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4.5 billion metric tons from the US in 2020

2.4 billion metric tons from India in 2020

2.7 billion metric tons from the EU in 2020

10.7 billion metric tons from China in 2020

China is the outlier here as they are also the manufacturing center of the world. Those numbers for the US and Europe would be drastically different if all their manufacturing hadn't been offshored to other countries. So tell me again which countries are being accommodated for because from where I'm standing, it's not India or even China all things considered.

>If a country manages it's population in a reasonable way they deserve a higher standard of living

Edit: Never mind just realized you're one of those insidious racists who think that everyone should be punished if they don't act exactly according to the way the white part of the world wants them to act. You think that the whites did everything the right way and that should be emulated even though their way of doing it literally destroyed the world in the process. Now that countries are trying to catch up you're trying to take some bull shit moral high ground without even acknowledging all the destruction the west has caused to get to where it is today.