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ChintanP04 t1_iv1wtrb wrote

They did implement an "Even-Odd" system where either Even or Odd numbered cars are allowed to drive on any given day. Also, banned firecrackers (which weren't even that big a contributor to their pollution problem but whatever).

But a population the size of Canada in a place only twice the size of NYC is gonna need way more than that to keep the emissions in control.


ZoggZ t1_iv2oan1 wrote

Those even-odd systems are amazing for those in power to pretend like they're doing something while being completely unaffected themselves.


peanut__buttah t1_iv37o1a wrote

I visited India in 2015. I’ve been on public transit in a lot of major US cities, but walking down into Delhi’s subway platforms reminded me of the inside of an ant hill. Truly just swarms of people, it was unnerving