection to blame Industrialization when stubble burning is literally engulfing dozens of cities.


kdonirb t1_ivackq9 wrote

semantics - dirty air is dirty air , wherever. and it’s not deflection, it’s wondering how much worse can things become because of plans that will exacerbate existing conditions. again, wherever.


[deleted] t1_iv2poji wrote



Zekrom16 t1_iv2qqg1 wrote

Well Industrialization means moving away from agriculture to manufacturing the above comment was hinting it's manufacturing to blame thus the Industrialization. Agriculture is a industry but Industrialization refers to switch from agri to manufacturing so your comment is not well thought out.

"Industrialization is a transformation away from an agricultural- or resource-based economy, toward an economy based on mechanized manufacturing."